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Uber Isn't a Savoir for Drivers Any More Than Amazon Is for Authors

Uber claims its founders aren't the only ones a little richer thanks to the taxi startup.An Uber driver putting in a 40-hour work week with the company's app makes a median income of $90,766 in New York City, the company claimed on Tuesday. A San Francisco driver makes $74,191.

Samsung rocked by accusations of child labour and unacceptable working conditions

China Labor Watch (CLW) this week accused one of the South Korean tech giant's Chinese suppliers of illegally employing child workers. Read more:

Silent Circle reveals secure Blackphone tablet is on the way

The company’s founder Jon Callas announced the follow-up to its privacy-focused Blackphone is already in development, with the firm also about to enter the tablet market.Read more:

猫猫狗狗的可穿戴设备 让爱宠成为世界第一吧

现在可穿戴设备这个概念那么红火,宠物界自然也不能落后。为了给自己的爱宠更多关怀,也许你需要这个 Tractive MOTION。  Tractive MOTION 可以说是智能项圈,你只需要把它戴在阿猫阿狗的脖子上就可以了。



Reddit Installs Interim Female CEO and Says The Job Is Hers to Lose

When Reddit CEO Yishan Wong announced that the crowd-sourced news site had raised $50 million, he called his financiers "patient, long-term investors who support our views on difficult issues.


– ASH 2014上进行口头数据呈报 – 旧金山 -- (美国商业资讯) -- 武田药品工业株式会社(TSE:

TUV 南德广州防爆电器实验室获欧盟ATEX测试实验室资质

广州2015年3月9日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,TUV南德意志集团(以下简称“TUV SUD”)广州分公司防爆电器实验室成功获得欧盟ATEX指令公告机构颁发的认可证书,成为华南区第一家获得欧盟ATEX指令测试实验室资质的外资企业本土实验室,为防爆电器企业的出口认证提供便捷的本地服务。  


牵手两大巨头投资美国EB5移民不受930变政影响的项目 北京2015年7月16日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,世贸通推出牵手两大巨头一起投资、不受930变政影响的速获全家绿卡的优质EB5项目 -- DLJ四季酒店度假村项目。 

Another Secular Blogger Was Brutally Murdered In Bangladesh 

Niloy Chatterjee is the fourth Bangladeshi blogger to be attacked and killed in the last six months.Read more...

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