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Lastest ITProPortal news

2021-06-17 23:56    2021-06-18 10:13

IT SME jobs in danger as pandemic fallout begins to bite

Hundreds of thousands of IT jobs could be at risk, report suggests.

SASE adoption set for major rise, but some still don't know what it is

Less than a third of IT decision makers managed to properly define SASE.

IT under pressure to produce tangible results

IT leaders are focused on simplifying business operations through multi-cloud, high-performance computing and AI.

Businesses must reduce digital wastage in cloud

As much as 60 percent of wastage could be eliminated with proper optimization.

How the content arms race is killing legacy CMS

How the drive for content experiences is changing everything.

The security priority: why SMEs need strong cybersecurity strategies for survival

Historically perceived as an abstract, complex and expensive add-on, it's time recognise cybersecurity's value.

Hackers have stolen a march during the pandemic: It's time to catchup

Let's look at the advantages Covid-19 has afforded hackers, and how businesses fight back.

Trinity Rescue Kit review

In our Trinity Rescue Kit review, we decide whether the live CD rescue tool is still useful today.

How companies can adopt a new security strategy and break out of the NOC box

How corporate networking teams can break out of the Network Operations Center (NOC) box and adapt to a new paradigm with zero trust.

What's up with WhatsApp’s cyberstalking problem?

Cyberstalking is the specific use of electronics (usually the internet) to control, track, and spy on another person, group of people or even companies.

Smartphones have become a security nightmare for businesses

Attacks targeting mobile devices are inevitable.

Majority of ransomware victims are hit with a second attack after paying up

Paying the ransom does not guarantee the return of stolen data.

IT observability could be the real key to digital transformation

Businesses with mature observability levels are 4.5 times more likely to report successful digital transformation initiatives.

IT outsourcing could be set for a major rise

Most organizations in the UK plan to either maintain or increase IT outsourcing.

A new era of IoT security

The UK government’s plans for a more secure Internet of things (IoT) are the first of their kind and are long overdue.

SASE: A secure cloud-first solution for a hybrid working world

Learn about how SASE connects the dots securing the cloud, the data center and branch network edges.

Using IP Intelligence in the ongoing battle for cyber security

How IP Intelligence can be leveraged to tackle the increase in cyber crime.

Exploring the new horizons 5G brings to connected vehicles and V2X communication

Now, we have vehicle-to-everything technology (V2X) to thank for integrating 5G technology and automotive software solutions to develop a new generation of smart automobiles.

Data capture busters

How the transport and logistics industry can apply data capture solutions to streamline information sharing.

IT staff often back down to angry employees, despite security risks

Employees often argue with security teams over updates.

Many workers have picked up bad cybersecurity behaviors since working from home

If they are not being watched by IT, many employees work by their own rules.

Cloud misconfiguration has become a critical security issue

Poorly configured cloud instances can lead to major data breaches, experts are saying.

Security training policies failing to keep pace with change at many businesses

Employees dread the prospect of cybersecurity training.

Post pandemic working - How businesses can use AI to manage resourcing and survive the pandemic

Using AI to find team members can also help talent engagement address its bias problem.

Why we must combine machine and human in the translation world

Machine translation can offer significant time and cost-saving efficiencies for international businesses and it’s growing in popularity around the world.

Automation enables a much more streamlined remote experience. Here's how.

Automation is now a necessity for remote teams.

Panic to progress: Digital transformation gets serious

The race to digital transformation may have been running at a full sprint last year.

Hed: Why endpoint data is so critical to corporate investigations

During their time out of office, remote workers gained greater freedom and flexibility, but businesses incurred greater risk.

More and more technology is being built by non-experts

Citizen developers and AI capable of writing software are closing the gap on pros, Gartner says.

Many SMEs are struggling with outdated technology

They don't have the money to move to newer software, making it harder to compete with larger firms.

European cloud market set for massive growth

Replacing legacy infrastructure, realizing the benefits of PaaS and the introduction of new data centers are the main drivers.

Customer experience now a top priority, but progress is slow

Implementing a customer experience strategy isn't straightforward

Is your team’s skill a barrier to AI adoption?

As AI becomes more ingrained in workflows, here’s how your enterprise can sustainably upskill its workforce.

Why there is no one-size-fits-all formula for completing a data maturity puzzle?

The path to data maturity is complex and evolving, with no definitive end point.

Getting ready for 5G rollout: How to prepare your business

5G promises a number of advantages, but many businesses are still considering what this means for them, their customers and other stakeholders.

The emergence of digital third-party risk and what businesses can do about it

What can businesses do to mitigate third-party digital risk?

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