Microsoft to hold Xbox Games Showcase Extended at 10AM PT today, watch it here

Microsoft is getting ready to share more details about its upcoming first-party games during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended at 10 AM PT this morning. The event should be an interesting a follow-up to Sunday's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, ... Read more

New optional patches are available for Windows 10 version 21H1 and older

Microsoft has released today new optional patches for Windows 10 version 21H1 and older versions of the OS. If you’re running the Windows 10 version 21H1, 20H2, or 2004, the same KB5004296 patch is available to download from Windows Update, ... Read more

Windows 11 Insider build 22000.100 moves to Beta Channel

The Windows 11 Insider build 22000.100 is making its way to the Beta channel today. This is the first Windows 11 preview build to land in that channel of the Windows Insider Program, and Microsoft now recommends Dev Channel Insiders ... Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Top 5 tips and tricks for new pilots playing on PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the most beautiful titles on PC. You can hop in a virtual airplane and fly anywhere in the world, and enjoy seeing famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate ... Read more

Microsoft acquires Spend Intelligence company Suplari

Microsoft announced yesterday that it had acquired Suplari, a Seattle-based company providing AI-automated analytics & insights, for an undisclosed amount. Suplari helps finance, procurement, and business leaders to optimize their spending by using AI and analytics to predict and manage .

Outlook on the web brings calendar and tasks right next to your inbox

Microsoft has announced that Outlook on the web is getting a new To Do integration that should help users efficiently organize their work. The latest update has introduced a My Day side-pane which brings a side-by-side view of emails, tasks, ... Read more

Microsoft Edge Canary now offers insights on Sleeping Tabs energy savings

Microsoft is making some improvements to the Sleeping Tabs feature in its Edge browser. As spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2, Microsoft Edge Canary has recently received a new feature that provides insights on estimated energy savings with Sleeping Tabs. The ... Read more

Fortnite August Crew Pack revealed and Suicide Squad skins teased

Fortnite’s Crew Pack for August 2021 has been revealed and it’ll likely please quite a few longtime players. The August Fortnite Crew Skin is Summer Skye, a variant of one of the Chapter 2 Season 2’s Battle Pass characters. Much ... Read more

Microsoft overhauls the Whiteboard app and adds new features to support the hybrid work era

Microsoft has announced that its Whiteboard app is getting a big update this summer, which should allow all meeting participants to visually collaborate across the same digital canvas in hybrid work environments. The company has also detailed some new capabilities ... Read more

Rumor roundup: Everything we expect from the new Microsoft Store in Windows 11

For all that we know about Windows 11 thanks to the recently leaked build, there's also a lot that we don't know. At the top of the list is what will happen with the Microsoft Store. Since the leaked Windows ... Read more

Microsoft details new features coming to Teams Rooms devices, including the Surface Hub

Microsoft announced this morning that it was bringing Fluid components to Teams Meetings and other Office apps, which should empower employees to collaborate more seamlessly across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The company also announced some enhancements to Teams Meetings and ... Read more

South Park Game Censored On Consoles Outside North America

RogueyWon writes "South Park has long been vocal in its opposition to media censorship from any source, launching scathing attacks on everything from 'think of the children' moral crusades to the censorship of religious imagery. In a curious twist, therefore, Ubisoft,

Hackers Ransom European Domino's Customer Data (including Favourite Toppings) For €3

stephendavion (2872091) writes Hackers who compromised the servers of Domino's Pizza have demanded a ransom of €30,000 or they will publish the records of more than 600,000 customers – including their favourite toppings. "Earlier this week,

风险管理 (Risk Management) 和 Quant 的区别是什么?所需知识和技能都有何不同?

广义上讲一切金融活动的实质都是风险控制和管理,其核心总离不开回报与风险的平 。对于front office,risk几乎就是敏感度(sensitivities 也就是各种Greek letters,如delta, gamma,duration)等等的代名词。.

评测: OZAKI让iPhone 6s三维触控不打折扣

iPhone 6s的火爆发售,也让配件厂商们快速跟进,但是不管是2.5D的屏幕还是全新三维触控操作都给贴膜这个产品硬生生的提出了更高的技术要求。

13岁男孩爱玩游戏 拿家里万元买Q币


[解决方案]SystemError: Parent module '' not loaded, cannot perform relative import的解决方案 - cposture

缺陷:__mian__不能使用相对导入 "PEP 328 Relative Imports and __name__" 中说明: Relative imports use a module's __name__ attribute to determine that modu


这几天,一组四川彭州路考车祸的照片在微博上疯转:彭州驾校考官因为逆行导致车祸惨剧发生,致1死4伤。 根据网友拍到的照片,可以看到事故是发生在四川彭州(位于成都)距离考场仅仅数百米的路考路段上,一辆教练车 ... ...

暴雪正式推出语音聊天功能 支持旗下所有游戏

暴雪今日在北美透过官方Twitter宣布,正式推出语音聊天功能“暴雪语音(Blizzard Voice)”。Blizzard去年10月时在《守望先锋》封测时,曾经同步进行当时名为“ Battle.net语音聊天”测试,借此让玩家增加游戏体验,让玩家彼此之间沟通更加直接快速。

[视频]iOS10.3测试版上手 你喜欢它的哪个新特性?

苹果公司在今天早些时候发布了 iOS 10.3 首个开发者测试版,其中增加了许多新的功能和特性,下面我们就通过视频来看看这些功能和特性到底是什么样的。-Find My iPhone 支持 AirPods,利用这个功能来查找 AirPods,耳机会发出声音提示用户其所在的位置。每一支耳机都可以单独发声,用户可以选择关闭其中一支耳机的声音,或者让它们持续发声,直到找到为止 阅读全文

苹果通过了Apple Music的电台创作专利

苹果近日已经通过了一份名为“电台创作(station creation)”的专利申请,根据描述该专利涉及到 Apple Music 和 iTunes 中“创建自己的音乐电台”选项。在这份专利描述,苹果公司指出,越来越多的人正在使用电子设备购买和使用数字内容,包括电子书籍、音乐、电影和应用程序,以及目前越来越受欢迎的一种新的数字消费内容“互联网广播(Internet radio)”。 阅读全文

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