New York Senate passes bill that could force Apple to loosen its grip on device repairs

The New York State Senate just delivered a chink to Apple's armor.On Thursday, the New York legislative body passed the Digital Fair Repair Act.

Why Pride organizers are banning cops

Mashable is celebrating Pride Month by exploring the modern LGBTQ world, from the people who make up the community to the spaces where they congregate, both online and off.LGBTQ communities across the country are grappling with a burning question: Do police belong at Pride?

How to add an admin to a Facebook page

Do you run a Facebook page for a brand? Maybe you run a personal page for you and some friends? Or perhaps you run a public Ariana Grande fan club page? (Or, you know, a page for one of your own personal interests.)Running a Facebook page on your own can be difficult. Thankfully,

How to change your Gmail password

Be honest: Did you really forget your Gmail password? Or are you just making excuses to avoid checking your email?We get it! The emails are coming, and they don't stop coming. You're always just one password memory slip away from internal peace.

Save big on a Sam's Club membership — and get some freebies

TL;DR: As of June 20, get a year-long membership to Sam's Club for only $20. Plus, score a free rotisserie chicken and a pack of cupcakes.Memberships to shopper's clubs like Sam's Club can not only help you stock your home, but also help you save money in the long run. For a limited time,

Get 5 years of AdGuard VPN access for under $40

TL;DR: Browse the internet securely with an AdGuard VPN. As of June 20, get a five-year subscription for only $39.99 — an 88% discount. Shopping for a VPN can be tough, but it helps if there are 25 million users already loving and reviewing the platform you're considering — like with AdGuard VPN.

This smart eye mask might be your solution to snoring

TL;DR: Help solve your snoring problem with the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask, on sale for 40% off. As of June 20, get one for $58.95.You might not think twice when your partner nudges you to stop snoring in the middle of the night. But while you’re busy catching some Zs,

9 course bundles on sale for just $20 this weekend

Whether you're looking to get CPA certified, brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills, or start a side hustle, there's a course bundle for that.For a limited time, these nine training and investment learning bundles are all on sale. And you won't find them on Amazon this Prime Day, BTW.

Hail Hydrow! Why the 'Peloton of rowing' is a surprise hit

The most significant weight loss of my life was thanks in part to a rowing machine. Back in 2001, dismayed by the pounds I'd piled on since moving to San Francisco — city of amazing food — I splurged on a $1,200 cherry wood WaterRower. This was long before its starring role in House of Cards,

Ethan Klein speaks out on Trisha Paytas' 'Frenemies' departure, Paytas responds

Ethan Klein spoke out about the end of the Frenemies podcast that he co-hosted with YouTuber Trisha Paytas, who announced their departure on Tuesday. Klein, who also hosts H3 Podcast and H3 After Dark with his wife Hila,

LG's 32-inch Ultragear QHD gaming monitor on sale ahead of Prime Day

Save $103.99: The LG 32GN650-B 32-inch Ultragear QHD gaming monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate is down to just $296 at Amazon as of June 10.Not every gamer buys into the hype of the new consoles. Plenty of them prefer the wide range of options available with an investment in a premium gaming laptop.

荷蘭公路測試新技術 路面夜晚會發光

荷蘭 Oss 地區附近公路一段 500 米路段,成為首段使用夜光油漆照明的公路。夜光油漆在日照時吸收陽光,就可以在晚間照明最多 8 小時,為駕駛者提供較清晰安全的路面狀況。閱讀全文



危机公关 Mozilla为泄露开发者信息诚挚道歉



阿里巴巴上市的时间终于敲定了。 纽约证券交易所(NYSE)官方网站显示,阿里巴巴将于美国时间9月19日在纽交所 […]

Uber选拔专车司机:五年以上驾驶经验 两小时视频培训



你们发现没,餐车、小推车这种东西很实用啊。国外很多人都会把它用作bar cart 小推车的优点:1.个头小但能装,适合小户型/租房的同学;2.移动方便,不用局限在某一个地方,对屋子有新想法的时候可以随意推动换位置;3.



Apple Pencil: Hands-On With Apple’s Stylus For The iPad Pro

After talking a good amount of smack over the years about styluses, today Apple revealed the Apple Pencil, an input device that allows iPad Pro users insanely pixel-precise input with almost no latency. The device is able to sense both pressure and tilt,


iOS 设备的安全一直为业界所重视,日前企业安全领域领导者 Palo Alto Networks 撰文分析了最近几个月所发现的新木马“TinyV”。在今年的 10 月份,Palo Alto 发现了一个恶意的负载文件瞄准了 iOS 的越狱设备,经过调查后发现,Palo Alto 认为该文件属于一个名为“TinyV”的新型 iOS 木马家族。在 12 月,有中国用户指出他们的设备受到了这个恶意软件的影响。

全新12寸 Retina MacBook 性能比去年提升5-18%

已经有很多顾客收到了全新12寸 Retina MacBook,与此同时更多的跑分结果也被上传至了 Geekbench。根据结果统计,搭载 Skylake 处理器的12寸 MacBook 与去年搭载 Broadwell 处理器的 MacBook 性能提升在5%-18%之间。性能的差异是根据处理器的不同而不同,用户可以选择低配1.1GHz、1.2GHz 和1.3GHz 三种配置。

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