Shop a sitewide sale at 1-800-Flowers for dads, grads, or just because

Save 20%: Shop 1-800-Flowers' sitewide sale and score 20% off with code SUNSET20.Flowers might be stereotypically thought of as gifts for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, but they're great for dads and grads as wellFather's Day is June 20 and high school graduation season is in full swing,

How to change your Gmail password

Be honest: Did you really forget your Gmail password? Or are you just making excuses to avoid checking your email?We get it! The emails are coming, and they don't stop coming. You're always just one password memory slip away from internal peace.

Save big on a Sam's Club membership — and get some freebies

TL;DR: As of June 20, get a year-long membership to Sam's Club for only $20. Plus, score a free rotisserie chicken and a pack of cupcakes.Memberships to shopper's clubs like Sam's Club can not only help you stock your home, but also help you save money in the long run. For a limited time,

Get 5 years of AdGuard VPN access for under $40

TL;DR: Browse the internet securely with an AdGuard VPN. As of June 20, get a five-year subscription for only $39.99 — an 88% discount. Shopping for a VPN can be tough, but it helps if there are 25 million users already loving and reviewing the platform you're considering — like with AdGuard VPN.

This smart eye mask might be your solution to snoring

TL;DR: Help solve your snoring problem with the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask, on sale for 40% off. As of June 20, get one for $58.95.You might not think twice when your partner nudges you to stop snoring in the middle of the night. But while you’re busy catching some Zs,

9 course bundles on sale for just $20 this weekend

Whether you're looking to get CPA certified, brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills, or start a side hustle, there's a course bundle for that.For a limited time, these nine training and investment learning bundles are all on sale. And you won't find them on Amazon this Prime Day, BTW.

8 tech deals this weekend: Speakers, monitors, and more

The biggest online sale of the year is coming, but here's a little secret: It's not the only sale that will grant you exciting tech deals. If you're looking to upgrade your gear, take your pick from these options. From Bluetooth speakers to portable monitors,

All the best Prime Day headphone and speaker deals for shoppers in the UK

Deal of the day: Until midnight on June 22, Prime members can get three months of Audible for under £1. It's here. It's finally herePrime Day has arrived with literally millions of deals to consider. This year's shopping event begins on June 21 and will run for a full 48 hours.

Samantha Bee shines a light on anti-LGBTQ laws targeting sex ed in Arizona

Back in 2019, Arizona appealed an old, horrendously homophobic law that forbid teachers from promoting a "homosexual lifestyle" in schools. It might sound familiar to a similar law in the UK,

Stephen Colbert made the perfect cicada joke after Joe Biden's flying encounter

When one of the many, many cicadas swarming in the U.S. lately has the audacity to land on the president, there are many jokes to be made — and only once every 17 years.Enviably, The Late Show's Stephen Colbert made the perfect one on Wednesday,

Trevor Noah made a strong point about the cicada that 'got' Joe Biden

Cicadas are seemingly everywhere in the U.S.,with the Brood X bringing their signature sound to parts of the country en masse. Even President Joe Biden met one up close on Wednesday, swatting a cicada who apparently decided to try being a decorative brooch on the president's neck. 


【编者按】本文的作者是于欣烈,转载于个人公众账号“叭叭呜”(ID:babavu)。 昨晚相信不少人都被苹果的 CarPlay 刷屏了。在这里我就不再讲解一遍CarPlay的具体功能了。还不太了解的同学很容易就可以在网上搜到。



苏宁联想回应央视报道:产品合格 从未删过差评


First look at Office 2016 Touch for Windows 10 -- Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (video)

Office 2016 for touch is still somewhat of a mystery among Microsoft fans eagerly waiting for the company to release a touch-friendly version of the popular Office productivity suite. We've seen a number of builds from the desktop side of Office 2016 leak,

There's Finally an Official Star Wars App To Feed Your Obsession 24/7

There’s no shortage of Star Wars-related games on the iTunes and Google Play stores, but today finally sees the launch of the first official Star Wars app that will now serve as your one-stop portal for everything from news, to trivia, to even sound effects.


在热带的沙滩上,棕榈树下是天然的休憩场所。不过现代人对旅游度假的追求可能是另外一种:有 WiFi、能玩手机、可以充电。

【創業 107】抽水就係內容行銷?唔係咁簡單! – Content Marketing 速成講座

有見最近有唔少 Marketing Campaign 都用左「抽水」呢一招來谷人氣, 究竟做內容係咪一味抽到乾塘就上到位呢?The post 【創業 107】抽水就係內容行銷?唔係咁簡單! – Content Marketing 速成講座 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

单身狗买太多了,分“手”!| 一周范评

单身狗也是狗,大家一定要轻虐。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

Facebook:2015年全球互联网接入报告 全球上网人口达到32亿人



苏州2016年4月1日电 /美通社/ -- 与非网旗下的摩尔吧孵化器于3月31日联合苏州各大相关电子企业成功举办了“首届苏州电子行业人才招聘会”。十余家国内外知名的研发和制造类电子企业以及上百位求职者参与了此次小型招聘会。 招聘会正式开始之前,与非网&摩尔吧创始人苏公雨先生做了精彩的开场白,同为技术出身的他一语击中了当前应届工科毕业生以及硬件工程师的尴尬现状,即应届毕业生进入职场后往往要花几个月才能真正开始做项目,而用人单位则需要花大量的人力财力去培养这些新人。

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