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Fan videos make labels more money than official music videos Well this is interesting:

MobileIron Spikes 5% After Reporting Better Than Expected FQ3 Revenue, Lower Than Expected Loss

MobileIron is having a strong after-hours session, after it reported its fiscal third quarter financial performance, including non-GAAP revenue of $33.7 million, GAAP losses per share of $0.20, and non-GAAP losses per share of a more modest $0.15.

Mazda Says Its Upcoming Gas-Powered Cars Will Emit Less CO2 Than Electric Cars

cartechboy writes: "One of the arguments for electric cars is that we are reducing greenhouse gases and emitting less CO2 than vehicles with an internal combustion engine. But Mazda says its next-generation SkyActiv engines will be so efficient, they'll emit less CO2 than an electric car. In fact,

How Is It Possible That Galaxies Are Moving Away From Us Faster Than the Speed of Light?

According to Albert Einstein, the speed of light is an absolute constant beyond which nothing can move faster. So, how can galaxies be traveling faster than the speed of light if nothing is supposed to be able to break this cosmic speed limit?Read more...

Uber Study Shows Its Drivers Make More Per Hour And Work Fewer Hours Than Taxi Drivers

The people who drive for Uber generally do so because the platform affords them flexibility in when and how often they drive, according to the findings of a study it’s releasing today. But the platform also offers drivers higher per-hour earnings potential than comparable for-hire driving jobs.

Shenmue 3 Raises More Than $1M On Kickstarter In Less Than Three Hours

Fans let out a collective squeal of joy when Shenmue 3 was announced at Sony’s E3 conference and then rushed to pledge their support on Kickstarter. In just three hours, the campaign has raised more than $1.36 million, more than half of its $2 million goal, from about 16,000 backers.

WPC14: Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS, sees more shipments than iPhone

During the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) today, Microsoft revealed some new tidbits about the company's Windows Phone mobile operating system. There is no denying that this operating system has been working extra hard to not only staple itself as the third place mobile operating system,

In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor

ananyo (2519492) writes "Overall working hours have fallen over the past century. But the rich have begun to work longer hours than the poor. In 1965 men with a college degree, who tend to be richer, had a bit more leisure time than men who had only completed high school.

比起鲍尔默员工更爱纳德拉 支持度不断攀升

本周,Glassdor发布了最新的一份CEO排行榜 。其中在科技领域的20强榜单中,我们可以看到几位老朋友——Facebook CEO马克·扎克伯格、Google CEO拉里·佩奇、苹果CEO蒂姆·库克。

New Paper Claims Neutrino Is Likely a Faster-Than-Light Particle writes reports that in a new paper accepted by the journal Astroparticle Physics, Robert Ehrlich, a recently retired physicist from George Mason University, claims that the neutrino is very likely a tachyon or faster-than-light particle.

China Burns a Lot More Coal Than It's Claimed in the Past

It’s come to light that China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal than its Government has previously claimed — pumping up to 1 billion more tons of carbon than expected into the atmosphere every year.Read more...

Urban Transportation Will Go All-Electric Sooner Than You Think

Think of the vehicle that will change urban transportation. If the image in your mind is not an electric bus, you’re thinking of the wrong vehicle. The electrification of the passenger vehicle has made headlines for good reason. Vehicles like the Tesla Model S and BMW i8 are beautiful and fast,

UK adults are now more reliant on technology than sleep

The average British adult spends eight hours and 41 minutes per day using high-tech gadgetry, on a sleep of just eight hours and 21 minutes. However, this figure only tells part of the story. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

70% of Brits spend more time on phones, tablets and PCs than chatting with friends and family

Juniper Networks has also discovered that 40 per cent of UK consumers believe that laptops are still the most useful electronic devices in existence, despite stories claiming the opposite is true. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Too Much Exercise May Not Be Better Than a Sedentary Lifestyle

jones_supa writes: The importance of exercise has been arriving in spades for geek culture. However, when approaching extremes, a point is reached where vigorous jogging erodes some of the benefits light jogging has over a sedentary lifestyle.

Why the Moon's New Birthday Means the Earth Is Older Than We Thought

Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes You're likely familiar with the theory of how the Moon formed: a stray body smashed into our young Earth, heating the planet and flinging debris into its orbit. That debris coalesced and formed the Moon. The impact theory still holds,

Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

An anonymous reader writes "Yahoo is most known for its search, email, and news services. But its U.S. web presence is only part of its corporate portfolio. It also owns large stakes in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba (a web services company based in China). Yahoo Japan is publicly traded,

British youth spending 6 hours more per day using gadgets than sleeping

The average British adult spends eight hours and 41 minutes per day using high-tech gadgetry, on a sleep of just eight hours and 21 minutes. However, this figure only tells part of the story. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Hang your heads in shame: 70% of us spend more time with phones and tablets than family and friends

Juniper Networks has also discovered that 40 per cent of UK consumers believe that laptops are still the most useful electronic devices in existence, despite stories claiming the opposite is true. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Slack is now valued at more than $1 billion after launching less than a year ago

Slack Technologies is the latest startup to join the billion-dollar valuation club.Slack, a startup that builds tools for employees to communicate and collaborate in the workplace, announced Friday that it has raised $120 million in funding at a $1.12 billion valuation.

People Watch More YouTube Than Ever Before – Especially On Their Phones

YouTube is bigger than cable TV. Well, to be more precise, it’s bigger than any single U.S. cable network among the key demographic that includes those ages 18 to 49 – or so said Google during yesterday’s earnings call.

AP Will Now Accept 'Over' as a Synonym for 'More Than'

Here it is, the tweet that ended decades of global grammatical stability and secure stylistic norms:AP Style tip: New to the Stylebook: over, as well as more than, is acceptable to indicate greater numerical value#ACES2014— AP Stylebook (@APStylebook) March 20,

YotaPhone 2 Review: More Than a Gimmick, Less Than a Good Phone

Being different can make or break you. Apple decided to do things different back in 2007, and now they make almost all dem smartphone monies. But being atypical for no real reason also means certain death.

Microsoft says core editing and viewing Office features will be free for devices smaller than 10.1-i

Microsoft reiterated in a blog post that Office 365 core editing and viewing features will be free for users in possession of devices smaller than 10.1-inches. Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team,

Today’s tech: iPhone 6 tempts Galaxy S5 users, Sportslobster grows faster than Twitter, and dire con

The best of ITProPortal news including: Shocking statistics about how consumers are getting iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus' have emerged today; Samsung Galaxy S5 users are looking green with envy Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Earth Has Been Getting Warmer Way Faster Than We Thought

We know that the planet is getting warmer —but it turns out that it's happening faster than we thought. Turns out scientists have been underestimating warming increases because of inaccurate temperature recordings taken in the southern oceans.Read more...

The More Than/Over Debate Isn't Over, AP

The Associated Press dropped a bomb on the journalism world on Thursday with a tweet announcing a change in the organization's venerable stylebookCue the outrage from journalists and grammar aficionados. The AP upended decades of journalistic tradition in less than 140 characters,

Mashable Minute: Is Netflix Better Than Sex?

In the new episode of Mashable Minute, your daily news digest, Elliott Morgan breaks down a new study comparing the frequency of certain terms used in U.S. statesAs it turns out, people in Florida would rather talk about sex than Netflix, shopping or church. Nothing weird there, right? However,

Microsoft: Here is why Internet Explorer 11 is faster and safer than older versions

Internet Explorer 11 is Microsoft's latest version of the Internet Explorer browser. In an official blog post today, Microsoft is touting several reasons why Internet Explorer 11 is the perfect browser, since it is faster and safer than older versions.

Xbox One uses less power during gaming than PS4 -- but it's not all good news

A new report published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows that Microsoft's Xbox One is more power efficient than the PlayStation 4 when playing games. During gaming sessions, the Xbox One draws 112 watts, while Sony's PS4 sucks 137 watts says the report,

Are Fresh Vegetables Really More Expensive Than Frozen or Canned?

Fresh vegetables have a reputation for being a little more pricey than their frozen or canned counterparts. Here’s why it’s not really deserved—but why it will probably still seem like it is anyway. Read more...

8点1氪晚间版:Bigger than bigger,掌间有度,境界无疆

苹果终于迎来了一场属于Tim Cook的发布会,强烈的Tim Cook风格、单刀直入的两款iPhone 6、蓄谋已久的移动支付Apple Pay,加上重点介绍的Apple Watch,构成了这次苹果发布会的全部内容......

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others writes Everyone who is part of an organization — a company, a nonprofit, a condo board — has experienced the pathologies that can occur when human beings try to work together in groups. Now the NYT reports on recent research on why some groups, like some people,

Your Internet Connection Is Almost Certainly Slower Than Advertised

Does your internet always seem too slow? Chances are, it is: a study by the Wall Street Journal suggests that the majority of ISPs deliver slower speeds than they advertise.Read more...

Bing searches detail peak times of tax prep, women prepare earlier than men

In the US, today is Tax Day and it is the last day to file your taxes. Bing tracked anonymous search logs for keywords related to tax preparation searches, like "form 1040," "filing married," "tax return," etc. and found that most people who prepare to file their taxes early, do so in December.

Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi

redletterdave writes Uber announced in a blog post on Monday it would cut the prices of its UberX service in New York City by 20% — but it's only for a limited time. Uber says this makes it cheaper to use UberX than taking a taxi.

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