Microsoft announces HD-10, a Miracast accessory for Lumia devices with NFC support

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Microsoft announces HD-10, a Miracast accessory for Lumia devices with NFC support

IFA 2014 recap: The world welcomes Lumia 730, Lumia 735, and Lumia 830, powered by Windows Phone 8.1

The world welcomed three new Lumia handsets during the IFA 2014 event earlier this week. Microsoft finally took the wraps off the "selfie phone" now known as the Lumia 730/735, along with the first "affordable" flagship Windows Phone device called the Lumia 830.

Lumia 950 and 950XL accessories listed on Amazon ahead of official device unveiling

With Microsoft set to release several new devices on Tuesday, we are continuing to see “leaks” appear online. We are expecting Satya Nadella and his Windows team to release the Lumia 950, Lumia 950...

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: all about Lumia 550, 950, and 950XL

Windows 10 Mobile news recap is a weekly feature that highlights the top stories from the previous week. You can keep up to date with all things Windows 10 Mobile by bookmarking our dedicated page....The post Windows 10 Mobile news recap: all about Lumia 550, 950,

Microsoft Display Dock will get software updates via Windows 10 Mobile

Along with the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft introduced an accessory known as the Display Dock, which give users the ability to connect a mouse, keyboard and a monitor so users...The post Microsoft Display Dock will get software updates via Windows 10 Mobile appeared first on WinBeta.

Keep your handsets charged with this beautiful new Microsoft Portable Power device

Microsoft unveils the Wireless Display Adapter, connect your Windows 8.1 or Android tablet to your H

Why Microsoft’s Cityman and Talkman devices are more than what they appear

For the past week or so, pockets of the internet have been a blaze about the recent surfacing of ‘official’ Microsoft renders for the upcoming flagship smartphones. From tech enthusiasts sounding off in comment sections...

Nokia Lumia Cyan firmware upgrade finally rolls out

Today, Microsoft announces that the highly-anticipated Nokia Lumia Cyan firmware upgrade, that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 in tow, is now finally rolling out across the globe for the existing Nokia-bRead more: http://www.itproportal.

What is Continuum for Windows 10?

In late 2012, during a team meeting, Microsoft touched on the initial idea of what Continuum should be. It wasn’t even called Continuum yet. How can Microsoft expand the basic functionality of a smartphone,...The post What is Continuum for Windows 10? appeared first on WinBeta.

The state of Windows 11. Don't miss OnPodcast this Sunday!

Video game subscription services roundup - which is the best in 2022?

Here's what's announced as coming to Microsoft 365 this week

The new Acer Swift Edge features Microsoft's new Pluton security processor

Turn off these security features to boost gaming performance in Windows 11, says Microsoft

Google's 'Made by Google' 2022 Pixel Event recap

How to download and install Visual Studio 2022 Preview on Windows 11 ARM-powered devices

Have a Windows 11 Arm64 device and want to install Visual Studio 2022 Preview? Follow this guide to learn how to get started.

Skype for Xbox One bumped to version 1.8, comes with improved photo viewing and improved snap mode

Skype for Xbox One has been updated to version 1.8, and brings several exciting new features on board. To begin with, the latest update comes with the photo viewing support on the Xbox One. Users will now be able to view photos sent in a group or one-on-one chat from mobile device.

Microsoft unveils the Lumia 730 and 735 "selfie phone", sports a 5MP front-facing camera

At the IFA tradeshow, Microsoft has just took the wraps off the Lumia 730 smartphone, the successor to the company’s last year affordable Lumia 720. The Lumia 730 comes with 5MP front facing camera, and is being touted as the "Selfie Phone".

Microsoft announces the Lumia 830, the first "affordable" flagship

Microsoft has announced a new addition to the Lumia family, known as the Lumia 830. This device is the first "mid-ranger" from the company with Windows Phone 8.1 on-board, and has been touted by Nokia as the first "affordable" flagship.The device looks an awful lot like the Lumia 930,



Far Cry 4 價格公佈 & 預訂開始,首批限量版送露營杯及遊戲內容

相信不少 Far Cry Fans 都熱切期待著下月推出的 Far Cry 4,於 Kyrat 大地上探索狩獵、協助派系鬥爭,及登上喜馬拉雅山。Ubisoft 近日宣佈港行將有首批限量版,附送 Far Cry 杯及各種遊戲內容。

Windows 10 Build 9901当中发现多款新图标

Windows 10测试版每个新版本泄露出来,都有好事者询问其中是否有新图标。Windows 10测试版过去几个版本都没有任何新图标,但是我们在Windows 10 Build 9901当中发现多款新图标。



一年已过 苹果 Beats 收购交易仍是未解之谜

去年苹果以 30 亿美元大手笔收购 Beats 时,行业对苹果的收购目的进行了大量分析。如今一年已经过去了,大家还在猜测,苹果的收购目的仍然是个谜。  

Lenovo Announces A $130 Windows PC In A Stick

If you’ve ever wanted to plug a Windows machine into your TV for a little hot and heavy Excel slinging, you’re in luck. Lenovo has just announced a $130 stick, the Ideacenter Stick 300, that connects to any display via HDMI.

Problems with Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview? Here's a solution

As an average Joe Lumia Icon owner, I waited for what seemed like forever just to get the Lumia Cyan update on Verizon. Instead, Verizon chose to bypass Lumia Cyan altogether and release Lumia Denim instead. Once I got Lumia Denim,

Anti-Science Trolls are Starting "Edit Wars" on Wikipedia

It’s no surprise that people tamper with Wikipedia entries on a regular basis, but it turns out that especially dedicated trolls have been sabotaging entries on politically controversial science topics like evolution and global warming.Read more...

[视频]三星继续调侃iPhones 6s之路

日前,三星紧跟iPhones 6s脚步发布了最新的"It's not a phone, it's a Galaxy"讽刺视频。在此前的广告中,三星已多次展示了苹果手机没有的无线充电和手机定制功能,现在,这家公司又带来了两项新的功能介绍。


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