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When will marijuana legalization become an issue for Congress?

Ohio voters shut down a referendum to legalize marijuana last week, but experts doubt that will slow the marijuana legalization debate throughout the U.S.The Ohio law was fatally flawed.

Colorado sold 148,238 pounds of marijuana in 2014

The report is in: Colorado sold 66 tons of marijuana in 2014The Colorado Department of Revenue's Marijuana Enforcement Division released its annual report on Friday,

Oregon to start selling recreational marijuana in October

Although recreational marijuana is legal to cultivate, possess and consume in private, residents and visitors of the state of Oregon still can't buy it — until October.A law signed by Gov.

New York Times Runs First-Ever Full-Page Medical Marijuana Ad

Leafly, an app that enables users to find, rate and review medical-marijuana dispensaries in their area,

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to end U.S. marijuana prohibition

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill Wednesday that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana, an issue that has boosted his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bernie Sanders' pro-marijuana stance flabbergasts student

While the majority of eyes were fixed on the GOP debate Wednesday evening, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was fixed on stealing the attention of America's students during his national town hall meeting that was live-streamed at universities across the United States.

States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths

An anonymous reader writes: Narcotic painkillers aren't one of the biggest killers in the U.S.,but overdoses do claim over 15,000 lives per year and send hundreds of thousands to the emergency room. Because of this,

Man named Santa Claus rejoices after North Pole OKs marijuana sales

It's going to be a very merry Christmas this yearThe state of Alaska voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in November, making the possession of cannabis legal for any adult 21-years of age and older in February of 2015. However, individuals towns could still block the sale of marijuana,

Smoke weed, get paid: Marijuana reviewer wanted for The Oregonian

Stoners have always dreamed of a career in which they could smoke weed, test out new marijuana products and be compensated for their superior knowledge, and now there's a position open with that very job description.The Oregonian and its online counterpart, Oregon Live,

CannabisMD: Weed delivery startup offers house calls for medical marijuana

If you live in the San Francisco, getting a medical marijuana recommendation just got more convenient.Meadow, a marijuana delivery startup, launched a new service Wednesday: CannabisMD.

Less than one-sixth of adults in Colorado use marijuana

Despite marijuana legalization in the state of Colorado, a relatively small percentage of adults are currently consuming the drugAccording to new data from the state's Health Department, 13.6% of adults 18 years of age and older are current marijuana users,

New Device Tests Marijuana Purity at Home

Marijuana strains sold in the 20 states where it’s legal are not well tested, and some are even beset with E. coli, mold and pesticides. As more states legalize marijuana, customer demand for organic, chemical-free weed is bound to take root.SEE ALSO:

New York Medical Marijuana Fight Is Gaining Steam

A bill that would legalize medical marijuana in New York is gaining traction — but a few key state senators may still attempt to block it.Senate Finance Committee chairman John DeFrancisco (R-Syracuse) said Monday the bill wouldn't even be put to a vote in his committee. But New York Gov.

This bill would make medical marijuana legal across America

A new Senate medical marijuana bill called the the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act was proposed Tuesday; it promises to change the way the federal government classifies and treats the use of medical marijuanaThree Senators, Cory Booker (D-N.J.),

California Voters May Get Another Shot at Legalizing Marijuana

One of the main supporters of the effort that legalized recreational marijuana use in Colorado is now backing a similar project in California.

Why Washington state is extinguishing medical marijuana

SEATTLE, Washington — For the past 10 months, three marijuana markets have been operating simultaneously in Washington state: the street market, the medical market and the recreational marketIn the future, however, there will only be two.

New York Times Editorial Board Calls for Marijuana Legalization

America's paper of record believes that it's time the United States legalized marijuanaThe New York Times' editorial board endorsed federal legalization late on Saturday, saying that there is little evidence that moderate marijuana use is more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco,

The D.C. State Fair will have a 'Best Bud' marijuana competition

The State Fair is a great American pastime, and what's more American than bragging about how dank your weed is? The Washington D.C. State Fair, which describes itself as a "culinary, artistic and agricultural showcase of the District," will be holding a Best Bud competition this year,

Marijuana Startup Incubator “Gateway” Fires Up

“People should be focused on the business, not hanging out and getting high” insists Carter Laren, co-founder of marijuana startup funder and incubator Gateway, which launches today in Oakland, CA. But even if you’re stoned, you should be able to see the opportunity here.

Native American tribe plans to open America's first marijuana resort

The Santee Sioux tribe of South Dakota has big plans for the marijuana business.On top of running a successful casino, 120-room hotel and a buffalo ranch, the 400-person tribe has plans to open the nation's first marijuana resort on its reservation, The Associated Press reports.See also:

Marijuana is now legal in Oregon, but you still can't buy it yet

Smoke it if you've got it, Oregonians, because you can't legally buy it — yetOn Wednesday, Oregon officially joined the growing list of states where recreational marijuana use is legalSee also: Marijuana camp:

YC-Backed Meadow ‘Ubered’ Over A Doctor To Give Me A Medical Marijuana Evaluation

At around 4:30 p.m. yesterday, I went to a website called CannabisMD on my phone, filled out my street address into a form and snapped a photo of my California state driver’s license. About 5 to 10 minutes later, I got a text saying that a doctor was on their way.

California's Sweeping New Marijuana Industry Laws Are a Win For the Environment

A comprehensive suite of marijuana regulations were passed by California Governor Jerry Brown yesterday, creating much-needed government oversight over the state’s billion-dollar industry. The bill specifically addresses the environmental impact of growing marijuana,

Australian couple donates $33.7 million for medical marijuana research

A couple has made a whopping A$33.7 million donation to an Australian university for research into medical cannabisThe generous gift by Barry and Joy Lambert is the largest donation ever received by Sydney University,

Marijuana breathalyzer in the works to zap mystery out of who's high

As more states legalize marijuana and major cities like New York loosen cannabis possession enforcement policies, investment in the cannabis industry and weed-related products are on the rise.One product in the works, though, isn't aimed at consumers in the marijuana-friendly markets,

Marijuana growers sprout on Wall Street as pot goes public

Derek Peterson may soon become the first CEO of a public company that cultivates, distributes and sells marijuana.Terra Tech Corp.,based in Irvine, California,

Local D.C. Newspaper Will Pay Your Marijuana Fine

Washington, D.C. is on the eve of enacting a new law that decriminalizes the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for personal useBefore midnight on Wednesday, it could cost you six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if you’re caught sneaking around with the sticky icky.

Parents Gain Access to Marijuana Extract to Treat Childhood Seizures

April Sintz is fighting to loosen marijuana laws for her 7-year-old epileptic son. She is one of hundreds of moms nationwide who have opened a new front in the drive to expand the drug’s legal use.While supplying pot to a child is bound to raise eyebrows,

Got some weed? Here's an app that tells you what strain of marijuana you have

No, its not a slow news day and no this is not a sting. There is an app available right now in the Windows Phone Store that tells you what strain of marijuana you have, and its called Weed Highdentifications. Don't worry, we wont judge you. 

Marijuana supporters win in D.C. and Oregon

It wasn't just Republicans who had a good election — supporters of marijuana legalization did, too.While votes in Alaska was still being counted early Wednesday morning, Oregon and Washington D.C. overwhelmingly voted in favor of legalizing cannabis on Tuesday.See also:

Marijuana K-Cups: Convenient coffee that picks you up and chills you out

Few things go together better than marijuana and coffee.With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in multiple areas of the United States, as well as the rise of medical marijuana,

Eaze Is Giving Out Medical Marijuana Cards Over The Phone

Marijuana delivery startup Eaze will now let you get a medical marijuana card via smartphone. Rival service Meadow claims to Uber over a doctor (mine actually came on a skateboard), but seems to be the first dooby delivery startup able to hand out a legal cannabis card through EazeMD,

5 things you could do on 420, if marijuana were legal in your state

As it stands, only three states in the U.S. allow for the legal recreational use of marijuana. That means that the other 47 states are going to have to spend their 420 a little, well, high and dry.If you don't live in Colorado, Washington or Alaska (or D.C.),

Ohio's recreational marijuana vote isn't really about the weed

While the 2016 Presidential race continues to attract most media attention,

Gas or Grass: Colorado dispensary to open marijuana gas stations

Buying weed will soon be even more convenient in Colorado SpringsThe retail and medical marijuana dispensary chain Native Roots, which claims it is the largest marijuana chain in the state of Colorado, is planning to open two gas stations that will also sell cannabisSee also:

Marijuana Vending Machine Rolls Out in Colorado

People in Colorado may soon have an ultra-convenient option to buy their pot: a vending machine that dispenses medical marijuana and THC-laden snacksThe machine, called the ZaZZZ, was unveiled at an event in Avon, Colo.,over the weekend.

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