Facebook Messenger is stepping up its emoji game

If you can’t say it with words, say it with an emoji. Facebook is announcing a few minor updates today to its Messenger platform, which make it easier than ever to find the exact emoji you’re looking for when reacting to a friend’s message (let’s be real,

Facebook Ups Its Sticker Game As The First Paid Packs Arrive For Messenger

In a move that may seem trivial, but could be indicative of the future, you can now buy paid-for stickers inside Facebook Messenger. Facebook itself isn’t leading offering stickers directly,

Facebook Is Finally Getting Messaging Right

Facebook wants to be your everything, and the next step in its long and deliberate journey to subsume the entire world is here. Messenger, Facebook's separate (and now genuinely useful ) messaging app, is growing up, and you have every reason to be excited. Read more...

PayPal Launches Service That Will Compete With Venmo, a Company It Owns

Do you like Venmo? Then you’re going to love PayPal.me, a new Venmo-like payment platform by PayPal, Venmo’s parent company. It works a lot like Venmo except, you know, it’s PayPal instead.Read more...

Airtel Africa gets an extra $200M for its mobile money business from QIA

Three months ago, Mastercard invested $100 million in Airtel Mobile Commerce BV (AMC BV) — the mobile money business of telecom Airtel Africa. This was two weeks after it also received $200 million from TPG’s Rise Fund. Today,

Introducing the Open Cap Table Coalition

If this coalition gets all the relationships right, doesn’t get greedy and understands that there is a social good component here, this could be as impactful as the SAFE was.

Daily Crunch: Scarlett Johansson sues Disney, says streaming release of ‘Black Widow’ breaches contr

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Another banner quarter as Chromebook shipments grow 75% YOY

Last quarter, Chromebooks saw 275% year-over-year growth up to 12 million units. The figure isn’t quite as unwieldy for Q2, but a 75% year-over-year growth is still extremely respectable, with the category hitting 11.9 million shipments, per the latest figures from research firm, Canalys.

Varda Space Industries closes $42M Series A for off-planet manufacturing

Varda Space Industries has raised a $42 million Series A to bring to manufacturing a key capability that can only be found off-world: microgravity. The eight-month-old startup is looking to establish its first manufacturing facility in space as early as 2023, and by doing so,

4 key areas SaaS startups must address to scale infrastructure for the enterprise

As companies grow, their security and reliability needs evolve. When working with large customers, having empathy for these needs will go a long way.

Pinterest shares drop as company misses on user growth…again

Pinterest’s shares had popped last week when Snap posted its best quarter in four years, as investors were betting Pinterest’s image-based social app would also see a return in advertiser spending. Those expectations now appear to be correct,

Magic lands $27M Series A for its ‘plug and play’ passwordless tech

Magic, a San Francisco-based startup that builds “plug and play” passwordless authentication technology, has raised $27 million in Series A funding. The round, led by Northzone and with participation from Tiger Global, Volt Capital, Digital Currency Group and CoinFund,

Index Ventures’ trio of new funds leads to $3 billion, and more TikTok

Index Ventures has closed a trio of new funds: a $900 million early-stage fund, a $2 billion growth-stage fund and a previously announced $200 million seed-stage fund. The close gives Index $3 billion in new capital, its largest tranche yet,

Obé Fitness raises $15M for its personality-driven exercise platform

Obé Fitness’ co-founders/co-CEOs Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills toss around the word “entertrainment” a lot. For the record, it’s not a reference to the Butler County, Ohio-based amusement park that serves as the home of the “world’s largest train display,

苹果的商标专利申请已延伸至 “珠宝和手表”

威锋网 4 月 22 日消息,自去年 6 月份起,苹果公司就已经开始在全球多个国家和地区注册“iWatch”商标。而根据外媒的最新报道,苹果公司也是从当时开始,以“Apple”之名来申请与珠宝以及手表相关的商标。  



两位微软前工程师罗伯特·毛(RobertMao)和李海涛(音译,Haitao Li)日前推出了一款名为Pixotale的社交网络应用,旨在用照片和视频来重构移动时代的长篇叙事方式。 罗伯特·毛之前曾在微软研究院工作了五年时间。

苹果将为电子书价格垄断案支付 4.5 亿美元

此前美国政府与消费者针对苹果联合五大出版商共同垄断电子书价格提出指控,如今苹果已经同意支付 4.5 亿美元了结此案。

Twitter Copies Instagram With New Adjustable Photo Filters

Over-filtering can obliterate the beauty of your photos or make them look cliché. So to give you more nuanced control, Twitter for iOS and Android today replaced its clumsy photo filter grid with a much simpler Instagram-style row of adjustable filters.

Unicorn Bloodbath: VC Bill Gurley Sounds The Alarm, Again

"I think you're going to see a lot of failure in 2015," venture capitalist Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital tells Fortune for a cover story ("The Age of Unicorns") about how all these companies are now raising money at sky-high valuations.Read more...

John Travlota's creepy Oscars kiss gets even creepier with memes

This will give you chills. It's electrifyingWalking punchline Glom Gazingo (sorry — John Travlota) took red carpet friendliness to the next level during Sunday's Oscars, giving Scarlett Johansson a peck on the cheek. The feelings didn't look mutual.See also:

The All-Clad Skillet You Want is Under $80 Right Now

Anyone with even a passing interest in cooking knows that All-Clad is the brand you want in your kitchen when it comes to skillets and pots. Made in America and carrying a lifetime warranty, you'd probably see their wares in the back of the house of most of your favorite restaurants.Read more...

Facebook财报:2015年Q2 Facebook移动端营收占比超75%

2012年五月Facebook上市之时,来自移动端的营收几乎可以忽略不计,本周三,Facebook称四分之三的收入已经来自移动端了。 Facebook营收在六月已经涨至40.


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