'Never Have I Ever' season 2 trailer sees Devi making some questionable boy decisions

Netflix has just released the season 2 trailer for Never Have I Ever, and it looks like things could get very messy, very fast.Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the dramatic comedy follows Indian American teenager Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she navigates family, friends,

Beth Shriever won gold in BMX racing at the Olympics. She crowdfunded to get there.

British BMX rider Bethany Shriever won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games after she was refused funding and resorted to crowdfunding to be able to go to Japan. The 22-year-old cyclist launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2019 with a goal of £50,000 ($69,

Take a sneak peek at Ford F-150 Lightning’s flashy dashboard screen

Ford's F-150 Lightning pickup truck will display more than just how much charge is left on an electric battery. Inside, the digital experience on the 15-inch screen front and center of the electric truck will liven up charging, lighting, and towing with animations, high-res graphics,

10 of the best time travel movies you can watch right now

Is there anything more mind-bending than the concept of time travel?It's a sci-fi staple that goes hand-in-hand with so many complex theories and possibilities that it's something of a double-edged sword in movies: the fictional possibilities are endless, but then so are those of plot holes.

Get insight into your cat's dental health with this test kit on sale

TL;DR: As of July 30, get the Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test for 15% off. Use code ANNUAL15 at checkout to grab one for only $67.99.With the Cat Dental Health Test from Basepaws, you take a quick 10-second swab from the gums and teeth, ship it out to experts at Basepaws,

AppleTV+'s 'Central Park' closes out a charming and ambitious second season

I am obsessed with the city of Weehawken, New Jersey.This is embarrassing to admit as someone who has called New York City home for some seven-odd years, and who has never actually ever been to Weehawken — but thanks to an absolute banger of a rap from Central Park Season 2, I'm all in.

'Jungle Cruise' is an unexpected thrill ride with charm to spare

"Everything you see wants to kill you — and can," warns Dwayne Johnson’s Frank in Jungle Cruise. It’s a dire sentiment coming from the lovable steamboat captain, who stands in for generations of real Disney employees in this feature-length take on the iconic amusement park ride. And yet,

15 unique pairs of wireless earbuds on sale for up to 73% off

Apple’s AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro earbuds check most of the boxes we care about when it comes to wireless listening — quality sound, sleek design, and decent battery life. The one they fail to check off, however, is the one that matters most: cost.

Create high-quality videos with this discounted editing software

TL;DR: Camtasia 2021 (with one year of maintenance) is on sale for £141.05 as of June 18, saving you 33% on list price.If you want a reliable, user-friendly way to create and edit high-quality videos, consider Camtasia 2021, which is on sale for a limited time.

Learn how to drum online with this cheap lifetime subscription

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the Drumming Vault is on sale for £14.17 as of June 18, saving you 96% on list price.If you’ve got £15 and a WiFi connection, you can learn from a seasoned session and touring drummer right from home. A lifetime subscription to the Drumming Vault,

The absolute best old movies to watch on HBO Max

There's a magical place you can stream classics — HBO Max. Mashable's Angie Han went through dozens to find all of our favs, from Hitchcock classics to hidden gems.  Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Hitchcock, Classic Films, and Hbo Max

亚马逊手柄曝光 游戏机顶盒的节奏?

最近科技网站 Zatz Not Funny! 贴出了一张据说是从海外监管部门中泄露出的图片:难道亚马逊也要进军游戏设备市场吗?  谍照中展示的是一副黑色游戏手柄,中间“amazon”的 Logo 清晰可辨。







CES 2015: Lenovo announces a host of new Windows-powered laptops, hybrids and tablets

Following new releases from HP, Asus, Acer and Origin, Lenovo joined in on the fun and introduced new Windows-based tablets, hybrids and notebook computers. Many of the new devices fall within the company’s YOGA brand,

水彩风也能华丽 《战场的女武神4》首支预告

不久前我们有报道,世嘉公布了《战场的女武神》系列第四部《战场的女武神:苍蓝革命之瓦尔基里》。现在,更多新情报连同首支预告片一起来了。本作讲述的是 Rus 帝国和小国 Uteland 之间的战争。

约合783元 松下5.0吋P66 Mega智能手机发售

松下(Panasonic)的智能手机业务仅覆盖中国和印度等少部分市场。尽管糟糕的业绩和在新兴市场受到的竞争压力公司早在数年之前就曾宣布关闭移动部门,但由于手机在部分亚洲国家持续畅销,因此公司决定于近日推出新品。援引外媒报道,松下近日面向印度市场发布了P66 Mega智能手机,共有蓝色、玫瑰金和棕色三种颜色供用户选择,售价为7990卢比(约合783元)。

Amazon will reportedly soon sell its own private-label groceries

Amazon will soon roll out its own private-label brands of common household items like coffee, diapers, and other perishable groceries, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The offerings will consist of perishable goods like baby food, tea, coffee, spices,




“很多企业高管问我,人工智能可以做什么”今天,百度首席科学家吴恩达在哈佛商业评论网站发表了题为《What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can't Do Right Now》(人工智能可以做什么和做不了什么)的评论文章,介绍了目前人工智能通过A→B 的系统对很多产业的颠覆性影响以及其在应用方式上的局限性。吴恩达称,很多企业高管急切地想知道人工智能会怎样颠覆他们的产业以及他们可以怎样使用它来改变自己的公司。然而,面对热潮,很多媒体都对人工智能的能力描绘成了一些耸人听闻的场景(比如人工智能不久之后将会统治世界!)。

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