Lastest ITProPortal news

Lastest ITProPortal news

2023-02-07 06:38    2023-02-08 06:38

How to find the messaging platform that’ll take your company to the next level

Messaging’s casual tone and solicitation of real-time responses has its strengths and weaknesses.

When business continuity plans go wrong…

Covid-19 has been a great test of company’s business continuity plans.

IT gathering dust

Businesses are selling off unused tech without correctly purging data.

Today’s world needs cloud native more than ever

Cloud native can be a winning strategy with planning. Simply being in the cloud is not enough.

What 10 things SaaS vendors must demand from their BI platform

Quick deployment, security and true inclusivity must all be on a vendors' wish-list.

Cybersecurity must take centre stage in the gig economy

In the UK, the gig economy now accounts for more than 4.7 million workers – and employs 1 in 10 working-age adults.

Cloud computing for small businesses: Five reasons why it works

If you don't take advantage of this technology, your business is likely to be left behind. All you need to do is to find the right cloud solution for your business.

How SD-WAN is helping CIOs keep their business connected

SD-WAN technology will rise at 30.8 per cent compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2023.

How to use the Microsoft Office Ribbon

Everything you need to get you up and working with Microsoft's latest office suite.

Micro conversions: Why marketers are taking small steps to get big website results

The digital world has created a multitude of touch points, signals and clues for marketers to unlock.

The future of banking

Transformative business model evolution within financial services.



Advanced systems require advanced systems engineers

The skills and knowledge we once needed to manage our client-server systems versus these modern distributed systems with their requirements for resilience, low latency, and high availability are vastly different.

HPE and NASA team up for space computing

We're this close to having a forced Windows update in space.

You are what you eat. How blockchain technology can help us understand where our food comes from.

Over the years, there have been a number of food scandals that have rocked consumer confidence in the food industry.

Thales launches effort to secure medical IoT

New solution hopes to help secure connected IoT devices in the healthcare industry.

10 ways to optimise your site for Google’s mobile-first index

Google have begun rolling out their new mobile-first index. This update will prioritise the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals.

Jump-start your creative journey with the MSI Creator Z16P

The Creator Z16P from MSI could be your ideal creative partner.

Better incentives could be the key to getting workers back into the office

Employers will need to offer more incentives in order to persuade employees working in the office is still a good idea.

Google's first quarter earnings slip despite aggressive cloud investment

Investments continue in cloud-based services as the big tech company moves to diversify its portfolio.

European Parliament approves its Digital Services Act

The EU has implemented the Digital Services Act and aims to better protect all users while they’re online.

Businesses warned as REvil ransomware gang appears to be back online

Threat levels have been raised following the siting of a new REvil site with links to cybercrime operation.

Nearly half of UK employees duped by online security threats, survey suggests

Business owners are being advised to revaluate their cybersecurity awareness measures in response to new survey.

UCL faced almost 60 million malicious email attacks at the start of this year

The National Cyber Security Centre is advising organisations to beef up their security arrangements.

Apple discontinues macOS Server after 23 years of service

The software will live on as an app that can be downloaded and will work with the latest macOS Monterey.

Ubuntu 22.04 release raises the bar for open source computing

Canonical’s latest edition of the open source operating system has much to offer those who don’t want to follow the crowd.

Nokia to provide data center switching portfolio for Microsoft’s data center networks

Nokia’s solutions will deliver the muscle needed to meet the significant growth of cloud services and cloud computing.

Kaspersky offers free decryptor tool to deal with Yanluowang ransomware

The cybersecurity firm has uncovered instances of Yanluowang around the world but has developed a tool to combat it.

Suspected Pegasus spyware infections target UK Prime Minister's Office

Citizen Lab has identified a series of suspected spyware infiltrations linked to NSO Pegasus spyware.

Microsoft aims to kill off patch Tuesday for lucky enterprise users

The changing work environment calls for more efficient ways of keeping IT systems updated according to Microsoft.

British government hints at crypto regulation amid plans for NFT

The UK aims to be a world leader in cryptocurrencies but plans regulatory measures to keep digital assets in check.

DuckDuckGo web browser beta arrives for macOS

Beta version of the DuckDuckGo browser for the macOS platform promises plenty of privacy features

Microsoft reveals how the Hafnium cybergang is using its malware

Cybercriminals continue to exploit vulnerabilities within the Windows operating system via a series of everyday tools

Dell offers 4-day workweek to Netherlands staff as trials expand

The increasing desire for more flexible working is resulting in more businesses trialling the option of a shorter working week.

12 examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life

Though artificial intelligence may be a buzzword today, tomorrow, it might just become a standard part of our everyday lives. In fact - it's already here.

Zoom adds new features for students and educators

Enhancements will offer greater flexibility in the educational sector and reduce administrative chores

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