Google won’t end support for tracking cookies unless UK’s competition watchdog agrees

Well this is big. The UK’s competition regulator looks set to get an emergency brake that will allow it to stop Google ending support for third party cookies, a technology that’s currently used for targeting online ads, if it believes competition would be harmed by the depreciation going ahead.

Daily Crunch: Spotify and Ford make acquisitions

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Extra Crunch roundup: influencer marketing 101, spotting future unicorns, Apple AirTags teardown

We're off today to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday in the United States. I hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend.

Perspectives on tackling Big Tech’s market power

The need for markets-focused competition watchdogs and consumer-centric privacy regulators to think outside their respective ‘legal silos’ and find creative ways to work together to tackle the challenge of big tech market power was the impetus for a couple of fascinating panel discussions organized by the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR),

Mediflash is a freelancer marketplace for health professionals

Meet Mediflash, a new French startup that wants to improve temp staffing in healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, clinics and mental health facilities. The company positions itself as an alternative to traditional temp staffing agencies.

Owning the paycheck is the key to fintech success

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week, Natasha and Danny, otherwise known as your two new favorite Book influencers (inside joke, you’ll get if you listen to the show),

Tiger Global in talks to back BharatPe at $2.5 billion valuation

Indian fintech startup BharatPe is in advanced stages of talks to raise about $250 million in a new financing round led by Tiger Global, two sources familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. The new round, a Series E,

UK’s ICO warns over ‘big data’ surveillance threat of live facial recognition in public

The UK’s chief data protection regulator has warned over reckless and inappropriate use of live facial recognition (LFR) in public places.

Temasek and General Atlantic in talks to back Indian neobank Open

Bangalore-based neobank Open is in advanced stages of talks to raise about $100 million, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Temasek, the Singaporean government’s sovereign wealth fund, and General Atlantic are positioning to co-lead the Series C financing round,

Fresha raises $100M for its beauty and wellness booking platform and marketplace

Beauty and wellness businesses have come roaring back to life with the decline of Covid-19 restrictions, and a startup that’s built a platform that caters to the many needs of small enterprises in the industry today is announcing a big round of funding to grow with them.

Tiger Global in talks to invest in Classplus at over $250 million valuation

Tiger Global is in talks to lead a $30 million round in Indian edtech startup Classplus, according to sources familiar with the matter. The new round, which includes both primary investment and secondary transactions, values the five-year-old Indian startup at over $250 million,

iPhone 6今年产能1.2亿部 富士康月底出货

8月18日,据台湾媒体报道,苹果iPhone 6发布进入倒计时,其主要代工厂富士康位于郑州、深圳、太原等厂区正在进展加工出货。

HTC官方称WP8.1更新版下月登陆HTC 8X

威智网 9 月 12 日消息,根据外媒 phonearena 报道称,HTC 今天在官方推特上发布消息称,Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 更新将在下个月末正式向 HTC 8X 机型推送,不过具体时间目前尚未公布。  微软在上个月推送了 Windows Phone 8.

Mozilla CTO指责Android和iOS平台不够开放透明


马云现身双11现场 透露谋划支付宝A股上市


决策者需了解的精辟知识:EPIA在Intersolar Europe上提供光伏市场的当前数据

德国慕尼黑--(美国商业资讯)--光伏产业正在全世界范围内蓬勃兴起。欧洲光伏产业协会(EPIA)将在今年的慕尼黑国际光伏太阳能技术贸易展览会(Intersolar Europe Conference)开幕伊始,提供光伏市场的最新数据和该产业的前景展望。

How Michael Jackson Inspired One of the Original YouTube Memes

An incredible thing happened on July 17, 2007. A video of several hundred inmates wearing orange jumpsuits and performing an immaculately choreographed dance to Thriller appeared on a small website called YouTube. Two years later, Michael Jackson was dead, and YouTube had changed history.Read more.



Business Models For Sustainable Electricity

As varied as the quirky spectrum of people dressed from t-shirts and shorts to suits and ties at SXSW Eco in Austin was the spectrum of sustainability topics covered — from improving fashion’s supply chain to building transportation hyperloops. For the first time ever, though,

高科技 + Android Wear = 玩晒 ! Casio WSD-F10 智能手錶現身

智能手錶選擇繁多,除了一般的款式之外,也有一些擁有特定機能的型號,方便不同場合,對於不習慣每天佩戴智能手錶的朋友來說,這些只配合特定用途的手錶,卻可能可以派上用場。The post 高科技 + Android Wear = 玩晒 ! Casio WSD-F10 智能手錶現身 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

: 微軟、高通擴大合作:Surface Phone傳搭新款旗艦處理器

近年高通與微軟合作升溫,稍早於中國深圳舉辦的WinHEC 2016活動中,微軟再次確認與Qualcomm進行深度合作,接下來的Surface Phone可能採用新款旗艦處理器。 分享這篇內容: Share 就Qualcomm與微軟的合作關係,從早期的Windows Phone、Surface平板作業系統,乃至於對應Windows 10 Embedded作業系統,均可使用基於Snapdragon 400、600與800系列處理器。 在稍早於中國深圳...你或許會喜歡閱讀全文

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