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SAVE 81%: A two-year subscription to Surfshark is on sale for £1.77 per month as of May 18, saving you 81% on list price.There are a lot of established names in the VPN game, and you've probably come across the likes of ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These top VPNs have been around for a while now,

How to change your Gmail password

Be honest: Did you really forget your Gmail password? Or are you just making excuses to avoid checking your email?We get it! The emails are coming, and they don't stop coming. You're always just one password memory slip away from internal peace.

Save big on a Sam's Club membership — and get some freebies

TL;DR: As of June 20, get a year-long membership to Sam's Club for only $20. Plus, score a free rotisserie chicken and a pack of cupcakes.Memberships to shopper's clubs like Sam's Club can not only help you stock your home, but also help you save money in the long run. For a limited time,

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TL;DR: Browse the internet securely with an AdGuard VPN. As of June 20, get a five-year subscription for only $39.99 — an 88% discount. Shopping for a VPN can be tough, but it helps if there are 25 million users already loving and reviewing the platform you're considering — like with AdGuard VPN.

This smart eye mask might be your solution to snoring

TL;DR: Help solve your snoring problem with the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask, on sale for 40% off. As of June 20, get one for $58.95.You might not think twice when your partner nudges you to stop snoring in the middle of the night. But while you’re busy catching some Zs,

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Whether you're looking to get CPA certified, brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills, or start a side hustle, there's a course bundle for that.For a limited time, these nine training and investment learning bundles are all on sale. And you won't find them on Amazon this Prime Day, BTW.

8 tech deals this weekend: Speakers, monitors, and more

The biggest online sale of the year is coming, but here's a little secret: It's not the only sale that will grant you exciting tech deals. If you're looking to upgrade your gear, take your pick from these options. From Bluetooth speakers to portable monitors,

All the best Prime Day headphone and speaker deals for shoppers in the UK

Deal of the day: Until midnight on June 22, Prime members can get three months of Audible for under £1. It's here. It's finally herePrime Day has arrived with literally millions of deals to consider. This year's shopping event begins on June 21 and will run for a full 48 hours.

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SAVE 85%: A three-year subscription to ZenMate VPN is on sale for £1.44 per month as of May 18, saving you 85% on list price.Another day, another deal on a VPN. We know what you're thinking: aren't we bored of deals on VPNs at this point? Absolutely not.

Secure your connection and bypass online restrictions with the best free VPNs

How can you best protect your identity and data when online? The simple answer is with a virtual private network, or VPN. That's the easy part covered, but how do you select a VPN that works for you? We know the decision process can be tough, so we've tried to help you out.

Why the first big U.S. ocean wind farm is a big deal

Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate. The U.S. is getting its first major offshore wind farm. And it's a big deal.The Biden administration recently gave the green light for the company, Vineyard Wind,



8点1氪晚间版:奇幻漂流:你的 pivot 小岛在哪里?

编者注:本文存在大量剧透,慎入!!友情提示:对于那些觉得《少年派的奇幻漂流》就是一部唯美的海上冒险剧的同学,建议先看完此影评,再接着往下看。How far can u go, to survive?


研究结论1.健康和运动追踪应用的活跃度高于手机应用整体平均值,女性用户和非年轻人用户比例惊人;2.运动数据追踪尚未成为主流用户的刚需,三分之一用户会在六个月内放弃使用;3.尽管离大规模成功很远,但健康和 ... ...




iPad、iMac、iPod Touch、MacBook Air、Apple TV、OS X……几乎所有你能想到的苹果产品都有可能在这个日期更新:北京时间 2014 年 10 月 17 日凌晨 1 点(就是今天深夜啦)。漫天飞雪怎么说,36 氪带你看!Tips:

丰田混合动力技术终获硕果 将可能斩获今年WEC冠军

据外媒报道,日前,丰田赛车在2014年国际汽联世界耐力锦标赛(以下简称WEC)巴林站获得胜利。此次替丰田出征的则是由Anthony Davidson和Sébastien Buemi组成的8号赛车驾驶队伍。

IBM Buying Merge Healthcare For $1B To Bring Medical Image Analysis To Watson Health

IBM announced a huge deal today, agreeing to pay a billion dollars for Merge Healthcare, a medical imaging company it plans to fold into the Watson Health unit. Merge’s technology is in use in 7500 healthcare facilities in the US, according to information supplied by IBM.



【有片睇】《Pokemon GO》史上最強道館無法攻陷!館主竟然是一隻「蛋」

有玩開《Pokemon GO》的人,相信都應該知道精靈蛋除要透過步行累積里數,然後再孵化出各種小精靈外,基本上就沒有其他用途。不過最近就有人發現精靈蛋可能出現一個漏洞,皆因它竟然會被當成是一隻小精靈,而且更能被設置在道館之內,並令到其他玩家無法進行戰鬥踢館。以下有更多資料:The post 【有片睇】《Pokemon GO》史上最強道館無法攻陷!館主竟然是一隻「蛋」 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

「Agent Penny與Will Power」系列2016/17 將小學校園打造成「智財校園」

讓理財教育滲透至學校每個角落 香港--(美國商業資訊)--花旗集團及保良局攜手舉辦的「Agent Penny與Will Power」系列,於2016/17學年再度展開,首次將小學校園打造成「智財校園」,讓理財概念全方位滲入學校,以不同方式向小學生灌輸理財知識。 要向學生推廣正面的理財觀念,除了從課堂方面著手灌輸知識外,鼓勵學生多思考、多應用的互動教學方式亦十分有效,而當中學校的角色及參與影響深遠。根據上屆計劃的報告顯示1,受訪老師組別表示自身有能力教授理財知識的百分比,由活動前的接近三成增加至活動後的超過八成,顯示老師對理財教育技巧有熱切的需求,以及活動有助提升老師教授理財的能力。

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