Anonymous plans cyber attacks on alleged pro-ISIS nations

The hacking collective is planning a series of DDoS attacks on Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, over claims that they are providing arms and support to the jihadist group ISIS. Read more:

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The best VPS cloud hosting in 2021

In our guide to the best VPS cloud hosting, discover which platforms offer the top hosting for your next digital project.

B2B firms are getting cold feet on buying decisions

The pandemic has changed how businesses sell their products

How automated technology can help organizations rise to regulatory challenges

IoT and automated monitoring can help various sectors manage C02 levels efficiently and meet regulations

How NLP helps direct selling businesses achieve better customer support management

Significance of implementing NLP in direct selling business

Slow and costly app development is hindering business productivity – the fight back begins now

A company’s app is fast becoming the flagship touchpoint for all aspects of a business.

Many workers are fed up with faulty IT kit

Poor-quality kit is losing companies money

ERP in 2022: where do we go from here?

The top enterprise and business management software trends for 2022

"Revenge Porn must stop" say campaigners

Many people have been a victim of the phenomenon of revenge porn and recently the justice secretary Chris Grayling has told MPs the practice was becoming a more significant problem in the UK.Read more:

New statistics show that Apple needs to release a bigger version of the iPhone

Fresh data shows that the UK is embracing large-screen phones, as models bigger than 4.9in accounted for nearly a quarter of shipments in the first quarter of 2014. Read more:

Deploying an enterprise cloud with HP

With companies increasingly taking up the opportunity to benefit from the business benefits offered by the cloud, they now have a cloud IT management system to secure and protect those benefits. Read more:

Chaos Grips Kiev as Ukraine's Military Struggles to Defend the Homeland

KIEV, Ukraine — It is now clear that Ukraine is experiencing an invasion in all but nameMasked, armed soldiers carrying automatic weapons in full military dress have taken control of several key cities and towns across the east of the country,


上个月苹果在波特兰开设了一家新的零售店,占地面积 23,000 平方英尺。而巧的是,离这家新店一个街区的位置,微软也有一家零售店面,该店一年前就已经开业了,面积为 3200 平方英尺。  

Twitter 将查看你在手机上装了哪些应用

Twitter 会在你的时间轴上 “插播” 一些定制小广告,这不是什么秘密了。而最近它更进一步,将查看你在手机上,都下载了哪些应用,以改进你时间轴上的推送广告,以及其它的相关内容(比如推荐 Fo 哪些账号、Fav)。


本文来自崔恺,前TMT创业者,现在浦发硅谷银行为创始人做融资引荐和资源对接,PingWest客座作者,业余经营 […]



覺得 Ricoh Theta 畫質不好、變形太嚴重?沒關係 GoPro 的 16 機專業天周拍攝套件要開賣了

圖片來源: GoProGoPro 正式將可拍攝環景影像的套件 Odyssey 商品化並且針對專業影像製作者販售了,這是一台搭載 16 台 GoPro Hero4 Black 、並由 JUMP 編輯器進行匯整,可輸出達 8K30 的環景影像;可預期的是由於面相專業影像製作,價格高達 15,


大众告诉我们:符合排放标准和真实污染根本就是两码事。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅


SLS拉斯维加斯度假酒店加盟喜达屋最新推出的Tribute Portfolio品牌;W酒店将于2016年正式开业 拥有1,613间客房的地标性建筑度假酒店的签约,使喜达屋全球市场版图实现了0.

暴力獨立車廠對於電動車的遐想: Hennessey 表示只要電池技術跟上打算推出 1,000 馬力的純電 Venon GT

也許對台灣的消費者比較陌生,不過美國知名的改裝車兼獨立車廠 Hennessey 以數款超過 1,

Apple head of software engineering says FBI’s demands compromise the safety of all iOS users

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering (and one of its most popular WWDC presenters) says the FBI’s demands on the company will make all iOS users more vulnerable to malicious attacks in an opinion piece for the Washington Post. Read More

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