Amount raises $99M at a $1B+ valuation to help banks better compete with fintechs

Amount, a company that provides technology to banks and financial institutions, has raised $99 million in a Series D funding round at a valuation of just over $1 billion. WestCap, a growth equity firm founded by ex-Airbnb and Blackstone CFO Laurence Tosi, led the round. Hanaco Ventures,

Ford acquires Electriphi as it prepares to woo EV fleet customers

Ford has two electric vehicles in the pipeline —  the E-Transit cargo van and F-150 Lighting Pro —aimed at commercial customers. Now, the automaker is rounding out its future EV commercial business with the acquisition of battery management and fleet monitoring software startup Electriphi.

Delivery service Gopuff acquires rideOS for $115 million-plus

On-demand goods, food and alcohol delivery service Gopuff has acquired fleet management platform rideOS for $115 million to $125 million, sources familiar with the deal say. This acquisition comes just a few months after the Philadelphia-based startup announced a $1.15 billion funding round at a $8.

Spotify acquires Podz, a podcast discovery app

Podcasts are all the rage, but podcast discovery is a challenge. Today, Spotify announced its acquisition of Podz, a startup that’s trying to solve the problem of podcast discovery. “At Spotify,

KeepTruckin raises $190 million to invest in AI products, double R&D team to 700

KeepTruckin, a hardware and software developer that helps trucking fleets manage vehicle, cargo and driver safety, has just raised $190 million in a Series E funding round, which puts the company’s valuation at $2 billion, according to CEO Shoaib Makani.  G2 Venture Partners,

Daily Crunch: Google’s first retail location opened today in NYC

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Canoo wants to connect owners to all of their vehicles — not just Canoo’s

Electric vehicle startup Canoo detailed some of the features that may be on its app on Thursday, foremost of which is a one-stop shop functionality that customers could use for their Canoo vehicles – and all their other cars, as well.

Mobile dialysis startup eyes human trials in 2022 following encouraging animal study

This past year, three sheep in Canada have been wearing their kidneys on their sleeves. Or more aptly, in jackets on their fluffy backs.  These three sheep are part of an ongoing animal study run by the Buffalo, New York-based startup Qidni Labs,

Volocopter debuts a bigger eVTOL aimed at the city-suburban commute

Germany electric aviation startup Volocopter revealed Monday a new electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft targeting the suburban-to-city commuter. The four-seater VoloConnect is designed to have a range of 62 miles, making it well-suited for trips between the suburbs and the city,

Industrial automation startup Bright Machines hauls in $435M by going public via SPAC

After the transaction is consummated, the startup will sport an anticipated equity valuation of $1.6 billion.

Ankorstore raises another $102 million for its wholesale marketplace

French startup Ankorstore has raised a $102 million Series B funding round (€84 million). Tiger Global and Bain Capital Ventures are leading today’s funding round with existing investors Index Ventures, GFC, Alven and Aglaé also participating.

绝对绝对伏特加(Absolut)针对俄罗斯市场特意推出了莫斯科限量版,此次请来了俄罗斯最为著名的时尚设计师Alena Akhmadullina为其量身定做包装设计,画面中充满了莫斯科当地具有历史性的和

绝对伏特加(Absolut)针对俄罗斯市场特意推出了莫斯科限量版,此次请来了俄罗斯最为著名的时尚设计师Alena Akhmadullina为其量身定做包装设计,画面中充满了莫斯科当地具有历史性的和现代的建筑以体现出当地的独特文化背景。


德国司法部长Heiko Maas接受采访时表示,Google需要在搜索排名算法上更透明。

金运激光股价4个月涨3倍 资本追逐3D打印生态圈

珠海2014年10月29日电 /美通社/ -- 金运激光(300220)的股价从今年4月底最低的每股16.79元一鼓作气触及9月初最高的每股53.30元,4个月涨幅高达3.17倍。

Microsoft Band – now that we have it, is it what we wanted?

We’ve been graced with the existence of Microsoft’s Band for 78 days, but after all the updates it has received and the updates around the corner, is it what we wanted from the start? Many Windows Phone fans began to drool over smart watch constructions such as Google’s Android Wear,

Android四大组件之BroadcastReceiver - 寒,风

1.BroadcastReceiver简介: BroadcastReceiver 广播接收器,这个组件本质上就是一种全局监听器,用于监听全局广播(Broadcast)消息,因此它可以非常方便的实现系统不同组件之间的通信。 BroadcastReceiver这个监听器与普通的onXxxListen.....

联想将在本届 CES 发布两款带 USB-C 接口的显示器

联想将在本次 CES 展上发布两款带 USB-C 接口的显示器 ThinkVision X24 Pro 和 ThinkVision X1,两款显示器都支持最新的 USB-C 接口,不仅可以替代 HDMI 视频接口,还支持 Power Delivery v2.0 特性,最高可提供 100W 的供电能力,基本满足普通笔记本 30-65W 的充电需求。 第一款是 ThinkVision X24 Pro,提供 1920x1080 的分辨率,超窄边框,带 mDP 视频接口,IPS 面板,带支持微软 ReaSense3D 功能的摄像头。


Marco Marsala于4月10日在serverfault论坛发帖请求帮助,他表示自己经营了一家托管服务公司,有1535位客户,使用Ansible配置和管理工具去管理服务器。4月9日晚上,他不小心在所有服务器上执行了一个Bash脚本,因为代码存在bug他的rm -rf命令删除了所有服务器文件,包括刚刚挂载的远程存储里的备份文件。他询问他还有救吗?rm -rf是一个非常著名的命令,不时会传出有人用该命令不小心清空数据的消息,但恐怕没有人能像这位那样用该命令事实上删除了整个公司。只要不重新写入数据,rm -rf删除的数据是仍然能恢复的。

Nubia Z11 mini 登场:小尺寸开道

不知道是不是受了最近小屏手机热潮的影响,Nubia 新一代的 Z11 系列,这次也选择了以最小的 mini 机种率先开道。就外观来说,这次厂方延续了上一款产品布拉格 S 双面 2.5D 玻璃的设计,不过同时也在背面加上了圆形指纹辨识区。而中框的材质也依然是金属,有点 iPhone 即视感,正面屏幕下方则是标志性的小红圈 Home 键,基本配色有黑、白、金三色。...

一遞手就自動出cream!依莉詩實試 NU Skin ageLOC Me 面部護理智能護膚機(下)

上次我依莉詩就介紹過 NU Skin 呢部智能護膚機 ageLOC Me 非常之咁方便好用,只要將隻手放係部機喺下面,就識得自己擠出嚟,不過始終跟機果 Set 都未必咁啱自己用,不過好在佢哋仲有埋 App,只要跟自己嘅皮膚狀況揀幾揀,就可以即時配搭到一套完全啱自己用嘅配方,一於試吓用佢套 App,訂返套啱自己用嘅先得!The post 一遞手就自動出cream!依莉詩實試 NU Skin ageLOC Me 面部護理智能護膚機(下) appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


搭建高效商照采购平台 上海2016年7月25日电 /美通社/ --  由中国照明电器协会和上海博华国际展览有限公司联合主办的上海国际商业及工程照明展,将于2017年4月26-28日在上海浦东新国际博览中心举办。作为上海酒店工程及商业空间系列展旗下的主题展会之一,照明展旨在推广商业空间照明领域新技术、新产品及新理念,搭建商业及酒店照明领域信息交流、商贸合作的桥梁,为更多照明企业拓展工程项目商机。

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