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If you're ever on a United flight and your Wi-Fi craps out, there's something you should know: You'r

If you're ever on a United flight and your Wi-Fi craps out, there's something you should know: You're entitled to a full refund. Apparently, United's flight attendants are supposed to keep this little courtesy a secret, but you can head over here to fill out a request for a service refund.

Twitter's a Mess, You're Free, You're Finally Free!

Twitter appears to be down, or at least 40 minutes behind or so. We'll update if we find out why but in the meantime feel free to park your cool tweets here instead? Or feel liberated from the constant pulls to refresh? Read more...

How to Make Sure You're Visiting the Real iCloud Page

Following yet more privacy concerns over iCloud , Apple has decided to spell out very clearly how to ensure you're visiting the genuine iCloud page. Here's what you need to know.Read more...

Facebook 'Safety Check' Lets Friends Know You're OK After a Major Disaster

rtoz (2530056) writes Facebook has launched a new Tool called "Safety Check." The Facebook Safety Check tool will notify your friends so that they know you're OK after a major disaster. In times of disaster or crisis, people turn to Facebook to check on loved ones and get updates.

If You're Always Working, You're Never Working Well

An anonymous reader writes: Hard work is almost an axiom in the U.S. — office culture continually rewards people who are at their desks early and stay late, regardless of actual performance. Over the past decade,

If You're Working For A Startup, You're Probably Going To Get Screwed

Henry Ward, the CEO of eShares, recently published a pretty interesting essay on Medium about what a terrible job most startups do when it comes to keeping track of options and equity grants, and how employees at these companies suffer because of it.

Skype's Active Endpoint ensures you only see notifications on the device you're using

How to figure out what you're good at (not just what you're passionate about)

It's a universal dream to do what we're passionate about. The only problem with this aspiration is that sometimes the thing we most care about isn't what we do best. As Gloria Steinem famously said, "We teach what we need to learn, and write what we need to know.

Popularity On Facebook Makes People Think You're Attractive

RichDiesal writes "In an upcoming issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, researchers conducted an experiment on the impact of the number of Facebook friends a person has on impression formation.

Wifi Dashboard warns when you're connected to an insecure network

Securing your home network is simple enough, but it is something of a different story when you're out and about making use of public wifi.

Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?

ZahrGnosis writes I'm in the midst of a rather lengthy job interview; something I haven't done for some time as I've worked as a contract employee with a much lower barrier to entry for years. Recently, I've started patenting some inventions that are applicable to my industry.

The shows you're DVRing — and those you're not

When it comes to breaking down the TV ratings for a given season, networks are putting less and less emphasis on overnight data, and for obvious reasons: The way we're DVR'ing these days,

12 Emoji That You're Probably Using Wrong

New York's cover story this week proclaims, "Smile, You're Speaking Emoji." But are you? Do you understand the difference between the tongue-out emoji and the winking tongue-out emoji? Today's children communicate almost exclusively in these little smileys ,

What Do You Do on Your Phone When You're in the Bathroom?

Look, we all do it. Ever since smartphones made the rack of toilet water-sprayed magazines obsolete, our alone time in the bathroom has gotten a lot more interesting. How do you fill the one-to-three minute void when you're, um, voiding yourself? Read more...

The States Where You're Most Likely to Be Wiretapped

Hate the thought of getting wiretapped? You might want to stay out of Nevada. And California, Colorado, and New York. Those states account for around half of the wiretapping activity on portable devices in the U.S.,according to a report from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Court. Read more...

What the inside of your body looks like when you're doing yoga

If you're curious how your bones work when you're doing yoga, Hybrid Medical created this video that shows off what the skeleton is doing in all those poses under an x-ray. The 3D animation was made to be as realistic and as accurate as possible.Read more...

Seat Detects When You're Drowsy, Can Control Your Car

cartechboy (2660665) writes Cars already have the technology to determine when you're drowsy, that's nothing new. But having seats with sensors in them monitoring your heart rate to determine if you're falling asleep, that's new, and creepy.

You're getting old:你在“地球Online”在线多久了?


The Best Features of Facebook Messenger You're Probably Not Using

Facebook took a lot of flak for making its standalone Messenger app mandatory. Many feel (myself among them) that a standalone app for messages is unnecessary. Even so, that doesn't make it a bad app, or not useful in its own way .

10 lifelong games of hide and seek you're definitely losing

A good game of hide and seek is simple. You count for several seconds with your eyes closed, and your friends run and hide. You find them, you laugh and you start it all over again.If you've been searching for awhile, you call a forfeit.

This App Lets Friends Track Your Bike Rides to Make Sure You're Safe

RoadID has long made various fitness trackers and ID systems which help you monitor and map your rides. But their app has an interesting new feature called "eCrumb," which allows you to share your progress with your friends and family—or contact them in an emergency.Read more...

Folding Cardboard Stools Only Make It Look Like You're a Hoarder

If you're a student who knows you'll only be living in a cheap apartment for a couple of semesters, what's the point of buying and moving heavy furniture? Especially when there are so many flat-packed, lightweight cardboard options to choose from,

A Fantastic (Fake) Fitness Tracker Tells You What You're Running From

The FuelBand is dead but who cares, really. Because who needs a fitness tracker that tells you how much you already ran? Now, thanks to The Onion, we have Nike's new +Runlogic, which can tell you exactly what you're running to escape.Read more...

A Light-Up Status Flag That Tells Co-Workers You're Too Busy To Chat

Even in an office where walls separate every employee, it's hard not to get distracted by a passing co-worker. So imagine how hard it is to focus in an open concept setting where everyone works at shared desks. The folks at GreyNut were dealing with that exact problem, so they created the Luxafor:

How Long It Takes to Burn Off a Thanksgiving Dinner 10 Different Ways

For once, let's not lie to ourselves about how we're going to "take it easy" this Thanksgiving. Most of us are going to give thanks by indulging like gluttonous pigs. It's okay, we can give ourselves a pass every now and then, but let's be real:

You're Not Going Crazy: Facebook Is Down

Looks like you'll have to wait to furiously click through photos of your ex and her new, stupid boyfriend frolicking in Cabo: Facebook is down for many users. Read more...

These Are the Streets You Want to Avoid When You're Riding Your Bike

Whether you're a commuter or a leisure rider , when you head out on your bicycle you want to be safe. That could mean wearing a helmet, making sure your bike's tuned up, or avoiding the streets where the most bicycle crashes happen. That last part just got a little easier,

6 red flags that alert criminals you're not home

Just because you're out of town for a week or three doesn't mean the burglars who watch for signs of an empty house are on vacation, tooAnd criminals are smart — even if you're in town and adhering to a normal routine,

Don’t hold your breath if you're waiting for the Surface Mini this summer

When it comes to rumors, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement and hear only what you want to hear. The usually-reliable @evleaks has provided us with a number of leaks and hints over the last couple of weeks,

This Is the iPhone 6 You Should Get

Another year, another new iPhone. In fact this year, there are two new Apple flagships, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus . That adds just another layer of confusion to the many configuration options you're going to have to parse.

It's Safer To Cheat At Poker When You're Playing With Bullet-Proof Cards

Everything looks cooler when made from carbon fiber, and that even applies to a deck of playing cards. But Sly Kly wants to take things one step further by engineering decks of cards made from both carbon fiber and kevlar—the same magical material that helps make vests bullet-proof.

An Onboard Camera Makes It Feel Like You're Driving This RC Batmobile

Few of us have the financial resources to build a Batmobile that does everything the ones in the movies can do. Or even a full-scale replica that just drives, for that matter. But if you can scrape together a thousand bucks, you can easily get your hands on this 1:

The Easy Way to Know the Height of the Cliff You're Jumping Off

So you fancy yourself a pretty good cliff-jumper . You always personally inspect your landing spot for hazards and the necessary depth. Good. But here's the thing, how do you know how much depth you need unless you know exactly how high you're jumping from? With NASA smarts, that's how.Read more...

First impressions of the Eve T1, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet from Finland

These days, it's pretty easy to get yourself a cheap Windows 8.1 8-inch tablet for under $200. Sadly, if you're paying sub-$200 for a tablet, you're most likely going to get a cheaply built, but very capable device. Some people are fine with that,

Show you're ready for Windows 10 with this new profile picture badge

With just a little more than a week left until the RTM of Windows 10, Microsoft is pulling out more promotional tools to support the launch of their latest operating system.We've recently seen TV spots with cute kids, a series of advertisements for 10 reasons to love Windows 10, 

You're Halfway To Becoming a Superhero With a Wrist-Worn Crossbow

If you want to remain one of the most popular custom weapons builders on YouTube, you need to keep innovating and improving your craft. Patrick Priebe's new WristBow Mk II is actually an update of his first wrist-worn crossbow that now features a semi-automatic reloading mechanism,

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