Uber Freight acquires Transpace for $2.25B

Uber Freight, the logistics business spun out of Uber in 2018, has acquired Transplace for about $2.25 billion from private equity group TPG Capital. The deal announced Thursday will involve $750 million in Uber stock with the remainder in cash.

Chilean fintech Xepelin secures $230M in debt and equity from Kaszek, high-profile angels

Xepelin is built on a SaaS model designed to give SMEs a way to organize their financial information in real time.

Cheltenham’s GCHQ to get a massive, cyber-oriented tech startup campus right next door

Since the UK’s spying headquarters of GCHQ was established in the city in the 1950’s, Cheltenham has attracted large firms like IBM, Raytheon, Microsoft, BAE Systems to the region. However, startups like Truststamp, Bamboo Technologies, Ripjar, Hub8, CYNAM, have emerged out of the city,

Growth is not enough

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. We were a smaller team this week, with Natasha and Alex together with Grace and Chris to sort through a week that brought together both this quarter’s earnings cycle,

Platform as a service startup Porter aims to become go-to for deploying, managing cloud-based apps

Any DevOps team can use Porter to manage applications in the cloud, delivering the full flexibility of Kubernetes through a Heroku-like experience.

Gopuff confirms new $1B cash injection at a $15B valuation to expand its instant grocery delivery se

Gopuff said it plans to use the funding to continue expanding in North America, the U.K. and Europe, among other things.

Catch takes hold of $12M to provide benefits that aren’t tied to employers

Catch is working to make sure that every gig worker has the health and retirement benefits they need.

Airtel Africa gets an extra $200M for its mobile money business from QIA

Three months ago, Mastercard invested $100 million in Airtel Mobile Commerce BV (AMC BV) — the mobile money business of telecom Airtel Africa. This was two weeks after it also received $200 million from TPG’s Rise Fund. Today,

Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs

Conventional wisdom holds that one ought let sleeping does lie. But no one says you’re barred from tracking them while they do. New York-based smart collar maker Fi announced today that it’s adding sleep to the list of the device’s tracking.

Facebook Messenger is stepping up its emoji game

If you can’t say it with words, say it with an emoji. Facebook is announcing a few minor updates today to its Messenger platform, which make it easier than ever to find the exact emoji you’re looking for when reacting to a friend’s message (let’s be real,

Magic lands $27M Series A for its ‘plug and play’ passwordless tech

Magic, a San Francisco-based startup that builds “plug and play” passwordless authentication technology, has raised $27 million in Series A funding. The round, led by Northzone and with participation from Tiger Global, Volt Capital, Digital Currency Group and CoinFund,

More than half of the entire US population lives here

Reddit user metricmapsore made this great visualization showing how our country is divided and found that more than half of the entire US population—54% that is—live on the edges of the map. It makes sense, that's where the biggest cities are and thus, that's where the people are.

29 Players Suspended to Start the NFL Season: A Listicle for 2014

As of Wednesday afternoon, no fewer than 29 NFL players had been suspended from starting the 2014 season, a league spokesperson told MashableSome will miss just that first game; others are banned for four games. A few have been restricted indefinitely. Collectively,


作为一家全球知名的科技公司,微软在很早之前就看到了云服务在未来将拥有很广阔的发展空间。于是在2006年,微软总 […]


即将于9月15日推出的Xbox One平台独占赛车游戏《极限竞速6(Forza Motorsport 6)》将 […]

Watch Taylor Swift throw some dudes to the ground like it's nobody business

You don't want to be on Taylor Swift's bad side. Just ask Apple.To celebrate her VMA nominations — because a simple surprised face won't cut it anymore — Swift shared a video in which she's training for her "Bad Blood" videoSee also:

你知道 iPhone 6s和6s Plus 成本是多少吗?

虽然此前苹果公司 CEO 蒂姆·库克曾经表示,行业中 iPhone 成本的预估并不准确,但是由于苹果 iPhone 向来拥有业界最高的利润率,所以最新推出的 iPhone 6s 每部能够让苹果赚到多少钱,自然也成为了大家关心的话题。  


编者按:本文作者曹政,常用 ID caoz  ,资深 IT 人,从事互联网工作十余年。技术大牛、数据控、历史控、考证控。曾参与创建一统统计、cnzz 站长统计,曾主持搭建百度商业分析支撑平台。文章首发于其微信公众号 “caoz 的梦呓”(微信号:caozsay),授权 36 氪发布。最近被狼和兔子的话题刷屏了,此外,知乎上有个经久不衰的话题,创业公司的期权靠谱不靠谱,要工资还是要期权。今天写个短的,把这两个话题一起捋一下。其实我挺佩服史玉柱的,最佩服的不是他赚了多少钱,而是他第一次创业失败,赔的一塌糊涂的时候,欠了一屁股债的时候,他手下的核心团队没散,他还有一只队伍肯相信他跟他东山再起。

Australia's new $5 bill is so high-tech it can play a vinyl record

Australia's new A$5 bill is so high-tech vending machines can't handle it, but no problem — here's something else you can do with all that spare cash.In a video posted by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA),

風照打旅行照去!日本推出 VR 同步旅行遊全球

去旅行最怕打風落雨,去唔到戶外景點事少,遇到航班拖誤就更麻煩。不過依家有咗 VR 技術,就算安坐家中都可以隨時 …The post 風照打旅行照去!日本推出 VR 同步旅行遊全球 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

业务表现强劲 任天堂无意放弃其3DS平台


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