Rocket Lab recovered the first stage from its failed May 15 launch, a silver lining for its reusabil

Rocket Lab may have experienced mission failure and total payload loss during the company’s 20th planned mission on May 15, but it wasn’t all bad news, the company said in an update Monday. Importantly,

How a plant virus could help stop cancers from reaching the lungs

Using a virus that grows in black-eyed pea plants, nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego developed a new treatment that could keep metastatic cancers at bay from the lungs.

New tech to prevent Li-ion battery fires

Materials scientists from Nanyang Technological University Singapore have found a way to prevent internal short-circuits, the main cause of fires in Li-ion batteries.Billions of Li-ion batteries are produced annually for use in mobile phones, laptops, personal mobile devices,

Here’s how you can upgrade to Windows 11 early

Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 11 on October 5.  However, the company has finalised the new version and released it to its Release Preview channel.You can switch to the Release Preview in Windows 10 and get the free Windows 11 upgrade early.

Upcoming PUBG game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5: report

The developers of the PUBG mobile survival gaming franchise are reportedly availing Unreal Engine 5 for its upcoming instalment.It is no secret that the sequel of the acclaimed is in development. The project rumoured to be titled PUBG 2,

How do you help someone with their leg bitten off by a shark?

How do you help someone with their leg bitten off by a shark? Groundbreaking research by an Australian medic-surfer has uncovered a simple way to stop bleeding and save lives.Find the middle point between the hip and the genitals, make a fist and push as hard as you can.

PM Imran Khan launches Digital Media Development Program

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Digital Media Development Program and said that information technology (IT) is a big opportunity for the youth, ARY News reported on Friday.PM Imran Khan,

Twitter will allow people to tip their favorite content creators with bitcoin

Twitter will now allow people to tip their favorite content creators with bitcoin and will also launch a fund to pay some users who host audio chat rooms on its Spaces feature, the company said on Thursday.The company also said it will test new ways to help users have a safer experience on Twitter,

With $21M in funding, Code Ocean aims to help researchers replicate data-heavy science

Every branch of science is increasingly reliant on big data sets and analysis, which means a growing confusion of formats and platforms — more than inconvenient, this can hinder the process of peer review and replication of research.

Canoo’s electric microbus will start under $35,000 when it comes to market next year

Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup Canoo is bringing its first vehicle to market next year. The company said Monday its electric microbus-slash-van will be available to buy in 2022 at a base price of $34,750 before tax incentives or add-ons.

The battle for voice recognition inside vehicles is heating up

Once a feature only for luxury vehicles, voice recognition has moved into the mainstream as manufacturers promise a seamless connection between vehicles, homes and personal devices.

Spotify Poaches Googler Alexander Kubaneishvili To Head Russia, Q3 Launch Planned

As Spotify creeps towards a reported IPO later this year, it is also carefully continuing to build out its international footprint, specifically targeting fast-growing, emerging markets. On that front,

创意众筹生产商Quirky正式推出智能家居开放平台Win Hub


Uber Cuts Prices in NYC, Claims It's Now Cheaper Than Taxis

With great funding comes great pricing powerUber announced Monday that it is cutting the price of UberX rides in New York City by 20% in an effort to undercut the city's yellow cabs.See also: 10 Startups to Watch in 2014"We just dropped uberX fares by 20%,

Here's a 4K time lapse of a spaceship burning up in the atmosphere

We saw the stunning crystal clear photo, so now here's a 4K time lapse of Orbital's Cygnus cargo ship burning up in a beautiful fiery streak as it re-enters our atmosphere. The footage was shot from the ISS by German astronaut Alexander Gerst.Read more...

24 Hours Later, Users Find Hacks for Facebook's Rooms

Facebook introduced its anonymous community app Rooms on Thursday. Now, just 24 hours later, the lead product manager on Rooms discovered that users have hacked it.He's delighted. Josh Miller, the Facebook product manager,

Tell Us About Your Cross-Platform Emoji Miscommunication

Half the time I send an emoticon I have no idea what the person on the other end is actually seeing. Which may seem pretty trivial, but is not entirely trivial! A lot of care goes into crafting a chat or text so as to relay tone and intention without body language. The emoji is real .

無葉風扇再進化:Dyson 推出 Pure Cool 空氣淨化風扇

Dyson 的家電產品向來有趣,其中的無葉風扇就是他們的經典作品之一。 最近他們就推出新款的無葉風扇,加入了空氣過濾功能,把風扇變成空氣清新機。繼續閱讀了解更多。

Uber 加入诺基亚 Here 争夺,开价压至八八折 | 爱范早读

1. Uber 加入诺基亚 Here 争夺,开价压至八八折。《纽约时报》援引消息人士的说法称,Uber 已经提出收购诺基亚 Here 地图业务,而价格最高达到 30 亿美元。报道称,德国汽车厂商宝马、奥迪和奔驰也将联合中国的百度提出收购。


据英国《每日邮报》8月25日报道,来自英国苏格兰安格斯郡雷德福德市的51岁渔夫吉姆•麦克唐纳(Jim McDonough)是一位疯狂的乐高迷,他用3年的时间在自家车库搭建起一架长24英尺(约7.3米)的美军“密苏里号”战舰的乐高模型。

Musical prodigy horse plays piano with his wiggly lips

Whoever said horses couldn't play instruments — well, they were probably right. But Sapphire the horse is an exception to the rule.Sapphire is a virtuoso when it comes to playing the piano. Just because he has no hands or fingers doesn't mean he can't play you a lovely sonata.

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