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Government And The Fast Pace Of Innovation

We live in a society of instant gratification: Just about anything can be delivered; any job “task-rabbited”; and many things can even be instantly live-streamed. How does this square with the typically slower pace of government?

Microsoft releases Azure Government for the unique needs of government customers

IT firms earn more from government contracts than any other industry: HP bags almost £2bn

According to a government think tank that looked at over 38 million transactions, IT companies received the most money from government spending over the last two years. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Government cloud computing adoption

While the private sector is building on cloud computing's various benefits, government organisations are also having a go at benefitting too.Read more:

Microsoft working to help U.S. government improve efficiency and productivity

Nobody can argue that the U.S. government couldn’t benefit from some efficiency and productivity gains, and the websites and infrastructures that government agencies use to service taxpayers and employees alike need work. Microsoft’s Government...The post Microsoft working to help U.S.

Government IT needs overhaul to prevent widening disconnect with general public

A key advisor to George Osborne on the government’s IT plans has spoken of his concern that the lavish spending on certain projects risks losing public confidence.Read more:

Microsoft is fighting the US government's demands to hand over emails

Today Microsoft is in court. Not for doing anything wrong, you understand. This time around, big M is standing up for its customers, and standing up for privacy.

Microsoft Azure Government Comes Out Of Preview

Microsoft today announced that its Azure Government cloud computing service for federal, state, local and tribal U.S. governments is now generally available after more than a year of being in preview. This means the service is now open to all U.S. government customers.

Is this the end of Microsoft Office in the UK government?

A consultation that was launched several months ago with the remit of saving money decided on the standard in order to also provide easier collaboration with the public.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

A Steady Erosion Of Confidence In Government

Governments around the world are facing significant political turmoil and enormous economic stress as they struggle with an alarming and unprecedented array of public policy crises today. And – whether it’s the desperate water scarcity in Brazil,

UK government decision to implement Open Document Format across all departments signals demise of Mi

A consultation that was launched several months ago with the remit of saving money decided on the standard in order to also provide easier collaboration with the public.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

New update brings many new features to Azure Government

Microsoft has released a new update for Azure Government which adds a host of new features that includes: Media Services, Regional Virtual Networks and Oracle Searches, among others.

Why government is finally learning the lessons of the private sector

ITProPortal spoke to Julia Glidden, founder and president of 21c Consultancy about how government is finally learning the lessons that the private sector has learnt from the new digital age.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

France Joins Open Government Partnership

French minister Marylise Lebranchu announced earlier today at the Paris Conference that France is joining the Open Government Partnership. It’s the logical next step following France’s work on open data and open government. In particular,

China slams Kaspersky and Symantec with government bans

China has come down hard on US-based security company Symantec and its Russian counterpart Kaspersky, removing it from the list of approved antivirus providers in Chinese government computer systems.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Chinese government raids Microsoft offices in China

Microsoft and China share a long controversial relationship. We thought things will become better as the company’s gaming console is set to arrive in the China later this year, but the Chinese government seems to have something else in mind.

Plan Would Give Government Virtual Veto Over Internet Governance

An anonymous reader writes The debate over Internet governance for much of the past decade has often come down to a battle between ICANN and the United Nations. The reality has always been far more complicated. The U.S. still maintains contractual control over ICANN,

Tech SMEs to government: You're just not listening

The government has more work to do if it is to reach its SME spending targets, according to software company Softwire’s managing director, Zoe Cunningham.Read more:

Five arrested over fake UK government sites

Five scammers have been arrested for creating websites designed to look like the official UK government site in order to extort money from users for free services.Read more:

The White House Is Ready For Tech To Step Up In Government

It’s no secret that the tech community has historically reacted with hesitation at the thought of collaborating with the public sector, what with the red tape, bureaucratic processes, lengthy sales cycles and a generally poor standard of implemented technology (remember Healthcare.

Azure Government announces more industry certifications

Microsoft is continuing to announce more industry certifications for Azure, specifically for Azure Government this time. As Microsoft keeps acquiring more certifications of security compliance, Azure is becoming more differentiated in the business marketplace...

Startups Can’t Afford To Ignore Government

Last week, California threatened Uber with license suspension for failing to comply with state laws. Last month, Santa Monica banned Airbnb vacation rentals. But in spite of regulatory challenges faced by companies like Airbnb and Uber, entrepreneurs still act like government isn’t an issue.

'Revolving Door' Spins Between AT&T, Government

An anonymous reader sends this quote from the Center for Public Integrity: That AT&T just won an eight-figure contract to provide the federal government's General Services Administration with new mobile devices isn't itself particularly notable. What is: Casey Coleman,

微软正式发布Microsoft Azure for Government

微软正式发布Microsoft Azure for Government,该云平台专门为公共部门和联邦机构所设计。 By Janakiram MSV Translated by 谢丽

Desktops, Windows 7, and Internet Explorer bring in high traffic to US government websites

Desktop searches outnumber mobile searches more than two to one and Internet Explorer is only 7% less used than Chrome when it comes to searches of United States government websites. These figures come from,

Dutch government signs multi-million Euro deal with Microsoft for continued Windows XP support

Windows XP is expected to be a hot topic over the course of the next few days, as support for the operating system is set to end on April 8th. While many organizations still running Windows XP are urged to upgrade immediately to avoid the risk of vulnerabilities,

UK government announces new deputy CTO

The UK government has appointed Magnus Falk as deputy CTO to support CTO Liam Maxwell.Read more:

France To Head Open Government Partnership Only One Year After Joining It

Over the past two years, France has been a leading country when it comes to open data and open government — and it is paying off. Only one year after joining the Open Government Partnership, France has just been elected to head the Partnership starting in October 2016.

US Government agencies are switching to Office 365 to unify their email and communications

Microsoft and the US government fight over data in the cloud

The battle of big business versus big government is being fought among the clouds or at least among Microsoft’s international cloud servers. Microsoft’s director of cyber security and cloud strategy has shared a post titled ‘Privacy considerations in a cloudy world.

SeamlessDocs Raises $5 Million Series A To Bring Government Forms Online

SeamlessDocs, the document automation portal for governments,

MIcrosoft is working on getting the US Government to adopt cloud based services

Moving data over to the cloud offers some benefits to local storage. It can be cost effective and allow remote management from organizations. While the US Government instituted a ‘cloud first’ policy in 2010, Federal government bodies have been slow to adopt the new strategy.

Government Data And The Uber Question

When the cost of a shared ride approaches that of a one-way bus fare in San Francisco and a tourist can book an apartment in Chicago at half the price of a tax-generating hotel room, local governments should take notice.

Microsoft's site promoting greater government transparency was hacked

Last night, Microsoft's site website, which focuses on Microsoft's news and efforts to promote greater government transparency, was hacked.The intentions of the hack are not clear as the website was mostly left intact,

Microsoft calls on government for surveillance reform, and increased transparency

Microsoft is calling on the US government to make a series of radical changes to its web surveillance. Some of the surveillance and monitoring took the form of requests for information enforced by legal orders, but there have also been numerous instances of web traffic simply being intercepted.

Government refuses to upgrade ageing IT systems, signs Windows XP deal with Microsoft

The UK Government will pay millions to extend support for the tens of thousands of computers still running Windows XP as the end-of-sale date loomsRead more:

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