SASE adoption set for major rise, but some still don't know what it is

Less than a third of IT decision makers managed to properly define SASE.

DreamHost review 2021

Our DreamHost review looks at the performance, features, support, and pricing of the popular web hosting service.

UK businesses are being hit hard by a lack of endpoint visibility

By improving visibility into endpoints, UK businesses stand to save a lot of money, report claims.

AI could be your next great recruitment tool

As the gig economy grows, the need for AI assistance in recruiting grows with it.

Cyberattacks on UK councils surge during pandemic

With the growing remote workforce, attacks grow as well.

Pets vs. Cattle 2.0: An analogy and approach for modern infrastructures

Let's update the classic analogy for a new age.

Q&A: Embracing industry disruption to get the most from your data

Achieving digital transformation increasingly relies on implementing sound data practices that deliver business insights.

Common challenges a FinOps team will solve

When cloud consumers don’t have visibility into their spend, there is a near certainty that they are wasting money.

IT under pressure to produce tangible results

IT leaders are focused on simplifying business operations through multi-cloud, high-performance computing and AI.

Businesses must reduce digital wastage in cloud

As much as 60 percent of wastage could be eliminated with proper optimization.

How the content arms race is killing legacy CMS

How the drive for content experiences is changing everything.





BI:可穿戴设备App碎片化严重 用户无合适App可用


友盟Q1季报:全国7.8亿活跃设备 三线及以下城市用户崛起


Duilib教程-简单介绍 - 夜雨無聲


从特供机到 360 大神,新瓶装上旧酒还好卖么?

时隔两年,在“特供机”模式上折戟的 360 又重新杀回智能手机市场。 奇虎 360 昨天宣布,与酷派结成战略联盟,向酷派投资 4.0905 亿美元现金成立一家合资公司,奇虎 360 将持有该合资公司 45% 的股权。

华为MWC 2015推两款可穿戴设备


These Smartphone Cords Look Like Miniature Audio Cables

Audio cables look just plain sexy, especially when they're encased in those retro knit jackets that make it even easier to coil them up. And now you can get that audio cable hotness for your smartphone cord, thanks to SuperFly Cables.Read more...

《极品飞车19》PC版跳票 EA:为了不锁帧

EA和Ghost Games在5月份宣布《极品飞车19》时曾用了一个词叫“Reboot”,意为“重生、重启”,因为这是时隔两年之后系列推出的新作。 now redirects to a certain politician who hates losers

Stop what you're doing and go to Loser.comDay instantly brightened.The site currently redirects to the Wikipedia page of Donald J. Trump, 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Internet expert, prolific Twitter user and the guy who recently lost Iowa's GOP caucusesSee also:

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