This powerful encryption software subscription is on sale for 91% off

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to GhostVolt Encryption Software is on sale for £22.01 as of July 22, saving you 91% on list price.Rather than dwell on what-ifs, help ensure your private information stays private with a lifetime subscription to GhostVolt Encryption Software.

AppleTV+'s 'Central Park' closes out a charming and ambitious second season

I am obsessed with the city of Weehawken, New Jersey.This is embarrassing to admit as someone who has called New York City home for some seven-odd years, and who has never actually ever been to Weehawken — but thanks to an absolute banger of a rap from Central Park Season 2, I'm all in.

'Jungle Cruise' is an unexpected thrill ride with charm to spare

"Everything you see wants to kill you — and can," warns Dwayne Johnson’s Frank in Jungle Cruise. It’s a dire sentiment coming from the lovable steamboat captain, who stands in for generations of real Disney employees in this feature-length take on the iconic amusement park ride. And yet,

15 unique pairs of wireless earbuds on sale for up to 73% off

Apple’s AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro earbuds check most of the boxes we care about when it comes to wireless listening — quality sound, sleek design, and decent battery life. The one they fail to check off, however, is the one that matters most: cost.

Septic-friendly wet wipes are a spritz away with this 'Shark Tank' product

TL;DR: Opt for the Pristine Toilet Paper Spray as a bathroom wipe alternative — and get it while it's 21% off. As of July 30, grab a bottle for only $10.99.Despite what the creepy Charmin bears say, toilet paper on its own is definitely not the best way to get a clean bum. In fact, Charmin,

An interview with Aiden Rata, the meme queen of depression Instagram

Welcome to Small Talk, a series where we catch up with the internet's favorite Extremely Online individuals offline.Guided meditation: You’re sitting at your desk waiting to talk to the person behind the four most recent memes sent in your group chat on Instagram. You have your questions ready.

Learn Python for free with this handy selection of voucher codes

TL;DR: As of July 30, you can take a wide range of online Python courses for free on Udemy.Grab some paper and a pen, and get ready to jot down this selection of voucher codes for online course provider Udemy. Or you could just copy and paste them. That's probably much easier,

How to filter abusive comments and direct messages on Instagram

Our Instagram pages should be safe spaces where we are free to express ourselves without fearing abuse and harassment. But as recent events in the football world have shown us, there is still more to be done when it comes to stemming the flow of online abuse.

Save 56% on this woman-founded app designed for people with anxiety

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to the Rootd Anxiety and Meditation App is on sale for £19.08 as of July 22, saving you 56% on list price.Rootd, a woman-founded app designed for people with anxiety, tailors its treatment plans to users' individual needs.

This free VPN protects your online privacy and unlocks streaming sites

TL;DR: As of July 22, you can subscribe to ProtonVPN for free or upgrade for £3.45 per month.We're pretty experienced when it comes to comparing VPNs, and we generally don't like to recommend free services. We know it's tempting, but free VPNs can let you down with poor connection speeds,

Watch Intel's Mobileye test autonomous cars in NYC for the first time

Mobileye, an Israeli autonomous vehicle startup acquired by Intel, is putting its self-driving system to the ultimate test: the mean streets of New York City.At an event this week, Intel announced that its Mobileye self-driving cars were approved to drive through NYC streets.



新 VAIO 电脑策略:专注日本,服务小众

现在 PC 产业并不是一个很好混的产业了,因为处于平稳下坡的阶段,并且产业利润率非常之低,所以即使是目前还处在产业顶端的巨头们也都在盈亏线附近游走,难以看到像是苹果三星那样巨额的利润。


简单的说,自己不干,而是提供一个平台,让别人去干的产品。比 如淘宝就是一个平台,它自己不卖东西,而是让买家和卖家在这里交易,它提供帮助、服务和监管的作用。

10 Things You Can Do in Android 5.1 That You Couldn't Before

Android 5.1 isn't one of those massive life-changing releases that'll have you tapping the 'look for updates' button frenetically for days on end; but nor is it one of those minor upgrades with only bug fixes and technical improvements.






作为目前最好的 GPU 破解 HASH 的软件,hashcat 号称世界最快,支持每秒猜测最多 80 亿个密码。北京时间 12 月 5 日凌晨,hashcat 的作者atom宣布将工具开源。  FreeBuf 百科:Hashcat  Hashcat 是一个基于 ... ...

The biggest Lego 'Minecraft' set yet is coming in June

Lego has explored various corners of the Minecraft universe in sets based on the Nether, The End and more. But the biggest set of them all — coming in June — focuses on a decidedly more mundane location: The Village.Minecraft's social centers are the subject of a June 1 Lego release,

女子编程学校Hackbright Academy以1800万美元被收购,已培养643名女性

程序员的世界里不只有男性,如今越来越多的女生怀着对科技的热忱投身编程事业。位于旧金山的Hackbright Academy便是专为教女性学习编程而创立的一所学校,今日它正式宣布被 Capella Education(卡佩拉教育)以 1800 万美元收购,后者作为已上市的教育公司希望借此拓展培养技术类职业女性业务。

Directx11学习笔记【十】 画一个简单的三角形 - zhangbaochong

本篇笔记要实现的是在屏幕上渲染出一个三角形,重点要学习的是渲染一个几何体的流程方式。 为了渲染几何图形,需要一个顶点缓存和一个描述顶点布局的输入层,还有着色器(主要是顶点着色器和像素着色器),下面来看看具体Demo的实现。 新建一个Win32项目 ,新建一个类我们叫做TriangleDemo,继承自

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