Microsoft plans to launch dedicated Xbox cloud gaming hardware

Microsoft will soon launch a dedicated device for game streaming, the company announced today.

Top 10 most popular WinBeta stories of 2015

Whew. What a year. Covering Microsoft in 2015 was a daunting task full of twists and turns and often the completely unexpected. We’re glad you stuck with us, and we look forward to bringing...The post Top 10 most popular WinBeta stories of 2015 appeared first on WinBeta.

This Week in Apps: Spotify debuts a Clubhouse rival, Facebook tests Audio Rooms in US, Amazon cuts A

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020.

Investors say Eindhoven poised to become Netherlands’ No. 2 tech hub

Our survey respondents said Eindhoven might not immediately spring to mind as a high-tech hub, but the Netherlands city is keen to position itself as a center for deep tech in Europe.

Daily Crunch: Spotify and Ford make acquisitions

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Extra Crunch roundup: influencer marketing 101, spotting future unicorns, Apple AirTags teardown

We're off today to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday in the United States. I hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend.

Perspectives on tackling Big Tech’s market power

The need for markets-focused competition watchdogs and consumer-centric privacy regulators to think outside their respective ‘legal silos’ and find creative ways to work together to tackle the challenge of big tech market power was the impetus for a couple of fascinating panel discussions organized by the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR),

Mediflash is a freelancer marketplace for health professionals

Meet Mediflash, a new French startup that wants to improve temp staffing in healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, clinics and mental health facilities. The company positions itself as an alternative to traditional temp staffing agencies.

Owning the paycheck is the key to fintech success

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week, Natasha and Danny, otherwise known as your two new favorite Book influencers (inside joke, you’ll get if you listen to the show),

Can payday loans be made obsolete? With $15M more, Clair wants to find out

The world seems to move faster every year, and yet, nothing feels slower than the speed by which paychecks get distributed. In the United States, work conducted the day after a pay period will take two weeks just to process, with a check or direct deposit coming another week or two later.

Payments giant Stripe launches Stripe Tax to integrate sales tax calculations for 30+ countries

On the heels of acquiring sales tax specialist TaxJar in April, today Stripe is making another big move in the area of tax. The $95 billion payments behemoth is launching a new product called Stripe Tax, which will provide automatic, updated sales tax calculations (covering sales tax, VAT,

New South African partnership gets $3M, launches telehealth product

For the early detection and treatment of health conditions, easy access to primary healthcare is crucial. Primary healthcare is best delivered by teams of primary care clinicians coordinating care between them. However, ubiquitous access to such care is scant across Sub-Saharan Africa.

XMPP Operators Begin Requiring Encryption, Google Still Not Allowing TLS

Via El Reg comes news that major XMPP (formerly known as Jabber, likely the only widely used distributed instant messaging protocol other than IRC) operators have all begun requiring encryption for client-to-server and server-to-server connections. Quoting the Prosidy developers:

【2014 IT价值峰会】腾讯云陈磊:解读腾讯海量产品之道


7 萬蚊入會 2 萬蚊年費 富貴版 Facebook 你玩得起嗎?

你和我都有用 Facebook 吧!如果你是有錢人,不想再在 Timeline 見到 MK 仔,又或者為了幾千元排隊撳掣炒 iPhone 的內容,就要改用專為有錢人而設的社交網站 Netropolitan 了。





苹果公司下调澳大利亚App Store售价


Trailer for final 'Downton Abbey' season will give you all the feels

Break out the hankies: The trailer for the last-ever season of Downton Abbey is here, and its going to make your heart acheAt only 30 seconds, there aren't too many spoilers here. But — we hope you're sitting down for this — there is a shot of Lady Mary in a wedding veil.

AT&T起诉路易斯维尔市政府超出权限 允许谷歌使用电线杆

据外媒报道,美国电信运营商AT&T今天正式起诉路易斯维尔市及肯塔基州杰斐逊县政府,试图阻止这两地政府允许Google Fiber使用该公司的电线杆接入光纤。AT&T认为,美国联邦通信委员会规定电线杆只能由大型的电话公司或者当地电力公司控制,如果其他公司需要使用电线杆,需要得到电线杆拥有者的允许。

选大学要以职业为导向,学业规划平台 Schoold 获 450 万美元种子轮融资

据国外教育类科技媒体 edsurge 消息,美国学业和职业规划平台 Schoold 近日宣布获得 450 万美元种子轮融资,此轮融资由创投加速器 FastForward 和个人投资者完成。 据 Schoold 的创始人兼 CEO Sourabh Ahuja 表示,此轮融资资金将用于产品研发和人员扩充方面,尤其是产品后端和市场团队的人员招聘。Schoold 同时发布了新闻,称全球 “教育+科技” 类的初创公司正持续受到热捧,根据 CBIsights 的数据,从 2010 年到 2014 年,这类型公司的投资比例增长 503%。

KVO中你所不知道的"坑" - 愤怒的芒果丶

一、什么是 KVO 首先让我们了解一下什么KVO,全称为Key-Value Observing,是iOS中的一种设计模式,用于检测对象的某些属性的实时变化情况并作出响应。键值观察Key-Value-Observer就是观察者模式。 观察者模式的定义:一个目标对象管理所有依赖于它的观察者对象,并在它自

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