Hackers have stolen a march during the pandemic: It's time to catchup

Let's look at the advantages Covid-19 has afforded hackers, and how businesses fight back.

DreamHost review 2021

Our DreamHost review looks at the performance, features, support, and pricing of the popular web hosting service.

UK businesses are being hit hard by a lack of endpoint visibility

By improving visibility into endpoints, UK businesses stand to save a lot of money, report claims.

AI could be your next great recruitment tool

As the gig economy grows, the need for AI assistance in recruiting grows with it.

Cyberattacks on UK councils surge during pandemic

With the growing remote workforce, attacks grow as well.

Pets vs. Cattle 2.0: An analogy and approach for modern infrastructures

Let's update the classic analogy for a new age.

Q&A: Embracing industry disruption to get the most from your data

Achieving digital transformation increasingly relies on implementing sound data practices that deliver business insights.

Common challenges a FinOps team will solve

When cloud consumers don’t have visibility into their spend, there is a near certainty that they are wasting money.

Trinity Rescue Kit review

In our Trinity Rescue Kit review, we decide whether the live CD rescue tool is still useful today.

How companies can adopt a new security strategy and break out of the NOC box

How corporate networking teams can break out of the Network Operations Center (NOC) box and adapt to a new paradigm with zero trust.

What's up with WhatsApp’s cyberstalking problem?

Cyberstalking is the specific use of electronics (usually the internet) to control, track, and spy on another person, group of people or even companies.

Following Massive Data Breach, Target CEO Resigns

Following the massive data breach that saw as many as 70 million Target customers’ personal information stolen, along with 40 million credit and debit cards,




中兴在 12 月 30 日启动了最新的 logo,新 logo 的字体被处理更加圆润,色彩也更年轻跳跃。中兴希望借用新 logo 来能改变传统的工程师文化,传播更加年轻的企业形象。  作为企业文化和主营业务的代表形象之一 ... ...

What To Do After Robots Take Your Job

sarahnaomi writes In 2013, researchers Carl Frey and Michael Osborne of the Oxford Martin School dropped the bombshell that 47 percent of US jobs were at risk of computerisation. Since then, they've made similar predictions for the UK, where they say 35 percent of jobs are at high risk.

車尾識噴火超有型!1:1 蝙蝠俠 Tumbler 戰車現已開售

提起蝙蝠俠的 Tumbler 戰車,相信大家必定覺得相當有型吧?

Xbox team pay their respects on the sudden passing of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

It's a very sad day over at the Nintendo camp. News has broken recently about the death of their president Satoru Iwata. He passed away suddenly a couple of days ago from a bile duct growth. He was only 55 years of age.Born in 1959, Iwata learned to program games in high school.

Quentin Tarantino still has a lot to say about 'black critics' of 'Django Unchained'

Quentin Tarantino still doesn't care what black critics say about Django UnchainedThe Oscar winner opened up about his divisive film and more in a lengthy interview with Bret Easton Ellis published in the New York Times' style magazine. And naturally,

可打印 Emoji 新款美甲機登場

為了美甲,女生花上不少時間;不過美國一間機械生產商 Preemadonna 花了三年時間研發了一部指甲打印機 Nailbot,讓女生可以隨時以打印技術,將喜歡的圖案快速地打印在指甲之上。

Goldman Sachs upgrades Microsoft stock from sell to neutral, admits “we were wrong”

Is Microsoft’s Satya Nadella led plan to turn the company around beginning to work? Some financial analysts seem to think so, and today investment firm Goldman Sachs upgraded their guidance on Microsoft’s stock, moving it...The post Goldman Sachs upgrades Microsoft stock from sell to neutral,


我国首部《反家暴法》的出台标志着国内终于开始试图用法律来解决家庭暴力这一严重的问题,其中非常引人注目的就是人身安全保护令的出现。我在Harvard Legal Aid Bureau实习的三个月期间,有幸接触了麻省的家庭法和几个有关Restraining Order的案件。想就国内的人身安全保护令和美国的Restraining Order来讲一讲《反家暴法》中这一措施的作用、区别和可能存在的问题。一、什么是家庭暴力?根据《反家暴法》第二条规定家庭暴力指的是“家庭成员之间实施的身体、精神等方面的侵害“,家庭成员定义为”配偶、父母、子女以及其他共同生活的近亲属“。

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