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Innovation in the electronics industry today is increasingly driven by the software embedded within devices and systemsRead more:

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"A Developer's Guide to Windows 10" is an excellent instructional video series for developers

If you’re a developer, you’ll want to take a look at a new Microsoft video series announced today. The title of the series is “A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10,” and with 6 hours of content over 22 episodes, it’s pretty extensive. In fact,

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 Beta 8 发布

Mozilla今天将Mozilla Firefox 36.

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 Beta 9 发布

Mozilla今天将Mozilla Firefox 36.

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 Beta 10 发布

Mozilla今天将Mozilla Firefox 36.

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 Beta 7 发布

感谢IE发来贺电的投递Mozilla今天将Mozilla Firefox 36.

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 正式版发布

Mozilla今天将Mozilla Firefox 36.

Microsoft bids farewell to Nokia's DVLUP Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone

Microsoft has canceled the Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone (a part of the DVLUP program), consisting of a group of experts who have helped numerous app developers create amazing apps and games for Microsoft's mobile platform.

Windows 10 Application Development tool lets developers easily test apps for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is making it much easier for developers to test their game for Windows 10 Mobile by releasing a brand new Windows Application Development tool.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 shows off Edge F12 developer tools

Microsoft Channel 9’s One Dev Minute feature shows off F12 developer tools for Microsoft’s Edge browser. F12 developer tools can be invoked by hitting the F12 key on the keyboard within Edge. F12 developer...

Governing no-code/low-code innovation

The strategic steps for balancing low-code/no-code development with IT governance

How to make a website with Squarespace

Learn how to make a website with Squarespace in this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Legacy IT systems continue to cause major problems

Digital transformation is a top priority for many businesses

WP Engine web hosting review 2021

Our WP Engine review finds it's an advanced platform for managed WordPress hosting that’s built with the needs of developers in mind.

Shockbyte review

A full analysis shows that Shockbyte offers a great selection of Minecraft servers backed by leading performance and simple setup.

Why the success of your Microservice architecture migration is determined by the data layer challen

Don't miss the critical step to ensure your business moves effectively to microservices

Increasing productivity in hybrid work environments

Normalization of recorded work meetings and AI advancement is giving rise to innovation never thought possible

Hacker exploits Android and roots Blackphone at DefCon conference

The Blackphone, billed as a super secure consumer alternative to standard smartphones, has been successfully hacked at the DefCon hacking conference.Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 retail box appears to suggest 15 September release date

A retail box for the new phablet has turned up online with a screen that shows the 15 September date that would mean a release just 12 days after its unveiling at IFA 2014.Read more:

Facebook ordered to reveal records of underage users

A Belfast High Court has ordered the ruling, following a lawsuit that alleges that the social network's open registration system means that it is too easy for underage users to register.Read more:



Tech City’s got nothing on Silicon Valley, says Cisco CEO

John Chambers has praised government investment in tech, but says achieving London's own Silicon Valley is a long way off, despite Cisco's growth in UK technical staff of late.Read more:

[视频]先进液氮再用锤子 iPhone 6 Plus受虐

相对于iPhone 6来说,iPhone 6 Plus由于上市供货量太少,所以显得更加难买。iPhone 6 Plus难买,价高又怎么样?对于那些喜欢折腾的国外用户来说,都可以无视,这不就有国外用户送上了最新的6 Plus测试视频。

Fever Smart智能体温贴片 儿童发烧时的守护天使


All the Star Wars: The Force Awakens concept art leaked so far

It must be the increasing nostalgia of being an old man who saw the originals at the theater, but I'm starting to get really excited about the new old school Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So, after coming across the allegedly new design for a new TIE fighter,


2014年腾讯代码报告 您可能也喜欢的文章: 腾讯大讲堂:腾讯程序员一年写多少代码?

NEXT 发布产品数过万,今年要让更多美好的事情发生

1/ 上面这张图,是我在去年年会上展望 NEXT 未来时,用的一页 Keynote,也是我们今年的愿景。2/ 发布之初,我们抱着解决三个问题,上线了 NEXT :a. 是否有一个渠道可以查看当天互联网优质新品?b.


2015 年 Q2,是依托于电商平台的消费金融突飞猛进一个季度。基于十多年来积累的消费者群体和购买行为数据,整个电商领域的玩法已经升级到金融和大数据层面。

Kanye West says he's done making CDs: Long live streaming

The Life of Pablo will never come to life on CD. Kanye West tweeted on Monday that he will no longer be making physical records. From now on, he says, he'll only be streaming his albums.That's currently the case for his most recent album, The Life of Pablo. It's only officially available via Tidal. 

老巨人相濡以沫,联想携手软银在日本推出 Win 10 Mobile 新机

尽管在激烈厮杀的手机市场,Windows 10 Mobile 的份额一直在 1% 上下浮动,微软的移动设备业务翻盘几无可能,但联想还是为这套系统推出了一款新机。新机的型号是 SoftBank 503LV,5.0 吋 720p 屏幕,存储组合为 3GB+32GB,搭载高通的骁龙 617 处理器,前置 500 万、后置 800 万摄像头,电池容量只有 2250mAh。在外观和 ID 设计上,联想的这台新机采用了金属中框+前后双面玻璃的经典三明治设计。主摄像头位于左上角,但圆心与 C 角并未对齐,补光灯的样式也有点古怪。503LV 的金属中框上下各有两条天线分隔带,用注塑工艺加以填充。

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