Cryptomining attacks are targeting Kubernetes, Microsoft warns

Compromised clusters are being used to mine Monero and Ether cryptocurrencies.

Demand for programming talent is through the roof

Post-pandemic recovery has triggered a spike in the demand for dev talent.

Many businesses abandoned failed technology projects during pandemic

An acute lack of skills has surfaced during the pandemic.

Kubernetes complexity slowing adoption of containers

A steep learning curve and unfamiliar terminology are hindering growth.

Millennials fear remote working has inhibited career progression

Many don't think their employer is investing enough in training and development.

Making agile work for your team: Starter tips

How Agile adoption might benefit your business efficiency and how to make it work in actions.

Ten reasons why the public cloud is right for you

Ten reasons why organizations should consider public cloud over private and in-house solutions.

Practicing what you preach: Data centricity and democratization

AI and Human Intelligence are not counterpoints to one another, rather they are symbiotic in nature and businesses must understand this to succeed.

Ransomware attackers going after billion-dollar targets

Ransomware operators are more interested in high-value targets than casting a wide net.

Video could be the future of customer service calls

Customers want to video call support, as they are often unable to demonstrate their problems via phone.

Cyberattacks of all sizes surged in Q1 2021

In the first three months of the year, researchers tracked a steady rise in cyberattacks.




背景知识请戳这里 各种征收方式与以票控税一个“很容易多开发票”的纳税人基本有以下原因:首先有大量的消费者不要求开发票,这就导致了该酒店有很多不开票收入。酒店给你额外开发票,就是把别人没要的发票给你了。

That Moment the U.S. Stopped Everything to Watch the Germany Match

June 26 was officially an unofficial federal holiday for Team USA fans.On Thursday, Team USA faced off against Germany in the last match of Group G in the World Cup, a tense match that determined the U.S. Men's National Team's (USMNT) fate in the rest of the tournament.

Amazon DynamoDB在游戏开发中的应用

Amazon DynamoDB正迅速成为世界上发展势头最强劲的游戏数据库。





Javascript中递归造成的堆栈溢出及解决方案 - Benjamin-zuo



2014年,Google Ventures的资金有超过1/3投进了医疗健康与生命科学领域,而2013年这个领域在Google Ventures的占比还仅为9%。动脉网将过去3年Google Ventures投资各领域占比数据整理如下图。

The Message Is The Product: Solving Mobile Gaming’s Price Problem

The medium is the message, says Marshall McLuhan. If so the message is the product too. In considering the problem of paid games on mobile (conventional wisdom says people won’t pay for them) it seems more than ever that that reasoning applies. Mobile game makers don’t market premium,

Edward:「個樣嘛…咁熟口熟面嘅?」ZTE Blade S6 速測

作為中國品牌 Top 3 之一的中興亦不甘人後,今日在香港發佈最新,只售 $1,999 的高性價比手機 Blade S6。規格上確實見得下人,而且手感都算 OK,不過大家會唔會覺得:「咁熟口熟面嘅?」The post Edward:「個樣嘛…咁熟口熟面嘅?

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