Why the first big U.S. ocean wind farm is a big deal

Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate. The U.S. is getting its first major offshore wind farm. And it's a big deal.The Biden administration recently gave the green light for the company, Vineyard Wind,

Why Pride organizers are banning cops

Mashable is celebrating Pride Month by exploring the modern LGBTQ world, from the people who make up the community to the spaces where they congregate, both online and off.LGBTQ communities across the country are grappling with a burning question: Do police belong at Pride?

How to add an admin to a Facebook page

Do you run a Facebook page for a brand? Maybe you run a personal page for you and some friends? Or perhaps you run a public Ariana Grande fan club page? (Or, you know, a page for one of your own personal interests.)Running a Facebook page on your own can be difficult. Thankfully,

How to change your Gmail password

Be honest: Did you really forget your Gmail password? Or are you just making excuses to avoid checking your email?We get it! The emails are coming, and they don't stop coming. You're always just one password memory slip away from internal peace.

Save big on a Sam's Club membership — and get some freebies

TL;DR: As of June 20, get a year-long membership to Sam's Club for only $20. Plus, score a free rotisserie chicken and a pack of cupcakes.Memberships to shopper's clubs like Sam's Club can not only help you stock your home, but also help you save money in the long run. For a limited time,

Get 5 years of AdGuard VPN access for under $40

TL;DR: Browse the internet securely with an AdGuard VPN. As of June 20, get a five-year subscription for only $39.99 — an 88% discount. Shopping for a VPN can be tough, but it helps if there are 25 million users already loving and reviewing the platform you're considering — like with AdGuard VPN.

This smart eye mask might be your solution to snoring

TL;DR: Help solve your snoring problem with the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask, on sale for 40% off. As of June 20, get one for $58.95.You might not think twice when your partner nudges you to stop snoring in the middle of the night. But while you’re busy catching some Zs,

9 course bundles on sale for just $20 this weekend

Whether you're looking to get CPA certified, brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills, or start a side hustle, there's a course bundle for that.For a limited time, these nine training and investment learning bundles are all on sale. And you won't find them on Amazon this Prime Day, BTW.

Amazon gives workers new wellness program, but not extra time to participate

Amazon wants warehouse workers to take action to improve their health — but they won’t get extra time to do it.On Monday, Amazon announced wellness initiatives aimed at operations employees, with a focus on health education, mindfulness, and stretching.

You can get iPhone notifications in your Oculus Quest headset now

VR is futuristic, cool, and just plain fun, but it leaves you blind to the environment around you. The latest Oculus Quest software update just made that way less of a problem for iOS users.In the latest roundup of new Oculus features on the company blog,

New support groups for farmworkers aim to heal widespread trauma

A migrant farmworker living in the U.S. might endure multiple types of trauma and stress throughout their life. Common workplace experiences include sexual violence and harassment, exposure to pesticides, low pay and limited workplace protections,

魅族高管加盟乐视 乐视手机业务浮出水面


浪潮举办2014企业管理软件合作伙伴大会 打造国产软件产业链

济南2014年6月18日电 /美通社/ -- 6月18日,浪潮在山东济南盛大开启“共筑﹒浪潮梦”2014年企业管理软件全国合作伙伴大会,公布2014年公司业务规划和最新合作伙伴政策。

Thrift 个人实战--Thrift RPC服务框架日志的优化 - mumuxinfei

前言: Thrift作为Facebook开源的RPC框架, 通过IDL中间语言, 并借助代码生成引擎生成各种主流语言的rpc框架服务端/客户端代码. 不过Thrift的实现, 简单使用离实际生产环境还是有一定距离, 本系列将对Thrift作代码解读和框架扩充,

状态压缩DP----HDU2809 - 沐曦枫,梦莲




All the coolest and most WTF looks on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet

The Teen Choice Awards red carpet is the place to be if you're a YouTube comedy group wearing matching tuxedo bodysuits. Well, actually,

John Oliver made a realistic daily fantasy sports ad, and it's perfect

The debate over daily fantasy sports is getting heated enough to prompt people to demonstrate in the streets of New York City. With daily fantasy's future very much in jeopardy, the volume and rhetoric are louder than ever. It's also harder than ever to separate fact from noise pollutionLuckily,

LOL深海泰坦诺提勒斯2月18日解禁公告 深海泰坦解锁时间

LOL深海泰坦诺提勒斯2月18日解禁公告 深海泰坦解锁时间。2月4日由于深海泰坦诺提勒斯内存在严重影响游戏平衡性缺陷(已于2月18日本版更新后修复,现已解禁)而导致深海泰坦诺提勒斯被禁用,在此,我们向全体玩家表示 ... ...

Celebrate Aliens’ 30th anniversary with these special pinball tables on Xbox One and Windows 10

Zen Studios has just released a trio of pinball tables based on the Alien and Predator movie franchises for their Pinball FX2 game on Xbox One and Windows 10. The collaboration with FOX Digital...

苹果支付Apple Pay上市这么久了 细数给用户的惊喜与尴尬!

【手机中国软件】今年的WWDC大会上,苹果介绍了旗下支付业务ApplePay的近况以及未来发展方向,未来几个月Apple Pay将在中国香港、法国、瑞士上线,如果加上之前已上线的国家地区,Apple Pay在上线两年之后总计登录9 ... ...

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