Lastest ITProPortal news

Lastest ITProPortal news

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Most UK firms have faced data management challenges post-Brexit

Businesses in the UK are experiencing various data access and management issues

IT disposal processes leave plenty to be desired

There is plenty of room for improvement, study finds

Businesses blame dodgy technology for poor-quality customer experience

Too much technology hurts the UX, research suggests

UK passes ‘adequacy’ test but are calls for GDPR protection cuts a step too far?

The requirement for strong data protection is not going away

How can security awareness trainings protect your organization

Security awareness training tips that will help you to protect your company against cyberattacks and threats

The threat and the solution: Why DNS management is imperative for business protection

Follow these top tips to ensure your DNS is secure and protected from cyber attacks

Why businesses should harness e-signature technology in the digital age

Expanding e-signature uses cases is essential for any businesses success

Many businesses are struggling to clear IT project backlogs

Other departments are stepping in with low-code solutions

Cloud misconfigurations are causing major security headaches

Many breaches could have been prevented with better API configuration

IT leaders burned by previous digital transformation projects

Previous experiences shape future strategy, says Citrix report

How to navigate a seamless journey from CIO to Chief Customer Officer

Digital transformation, staying ahead of competitors and technology, and fulfilling customer expectations with a streamlined experience are the holy trinity for a CIO in their pursuit to be a successful CCO

How AI is creating new job opportunities in the tech and music industries

AI cannot completely replace humans - it can support, complement, and even create new jobs

Communicating in the midst of a cyber attack

There are surprisingly few collaboration and messaging tools that are secure and resilient enough to keep cybersecurity teams communicating when dealing with an attack

How could AI and automation tackle the UK's collapse in car manufacturing?

How could tech address a historic collapse in car manufacturing?

Many CIOs are having to shift their focus after the pandemic

Progressive CIOs are focusing on IT-finance collaboration, agile execution, and developing the right data capabilities

Businesses are overlooking the importance of patch management

Regular patching could significantly reduce the chances of compromise

Most businesses have incurred unnecessary cloud costs

The problem is only expected to worsen

Best cloud management software 2021

We feature the top cloud management software platforms, to help you manage hybrid clouds efficiently and reduce costs.

Best cloud log management services

For a simple solution to monitor, process, analyze, and visualize logs via the cloud, we feature the best cloud log management services.

Shaping your treasury operations for the digital era

Let's discuss the changing treasury operations in the digital age

Six must-haves to become an operationally agile organization

Adopt these before transitioning into an operationally agile organization

How digital transformation is a chance to upskill workers

Digital transformation is now an increasingly default position for C-suite leadership rather than the sole preserve of an enlightened few as it used to be

How the gig economy can help win the last-mile delivery race

To be fit for the future in the short – and long-term, last-mile delivery businesses need their entire operation to be as seamless and efficient as possible

Best cloud HCM software of 2021

We feature the best cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) software, to make it simple and easy for organizations to manage their human resources more efficiently.

Nearly half of UK firms still don't have the IT skills they need

The skills gap continues to plague businesses

AI can now estimate your company's environmental impact

A new machine learning model is designed to help investors remain compliant

More than half of businesses have turned to the cloud for backup needs

As cloud grows in popularity, some businesses cling to disk and tape

Best cloud databases of 2021

We feature the best cloud databases, to make it simple and easy to store different types of data in different ways, and to prioritize how data is queried.

Best cloud analytics platforms 2021

We feature the best cloud analytics platforms, to make it simple and easy to find actionable insights within your cloud storage, especially when applied to big data.

Best cloud computing services of 2021

We feature the best cloud computing services, which offer the opportunity for businesses to undergo digital transformation in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Back to work? Or back to the workplace?

How can businesses build an inclusive and effective flexible workforce by confronting the larger issue of transparency and trust

Don’t get held to ransom: Cause, prevention, recovery

Ransomware is one of the top earners of the dark economy, generating over $265bn USD in revenue

Cybercrime - staying one step ahead in the post-pandemic world

Let's explore how cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit the vulnerabilities of remote working and cloud storage

Defining the value of real-time network traffic monitoring

Customer experience today is often measured through the performance of the network

Best cloud brokers 2021

We feature the best cloud brokers, to make it simpler and easier to manage a range of cloud services under a single platform.

Best cloud brokers 2021

We feature the best cloud brokers, to make it simpler and easier to manage a range of cloud services under a single platform.

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