Twitter Buys Password-Sharing Startup Mitro

Twitter has acquired password-sharing startup MitroFounded in 2012 by Adam Hilss, Mitro had raised $2.4 million in funding. The company's primary product is a web browser extension that allowed users to store and share passwords,

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Twitter Buys Password-Sharing Startup Mitro

Twitter has acquired password-sharing startup MitroFounded in 2012 by Adam Hilss, Mitro had raised $2.4 million in funding. The company's primary product is a web browser extension that allowed users to store and share passwords,

Twitter Acquires Password Security Startup Mitro, Open Sources Its Product

Twitter is acquiring a small password security startup called Mitro for its New York office. Mitro built a way that multiple people can share or control passwords to a single account.

How to change the name of your iPhone

When you get a new iPhone, you're given the opportunity to name it something unique, such as "Brian's Awesome iPhone 12."But there are various reasons why you may want to change the name you assigned to your phone during setup. Thankfully, it's incredibly easy to change the name of your iPhone.

The best iPhone accessories of 2021 (so far)

If there's one thing better than getting a new phone, it's getting a bunch of fun new accessories to fully deck it out. The iPhone 12 lineup debuted toward the end of 2020, and the first half of 2021 has given birth to some very fun and useful phone accessories. A lot of them use MagSafe, aka,

This gadget turns your regular AC unit into a smart device

TL;DR: Smarten up your AC unit with the Cielo Breez Eco, on sale for $62.99 — a 36% savings — as of June 19.If you're a city inhabitant or just live in an older building, you're probably no stranger to window AC units. Although at times they can feel totally retro,

17 deals on apps and software you can’t find on Amazon — including Blinkist, Parallels P

You can’t find everything on Amazon, no matter how vast the inventory seems. Take these apps, software, and subscription services, for example. From apps that improve your workday efficiency and productivity, like Parallels Pro, to ones that enhance your entertainment after you log off for the day,

Save on the award-winning Baby Shusher sound machine

TL;DR: Help your baby fall asleep with the Baby Shusher, which is on sale for 13% off. As of June 19, get one for only $33.99.The Baby Shusher is a soothing sound machine designed to help babies fall asleep. Instead of nature sounds or white noise, though,

Spruce up your home with these 7 weekend deals

A certain massive online sale is happening soon on a certain massive ecommerce platform, which means everyone will be scrambling to score the best deals. But that sale isn't the only place to find great prices this week.If you're looking to spruce up your home,

Get better-than-Amazon prices on these health and fitness products

Memorial Day kicked off a season of savings, and we’ve got more deals to prove it. If you’re looking for gear to amp up your health or fitness regimen this summer, we’ve got a half dozen products at prices better than Amazon’s. But you might want to act fast,

15 Magical Harry Potter Cocktails to Charm Your Palate

For Harry Potter's 34th birthday, cast a banishing charm on butterbeer in favor of something a little more grown up.In honor of the Birthday Boy Who Lived, we're adding a bit of magic to our drinks. These cocktails put the Patron in patronus.See also: 'Harry Potter' Actors:

Overstock to Pay Employee Bonuses in Bitcoin

Overstock, which began taking bitcoin in January and posted $1 million in sales two months later, is so enamored with the currency that it plans to offer employee bonuses in bitcoin too.Judd Bagley, a rep for Overstock,

Anti-Semitism Flares as Gaza Conflict Continues

Anti-Semitic vitriol often flares up in tandem with Israeli military action, and the recent conflict in Gaza is no exception.This week, Facebook removed a page that called for the death of "baby killer israeli jews" after complaints that the page constituted hate speech. The page,

8 Common Misspellings That Are Totally Inexcusable

"Staphylococci," "esquamulose" and "feuilleton" are perfectly acceptable words to misspell on the first (or fifth) tryBut when it comes down to everyday writing, the most commonly misspelled words are a lot simpler than you might expect.See also:



FiftyThree Releases SDK So Third-Party Developers Can Build Apps Around Its Pencil Stylus

FiftyThree, maker of creativity app Paper and iPad stylus Pencil, wants more users. To do so, it’s going to make its Pencil hardware available for third-party developers to use with their own creativity products with the launch of an SDK.While Pencil only worked with Paper at launch,

Apple 最新專利!將 iOS 裝置變成火警探測器

Apple 一直以來都積極為旗下的產品添加更多功能,例如最近的 Apple Pay 支付服務就是一個好好的例子。而從 Apple 最近提交的一份專利申請更可以看到,他們有可能會將 iOS 裝置變成火警探測器,當火警發生時更會自動報警。

You Can Pre-Order an Apple Watch Right Now

Apple Watch pre-orders just went live. If you want to carry a little piece of Apple around on your wrist from launch day, then you should head over to the Apple Store right now to get one.Read more...

[攝影小教室] 業配文照片這樣拍(三):用閃燈高速凝結的「大人的科學」水龍捲風機

大家今天應該有看到由討喜小姐撰寫的動手玩開箱文「收納在罐子中專屬自己的小龍捲風,“大人的科學 Vol.10 - 極光龍捲風” 開箱實測」吧?這篇文章的封面照片是這組極光龍捲風的運作圖片,也就是上面這張文章首圖。





Google Gives Pass To Pirated Porn

Axel Braun is about as close as you can get to a household name in porn. He’s behind the biggest adult film titles of the last ten years, and his porn parody, Star Wars XXX, is one of the best selling adult films of all time. He also can’t make a film for $500,000,

健身房管理系统ClubReady完成A轮融资,Level Equity投资

美国健身房管理系统ClubReady已完成A轮融资,投资方为LevelEquity,但是并未透露融资金额。同时,Level Equity创始人兼合伙人Ben Levin将加入ClubReady董事会。传统的管理系统会帮助健身房处理基本信息,比如POS、支付、会员管理、工资单等。除了上述的基本信息,ClubReady作为基于网页的健身房管理系统,可以用于管理健身房业务的方方面面。ClubReady通过业务自动化和销售工具进行详细的趋势预测,管理会员训练和课程并防止教练的违规行为,向每位潜在和已有会员提供详细的健身信息,大型健身房可以利用这个系统管理各个地区和分支机构。

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