Apply to more jobs in less time with LazyApply — it's on sale for only $67

TL;DR: As of May 22, you can get a lifetime subscription to LazyApply Job Application worth $999 for just $67. That's savings of a whopping 93%.It may feel counterproductive to start a job hunt by signing up for a service called LazyApply, but hear us out.

Build better brand visuals with millions of stock photos on sale for up to 97% off

TL;DR: As of May 22, you can get a one-year subscription to JumpStory's Premium Plan for just $19.99 when it's usually worth $414. To save even more, you can subscribe for three years for just $39.99 instead of $1,242, or five years for $59.99, down from $2,070.

A year of LastPass Families is on sale for just $2.75 per month

TL;DR: As of May 22, a yearlong subscription to LastPass Families is on sale for $32.99 instead of $48. That's 31% off, fyi.As much as streaming services are trying to fight it, everyone shares their accounts and passwords with family and friends.

Get this Apple Watch alternative on sale for just $50

TL;DR: As of May 22, the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch is on sale for $49.99. That's a discount of 68% from its regular price of $159.If your only knowledge of smartwatches is based on the Apple Watch, it might be hard to believe there are some out there that are actually affordable.

A set of cozy bamboo sheets is on sale for only $35

TL;DR: As of May 22, you can get a Bamboo Comfort Luxury Sheet Set (king size) on sale for just $34.29. That's 73% off its regular price of $129. You can also get solid deals on full and queen sizes as well.Memorial Day might be the perfect time to buy a new mattress, but the weekend before (ahem,

Mirror brings studio-style fitness classes to your living room — for a high price

Since the start of the pandemic, at-home workouts have been king. If you're already working from home, why go out into the world to get a workout in?

Get a lifetime subscription to this speedy VPN for under £20

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to FastestVPN is on sale for £16.15, saving you 97% on list price.Your browser’s incognito mode can only do so much. Sure, it’ll clear your history, searches, cookies, and login deets, so anyone who uses your computer can’t see what you’ve been up to.





NASA's getting screwy messages from interstellar space

The Voyager 1 spacecraft is sending back some funky data from interstellar space that's leaving NASA engineers scratching their heads. Readouts on the orientation of the 1970s-era space probe now appear to be randomly generated or don't reflect any possible scenario the spacecraft could be in,

Watch incredible NASA video of a total lunar eclipse from space

Some 64 million miles from the planet, NASA's Lucy probe got a deep space view of the recent total lunar eclipse. From her vantage point, it didn't look much like a "blood moon," one of the many nicknames for the rare astronomical event. In a brief two-second time-lapse video,

Wordle today: Answer, hints for May 22

Hey, Team Wordle! A new Wordle will arrive every day, and we're here to provide tips and hints to help you keep that streak alive. Bookmark this page and come back if you find you're struggling to get the answer for Wordle 337 on May 22. If you want to get right to the answer,

Watch excellent 'Ugly Sonic' cameo from 'Chip 'n Dale'

Remember the year 2019, when we all had the power to delay the Sonic the Hedgehog movie because the first design was so grotesque? If you don't, here's a quick rundown: The first Sonic trailer dropped, confirming a rumored design that fans already balked at.

Boeing's troubled Starliner makes it to the space station after second try

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have opened the hatch of the recently docked Boeing Starliner, effectively ending a streak of misfortunes over the years for the spacecraft. 

TikTokkers take odd 'hanger challenge' to test reflex

A TikTok trend that emerged during the 2020 quarantine days is making a comeback: the "hanger challenge." Participants place a clothes hanger on their head to test out a supposed "hanger reflex," where the squeeze of the hanger causes heads to literally turn.

10 best documentaries streaming now on Amazon Prime Video for when you need a good dose of reality

Most documentaries have lessons to impart and important things to say, but some of the best ones do that with nuance and subtlety while keeping us entertained.

Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, others set to leave 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live apparently isn't immune to the Great Resignation, either.Cast members Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, and Kyle Mooney are set to leave the show after tonight's 47th season finale, Variety reported yesterday based on an insider source.

Shakira dances to 'money don't jiggle jiggle' in Jimmy Fallon TikTok challenge

This week, "Hips Don't Lie" singer Shakira joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for his Watch It Once TikTok Challenge. The rules are pretty self-explanatory: the host and guest watch a TikTok once and try to emulate the dance. The two attempts are compared, and a winner is chosen.

The best sex toys for masturbation that anybody can enjoy

Yeah, masturbating is cool, but have you ever tried masturbating with sex toys? We want to be clear, we say this with all the love in our heart toward using your hands. But,

Freezing your eggs? Find support in online communities.

For those who aren't ready to start a family just yet, or want to ensure they have the option down the line, egg-freezing is on the rise. The process, in which eggs are harvested, frozen, and stored for later use, is even being offered as a fertility benefit by some companies.

He found a Milky Way black hole 50 years ago, and finally got to see it

Bruce Balick penned an urgent letter to his research partner on the other side of the country. He feared other radio astronomers were close on their heels, including one by the name of Fred Lo."We'd better publish fast if we want to beat him into print," Balick wrote to Robert L. Brown,

Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for May 21

Good morning, Wordlers! A new Wordle arrives every day, and we're here to provide tips and hints to help you keep that streak alive. If you couldn’t get the answer for Wordle 336 on May 21 and just want to know what it was, you can find today’s word at the bottom of this page.

The 12 best and funniest tweets of the week

Tweets here! Get your tweets of the week! They're hot. They're spicy. They're fresh. They're funny. They've got it all. Who doesn't love a heaping serving of tweets, fresh out the content oven and ready to be enjoyed. I certainly love those sweet, sweet tweets. SEE ALSO:

Cann is like LaCroix that gets you high. And it rules.

The information contained in this article is not a substitute for, or alternative to information from a healthcare practitioner. Please consult a healthcare professional before using any product and check your local laws before making any purchasing decisions.Beer is over.

3 surprising ways to cope with climate change

A few years ago, Britt Wray felt overwhelmed by eco-anxiety. Fielding questions from family about whether she and her husband would have children, Wray contemplated the bleak future they might inherit.








编辑导语:随着自动化、智能化浪潮的来临,汽车HMI的形式也日益丰富。是什么影响着HMI设计呢?又要如何设计多屏HMI?一起来看一下吧。随着自动化、智能化浪潮的来临,汽车HMI设计面临着用户更个性化的需求,不论是车内还是车外,HMI的形式也日益丰富。汽车人机界面已不再是单独的个体,正走向多元与融合……01 有哪些HMI?1. aHMI(Automation HMI )aHMI 是指把自动化系统的状态透明地传达给驾驶员或乘客,保证自动化系统和驾驶员进行安全、高效的转化。视觉通道的aHMI设计,常常基于仪表,通过模型还原自动化系统感知的驾驶环境,可以让驾驶员一目了然知道自动化系统“眼中的世界”。

工作经验| B 端产品组件设计细节及经验分享(三)

编辑导语:B端设计总是有大大小小的组件,那这些组件的小细节,你有注意到哪些呢?本文作者进行了工作的经验分享,还回答了2个questions,感兴趣的小伙伴一起来看下吧。本文源于读者和粉丝的相关提问,以及我前段时间在做 Ant Design 设计与运营工作中的经验沉淀和总结,希望对你有帮助。一、Tab 和锚点Tab有什么区别?有同学想知道 Tab 和锚点 Tab 在使用的过程中有什么样的区别,这里给大家详细说说:1. 功能上的区别1)普通 Tab当页面信息较多,Tab 可以使用户的浏览和查找更高效;Tab 可以用于区分信息类型,将大块内容进行收纳,使页面更加整洁。




编辑导语:一个真正好的设计能够促进其他设计师完成更好的设计。对于苹果的设计哲学,同时存在热烈的追捧和猛烈的抨击。本文试图由苹果的这次系统更新作为出发点,简单谈谈设计思维当中对于“控制”与“自由”的权衡。推荐设计领域的朋友们阅读交流~雪城大学建筑学教授理查德·洛萨(Rhichard Rosa)认为“设计的本质即是在于控制与自由。”这句话非常简洁但直接地介入了设计的核心——设计行为为混乱与无序赋予秩序,使之得以承载可控的人类行为;但设计也一定不是绝对的控制,它一定要为使用者预留一些自由。






编辑导语:B站知名数码区up主何同学在去年毕业了,同时也成立了自己的工作室,他需要的是完成从校园到社会的转变。作为一个极具浪漫主义的理科生,何同学这次却面临着来自残酷社会不浪漫的“第一课”。何同学被捧得太高了,这大概不是一件好事。某种程度上而言,何同学的绝大部分粉丝大概率都是通过他19年6月的作品《有多快?5G在日常使用中的真实体验》发现他的。站在5G广受关注的风口,何同学的这个视频,以前所未有的直观,让人们提前体验到了5G技术的爽感。他幸运地踩到了这轮“5G内容红利”,迎风而上,一夜成名。之后的故事大家也都耳熟能详了:采访了库克,成了 B 站百大,逢出视频必上热门。



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