Experts from Ford, Toyota and Hyundai outline why automakers are pouring money into robotics

We spoke with Max Bajracharya of Toyota Research Institute, Mario Santillo of Ford and Ernestine Fu of Hyundai Motor Group about their companies’ unique approaches to robotics.

Rocketium raises $3.2M to help creative teams create massive marketing campaigns

In between A/B testing, customizing targeted ads and formatting for different digital platforms, some design teams are tasked with campaigns that include thousands of images, videos and other visual content. Based in Bangalore, Rocketium automates much of the process,

Indonesia-based grocery app HappyFresh reaps $65M led by Naver Financial and Gafina

HappyFresh, the on-demand grocery app based in Indonesia, announced today it has raised a $65 million Series D. The round was led by Naver Financial Corporation and Gafina B.V.,with participation from STIC, LB and Mirae Asset Indonesia and Singapore.

South African payments startup Yoco raises $83M Series C backed by Dragoneer

Despite South Africa's high card and mobile penetration rates of over 70%, the country's SMEs still struggle to accept cards. Yoco's portable card machines proved masterful in solving this problem.

Onto raises $175 million in Series B to expand EV subscription service in the UK

Onto has raised $175 million in a combined equity and debt Series B round, capital the U.K.-based electric vehicle subscription startup plans to use to expand within the country as well as move into new markets.  This latest round brings Onto’s total funding to $245 million.

Sedna banks $34M for a platform that parses large volumes of email and chat to automatically action

Many have tried to do away with it, but email refuses to die… although in the process it might be (figuratively speaking) killing some of us with the workload it brings on to triage and use it. A startup called Sedna has built a system to help with that — specifically for enterprise and other […]

Element, a messaging app built on the decentralized Matrix protocol, raises $30M

After Element acquired Gitter last year to bring in more users and features into its own decentralized, Matrix-based messaging app, the startup is announcing some funding to invest in its growth. Element has picked up $30 million in a Series B round of funding.

German startup Aleph Alpha raises $27M Series A round to build ‘Europe’s OpenAI’

With Microsoft now being an investor in OpenAI the field now more open for new insurgents into the open-source AI arena. Now a German company hopes to take on the next AI mantle and produce something akin to the success of the GPT-3 AI model.

Harry Stebbings turns up the volume on 20VC with new $140M fund

Harry Stebbings, the well-known podcaster behind ‘20 minute VC’, announced today that he raised a duo of funds for 20VC, the venture capital fund he launched off of his show’s success.

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 leads $140M funding in Vishal Sikka’s Vianai

Vianai Systems, an AI startup founded by former chief executive of Indian IT services giant Infosys, said on Wednesday it has raised $140 million in a round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The two-year-old startup said a number of industry luminaries also participated in the new round,

Facebook will begin beaming advertisements into virtual reality

Well, it was only a matter of time. Advertising giant Facebook announced Wednesday that they’re going to begin testing advertising inside virtual reality titles on its Oculus platform soon. The first roll-out is limited enough, with Facebook testing ads inside a single gaming shooter title:


金字塔原理最早由麦肯锡咨询的Barbara Minto提出,腾讯设计师秦银最近在大讲堂上从交互设计的角度,讨论了“如果设计师想要提高用户对设计信息理解的效度与效率,那么,我们需要了解用户是如何进行设计信息的解读的”这个话题,并运用金字塔原理进行了分析。



獨豎一格,電腦經典 ICON 著上身

▲ 服裝印有早期 Window 的低像素圖標,不圓滑的勾線,現在看起來反而有種玩味。情人節快到,如果女友突然傻起上來想著件情侶裝,真是不知如何是好。難道要著大大個心的圖案 T 恤出街,驚死人看不到嗎?


威锋网讯,去年夏天,苹果意外地停止了 Aperture 的开发,并表示会转移用户到 Mac 版的 Photos 中,Mac 版的 Photos 也被认为会取代 OS X Yosemite 中的 iPhoto。


以斯坦福监视实验著称/声名狼藉的心理学家菲利普·津巴多声称,色情和视频游戏上瘾正在导致男子气危机。这一结论构成了其新书《Man (Dis)Connected》中的主要部分。




微软打造Tay的本意,其实是让这只AI聊天机器人说出各种各样古怪有趣的笑话,然而事实是后来的Tay被活活调戏成了种族狂热者。就在Tay开始在Twitter上与人对话(或是微软所说的学习人类讲话)的短短几个小时之内,这款 .. ...

: 買機械鍵盤該選哪種軸?詭軸青軸「誤不誤觸」,你的手腕是關鍵!

鍵盤玩家們很關心 i-Rocks 的全新機械鍵軸「詭軸」......尤其關心「詭軸只有 28g,到底會不會誤觸?」這樣的人更是多得不得了。藉著 computex 2016 的機會,神奇裘莉我實際測試了這把採用新鍵軸「詭軸」的鍵盤!--讓你看得懂科技的實測報導,喜歡嗎?立刻幫神奇裘莉的粉絲團點讚吧:閱讀全文

: 遊樂園實測 Olympus TG-Tracker 一日遊

由於本身很常到各地玩,也會參與一些活動,像是卡丁車、潛水、高空彈跳、騎自行車以及衝浪等等,因此很高興接到 Olympus 的邀請來玩TG-Tracker 這台運動相機。為了測試 TG-Tracker 是否能適應各種地理環境及使用情境,廠商還費心安排在南部弄了不少活動,包括了第一天的卡丁車、天空飛行家、草衙道電車,以及第二天的潛水與水上活動。TG-Tracker的簡單介紹運動型相機發展的時間雖然只有這幾年,但發展非常迅速,開始有不少品牌著墨在上面。這類相機若論畫質,可能比不上高階機種,但因為是針對各類運動紀錄上的訴求,因此有許多特質是一般相機所沒有的。 閱讀全文


小米为啥总被骂?刘强东一句话点醒雷军!(图)在众多国产手机厂商手机,小米无疑是前几年发展速度最快的一个,但也因为饥饿营销等模式遭到很多争议,从网上关于小米的议论就能看出,褒贬各半。小米为啥总被骂? ... ...

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