Ankorstore raises another $102 million for its wholesale marketplace

French startup Ankorstore has raised a $102 million Series B funding round (€84 million). Tiger Global and Bain Capital Ventures are leading today’s funding round with existing investors Index Ventures, GFC, Alven and Aglaé also participating.

Sedna banks $34M for a platform that parses large volumes of email and chat to automatically action

Many have tried to do away with it, but email refuses to die… although in the process it might be (figuratively speaking) killing some of us with the workload it brings on to triage and use it. A startup called Sedna has built a system to help with that — specifically for enterprise and other […]

Element, a messaging app built on the decentralized Matrix protocol, raises $30M

After Element acquired Gitter last year to bring in more users and features into its own decentralized, Matrix-based messaging app, the startup is announcing some funding to invest in its growth. Element has picked up $30 million in a Series B round of funding.

German startup Aleph Alpha raises $27M Series A round to build ‘Europe’s OpenAI’

With Microsoft now being an investor in OpenAI the field now more open for new insurgents into the open-source AI arena. Now a German company hopes to take on the next AI mantle and produce something akin to the success of the GPT-3 AI model.

Peppy, a B2B health platform for menopause, fertility, raises $10M Series A led by Felix Capital

When it comes to health issues like menopause, fertility, pregnancy, and even early parenthood, the data tells us that people typically turn to search engines and social media for advice to ask about symptoms or concerns they have. They tend not to go to a medical practitioner,

ActiveFence comes out of the shadows with $100M in funding and tech that detects online harm, now va

Online abuse, disinformation, fraud and other malicious content is growing and getting more complex to track. Today, a startup called ActiveFence, which has quietly built a tech platform to suss out threats as they are being formed and planned,

Moovit integrates Lime electric scooters, bikes, mopeds into transit planning app

As of next week, Lime's vehicles will be included as a travel option in tandem with public transit for either all or part of a multimodal journey on the Israeli app.

India’s ShareChat valued at $2.88 billion in $145 million fundraise

Indian social media platform ShareChat said on Tuesday it has raised an additional $145 million and is now valued at nearly $3 billion, less than three months after it secured $502 million at a valuation of $2.1 billion.

Rocket Lab recovered the first stage from its failed May 15 launch, a silver lining for its reusabil

Rocket Lab may have experienced mission failure and total payload loss during the company’s 20th planned mission on May 15, but it wasn’t all bad news, the company said in an update Monday. Importantly,

With $21M in funding, Code Ocean aims to help researchers replicate data-heavy science

Every branch of science is increasingly reliant on big data sets and analysis, which means a growing confusion of formats and platforms — more than inconvenient, this can hinder the process of peer review and replication of research.

Canoo’s electric microbus will start under $35,000 when it comes to market next year

Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup Canoo is bringing its first vehicle to market next year. The company said Monday its electric microbus-slash-van will be available to buy in 2022 at a base price of $34,750 before tax incentives or add-ons.

创始人都害怕的事情——GitHub联合创始人Tom Preston-Werner之妻回应歧视指控,兼谈创始人和公司那些事儿

今天,GitHub联合创始人Tom Preston-Werner离职了。而在上个月,GitHub软件设计师和开发者Julie Ann Horvath 辞职,并公开称GitHub 有歧视和侮辱女性的问题,Tom及其妻子也有不法行为,Tom因此遭遇了性别歧视调查。

Ask Slashdot: Books for a Comp Sci Graduate Student?

peetm (781139) writes "Having visited with me and my wife recently, the girlfriend of an ex-student of mine (now taking an M.Sc. in pure CS) asked me to suggest useful books for her boyfriend: '...He recently mentioned that he would love to have a home library, like the one you have,

boost库----share_from_this类的作用和实现原理 - D.Ritchie

使用boost库时,经常会看到如下的类class A:public enable_share_from_this在什么情况下要使类A继承enable_share_from_this?使用场合:当类A被share_ptr管理,且在类A的成员函数里需要把当前类对象作为参数传给其他函数时,就需要传递一个指.



前端技术Bootstrap的hello world - 虫师

一起来写个Bootstrap的hello wrold。

Fugazi: First Demo

Fugazi is my favorite band, so it's deeply saddening to me that the DC post-hardcore legends have been on hiatus for nearly a decade. They'll probably never make music again. But in the absence of new tunes to sink my teeth into, I'll settle for their demo, which was recorded 26 years ago.Read more.

苹果将在OS X 10.10.5系统中修复权限提升漏洞

最近苹果的OS X系统被爆出存在一项比较严重的安全漏洞,攻击者无需用户密码就能获得root级别的访问权限。最新消息称,这一漏洞将会在OS X 10.10.5的终版中得到修复。

實試 iOS 9 最新「adBlock」 網站廣告 ! 結果勁慳 87 % Data 流量 – Peace

其實作為 unwire 網站的員工,寫這個「教學」實在有點「倒老闆米」,不過我又明白到一般人在沒有無限 Data Plan 下,用太多流量接收廣告 banner 是件苦事。

Here's How Those Big Store Signs Are Made

Here’s how channel signs—basically those big signs that hang above stores and restaurants across the world—are made. The Science Channel gives us a sneak of the way things are done and it’s surprising that so much of it still requires the help of a human.

Do Not Call the Number in This Instagram Ad

Yesterday on my Instagram feed, nestled between an old college friend’s Belgian waffle breakfast and a post from a Japanese experimental artist,

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