Xbox Deals Unlocked Sale goes live with over 500 discounted games

Microsoft has kicked off today its massive Xbox Deals Unlocked Sale, offering up to 75% discounts on digital Xbox games on other gaming accessories through Thursday, June 17. The sale goes live right ahead of Microsoft's Xbox & Bethesda games ... Read more

What is low code development?

A low code development platform allows business workers to quickly create and deliver custom business applications without the need for extensive programming to boost organizational agility. Though low-code development platforms in their current form have been around for over a ... Read more

Windows 11 multitasking is broken but promising

Having spent a few days with Windows 11 on various devices, I can say confidently that my least favorite interactions come from using it on a Surface Go 2 with touch-first navigations. Tablet mode on Windows 11, at the release ... Read more

To sell Windows 11, Microsoft needs to come clean

This week there was a bit of a kerfuffle on Twitter (now deleted) between a couple of tech pundits about previous reporting on unreleased information about the leadup to Windows 11. I won't get into details, but the point here ... Read more

Microsoft Teams for Android can now translate private chat messages

Last year, the Microsoft Teams iOS app introduced a new inline translation that allows users to translate chat messages into their preferred language. The company has now announced that the inline chat translation support is now generally available on Android ... Read more

Microsoft may offer free Windows 11 upgrades to users still on Windows 7 and 8.1

Microsoft has allowed Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free for many years now, and it seems that the company could keep doing the same with Windows 11. The near-final build of the OS that ... Read more

Don't forget to watch OnPodcast! We're hands-on with Windows 11, unboxing Microsoft's new modern web

Hey, OnPodcast viewers and listeners! We're back this Sunday at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT for another episode. It's been a busy week for us here at OnMSFT, so we have a lot on agenda to talk about. You won't ... Read more

Microsoft releases new firmware updates for Surface Book 3 and Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft has released a slew of firmware updates for its Intel-powered Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Book 3 devices (via WindowsBlogItalia). The latest batch brings overall system stability improvements and also addresses various issues. For Surface Book 3 owners, the ... Read more

Microsoft Teams meetings to roll out Live Transcription with speaker attribution to more customers

In March, Microsoft Teams launched a new live transcription with speaker attribution feature for scheduled meetings. The AI-powered live transcription support is currently available for select enterprise subscribers, but this capability will expand to more customers later this month. The .

Xbox Game Studios overview: blow by blow on what to expect at the E3 2021 showcase

We’re now just a couple of days away from Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda games showcase, where the company will showcase the latest project from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and other third-party studios. After a somewhat disappointing Xbox Games Showcase last ... Read more

Microsoft continues the Windows 11 teasing with 11-minute video of Startup sounds

Microsoft has continued to fuel the Windows 11 rumors with the publication of an 11-minute video of remixed Windows Startup Sounds. The Slo-fi Remix video features the Windows 95, XP, and 7 startup sounds slowed down to "a meditative 4,000% ... Read more




土耳其游艇集团 Nedship 日前公开了自己的新产品设计 —— Xhibitionist 超级游艇,完美诠释了“有钱就是任性”这句话。  Nedship 为 Xhibitionist 采用的是穿浪双体式设计,这让整个船身极具科幻色彩。

'The X-Files' finale looks batsh*t crazy

The X-Files miniseries is not going out without a bangFox has just dropped a new promo for Monday's finale episode — which brings to a close the six-episode event — and the episode looks insaneFrom the sneak peek,

Audi drops the top on its R8 Spyder, bringing sun into its techie interior

NEW YORK — Audi's uproarious R8 just lost its roof and got a whole lot sunnier.See also:


场景营销业务迅猛发展 延揽来自谷歌,雅虎和推特等科技巨头的高管加入,服务超过70%的知名快餐,60%的知名零售行业客户。 纽约2016年5月9日电 /美通社/ -- 作为全球场景营销的领导者,xAd今天对外宣布多项具有里程碑意义的消息,这其中包括营收同比增长一倍,促使运转率营收增至2.5亿美元的喜讯!


撰稿|周欣 李志刚万合天宜靠网络剧《万万没想到》风靡中国,并推出同名电影。现在,这家公司孵化了几十个产品,想复制成功案例,能成吗?2015年,中国电影市场如脱缰野马,一路狂奔,连破纪录,整个大盘突破400亿元。最卖座类型片是喜剧,该年10亿元级国产票房被喜剧片包圆了,除开《港囧》(16.13亿元),《煎饼侠》(11.6亿元)的创意脱胎于网络剧《屌丝男士》,《夏洛特烦恼》(14.41亿元)来自话剧《开心麻花》系列,两部片子导演均是第一次执导。理所当然的,同样有颇受欢迎的网络剧底子的喜剧片《万万没想到:西游篇》,在上映前票房预期被调整为10亿元。

韩媒:印度成手机新兴市场 华为三星等竞争激烈


Uh-oh! Crowdfunded social robot Jibo won’t now ship internationally

Jibo, a cutesy social robot pitched to crowdfunders in mid 2014 as ‘the world’s first social robot’ but since delayed and yet to arrive in the market some nine months after its original due date, is now only going to ship to backers in the U.S. and Canada. Read More

Listen makes phone numbers smarter with auto-responders, muting, reminders and more

A new mobile application called Listen wants to make phone numbers smarter by giving you more control over who’s texting and calling, thanks to a variety of features like whitelists, reminders, auto-responders, mute buttons, and more. The idea, explains the company,

'Super Size Me' star is opening his own fast food restaurant in the ultimate irony

Morgan Spurlock gained fame as the man behind the 2004 McDonald's exposé Super Size Me, a raw, stomach-churning look at America's favorite fast food chain.Twelve years later, the filmmaker is opening a pop-up burger joint of his own.There's just one very notable difference this time round:

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