IT under pressure to produce tangible results

IT leaders are focused on simplifying business operations through multi-cloud, high-performance computing and AI.

Earth's Tropical Rainforests Could Look Completely Different By the End of the Century

In 2005, an intense heatwave struck a mountaintop rainforest in northeast Australia. Accounts of the event were rather apocalyptic: birds dropping dead out of the sky; entire patches of forest withering to a crisp.

DreamHost review 2021

Our DreamHost review looks at the performance, features, support, and pricing of the popular web hosting service.

UK businesses are being hit hard by a lack of endpoint visibility

By improving visibility into endpoints, UK businesses stand to save a lot of money, report claims.

AI could be your next great recruitment tool

As the gig economy grows, the need for AI assistance in recruiting grows with it.

Cyberattacks on UK councils surge during pandemic

With the growing remote workforce, attacks grow as well.

Pets vs. Cattle 2.0: An analogy and approach for modern infrastructures

Let's update the classic analogy for a new age.

Q&A: Embracing industry disruption to get the most from your data

Achieving digital transformation increasingly relies on implementing sound data practices that deliver business insights.

Common challenges a FinOps team will solve

When cloud consumers don’t have visibility into their spend, there is a near certainty that they are wasting money.

Businesses must reduce digital wastage in cloud

As much as 60 percent of wastage could be eliminated with proper optimization.

How the content arms race is killing legacy CMS

How the drive for content experiences is changing everything.

The security priority: why SMEs need strong cybersecurity strategies for survival

Historically perceived as an abstract, complex and expensive add-on, it's time recognise cybersecurity's value.

AOL Appoints William Pence From WebMD As New CTO; Curtis Brown Steps Down

AOL’s ongoing push to turn its business around and focus more ad-tech fuelled media plays continues apace: today the company appointed a new CTO, William Pence, who it’s hired away from WebMD, where he was also CTO as well as EVP. He will be replacing Curtis Brown,


昨天,高通发布旗下两款 64 位处理器,一款为定位高端的高通骁龙 810,另一款为中端骁龙 808。当然,骁龙旗下还有骁龙 410、610 和 615 等 64 位处理器。

HTC One M8 Ace 谍照流出,顶级规格搭配较便宜的机身?

分类: 智能手机2014 年的旗舰 HTC One(M8)才出来没几个月,HTC 似乎就已经要有新动作了。不不,我们指的不是 One mini 2,而是在说上面这款传说中被称为 HTC One M8 Ace,或者叫 HTC One M8 时尚版的新品(这一大串真是拗口)。

Colbert Eviscerates Yo For Being Useless and Dumb

In just a few short days, Yo has climbed to the top of the app charts, accumulating some 50,000 foolish users who send the same dumb salutation back and forth to each other. Stephen Colbert asks the right question in this hilarious clip: "Y?"Read more...

口袋裡的專業錄音室:iPhone 專用立體聲麥克風 Zoom iQ5 評測


Why mobile devices are making sales work more complicated

We're frequently being told that the use of mobile devices makes our work lives easier, but it seems that a sizable percentage of people don't share that view. Read more:

如何用 iPhone 拍一部圣丹斯国际电影节的参展影片?

圣丹斯国际电影节上的 Tangerine (橘子)是一部充满惊喜的影片。

'Orange Is The New Black' author tells Congress what prison is really like for women

One of America’s most well-known female inmates took her story to Capitol Hill Tuesday, telling lawmakers that women in the federal prison system shouldn't be an afterthought.Piper Kerman, author of 'Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison,

文章: 时间序列数据库的秘密(1)—— 介绍


What Siri Can Learn from Your Brain About Tuning Out Noise in a Crowded Room

Walk into a roomful of people, and your first impression is just noise. Within seconds, you start to pick out words, phrases, and fragments of conversations. Soon you’ll be merrily chatting with friends, oblivious to the din around you.

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