Curious about period tech? These 9 apps and gadgets are worth trying

The phrase “period tech” might seem a little dystopian, but in the last 10 years, there have been new products and developments that have helped millions of people manage their menstrual and reproductive health.

Beth Shriever won gold in BMX racing at the Olympics. She crowdfunded to get there.

British BMX rider Bethany Shriever won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games after she was refused funding and resorted to crowdfunding to be able to go to Japan. The 22-year-old cyclist launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2019 with a goal of £50,000 ($69,

Take a sneak peek at Ford F-150 Lightning’s flashy dashboard screen

Ford's F-150 Lightning pickup truck will display more than just how much charge is left on an electric battery. Inside, the digital experience on the 15-inch screen front and center of the electric truck will liven up charging, lighting, and towing with animations, high-res graphics,

10 of the best time travel movies you can watch right now

Is there anything more mind-bending than the concept of time travel?It's a sci-fi staple that goes hand-in-hand with so many complex theories and possibilities that it's something of a double-edged sword in movies: the fictional possibilities are endless, but then so are those of plot holes.

Get insight into your cat's dental health with this test kit on sale

TL;DR: As of July 30, get the Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test for 15% off. Use code ANNUAL15 at checkout to grab one for only $67.99.With the Cat Dental Health Test from Basepaws, you take a quick 10-second swab from the gums and teeth, ship it out to experts at Basepaws,

AppleTV+'s 'Central Park' closes out a charming and ambitious second season

I am obsessed with the city of Weehawken, New Jersey.This is embarrassing to admit as someone who has called New York City home for some seven-odd years, and who has never actually ever been to Weehawken — but thanks to an absolute banger of a rap from Central Park Season 2, I'm all in.

'Jungle Cruise' is an unexpected thrill ride with charm to spare

"Everything you see wants to kill you — and can," warns Dwayne Johnson’s Frank in Jungle Cruise. It’s a dire sentiment coming from the lovable steamboat captain, who stands in for generations of real Disney employees in this feature-length take on the iconic amusement park ride. And yet,

15 unique pairs of wireless earbuds on sale for up to 73% off

Apple’s AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro earbuds check most of the boxes we care about when it comes to wireless listening — quality sound, sleek design, and decent battery life. The one they fail to check off, however, is the one that matters most: cost.

Facebook Messenger makes it easier to find perfect emoji reaction

Emoji masters, rejoice: Facebook Messenger is making it a bit easier to find the best emoji reaction for every conversation. On Thursday, the company announced new features for Messenger, including a search bar that will show up in the reaction picker.

How to make a private playlist on Spotify

In a recent update, Spotify removed the option to make a playlist private on the desktop version of Spotify. If you're anything like us, you immediately noticed and then your group chat went crazy over this new information.

All the best laptops for working from home

Moaning about the office can be therapeutic. Constant criticism of the temperature, space, and snack selection is something that binds a workforce and helps everyone get through the day. It's really not that bad, though.The office definitely has its faults,

三星申请两项注册商标 或为智能眼镜铺路

据Phonearena网站报道,三星目前正在韩国申请两项注册商标,商标名称分别为“Samsung Gear Blink”和“Samsung Rounded”,这或许暗示了,三星在未来将推出新款产品。

After 47 Years, Computerworld Ceases Print Publication

harrymcc (1641347) writes "In June 1967, a weekly newspaper called Computerworld launched. Almost exactly 47 years later, it's calling it quits in print form to focus on its website and other digital editions. The move isn't the least bit surprising,

福布斯:2014年全球价值品牌VS年度广告投入TOP 100



“杀毒软件已死”的说法已有数年,但杀毒软件却依然波澜不惊地保护着各种计算机网络和操作系统的安全。赛门铁克信息安全高级副总裁布莱恩·戴伊(Brian Dye)今年年初宣告,提供系统保护的杀毒软件已经死亡。

[python]学渣的心酸(求职篇) - 削微寒


Gawker Woman Live-streams Video of Alleged Anthony Cumia Assault | Foxtrot Alpha Watch These Trouble

Gawker Woman Live-streams Video of Alleged Anthony Cumia Assault | Foxtrot Alpha Watch These Troubled Navy Jets Careen Into Aircraft Carrier Barricades | Lifehacker NetSpot Maps Your Wi-Fi Network and Diagnoses Signal Problems for Free | io9 The Force Awakens Has Obliterated Box Office Records In Its First Weekend |Read more.


自库克执掌苹果以来,Macbook产品线的升级幅度一直不大,今年亦是如此。除了增加玫瑰金配色之外,其处理器升级为Core M5-6Y54(1.2GHz),8GB内存,搭配英特尔HD Graphics 515显卡,性能及续航都有小幅提升,但是与人们的预期相比,这点升级实在有些对不起观众。外观方面,新版Macbook依然延续超轻薄路线,配合流行的玫瑰金配色,看上去质感十足。


据外媒报道,近日一个国家研究小组在《当代生物学(Current Biology)》期刊上发表报告称,自20世纪90年代以来,全球荒野总面积减少了近10%。 这项研究显示,亚马逊遭受了最大的打击,荒野面积减少了近30%,而非洲的荒野面积减少了14%。研究人员表示,大规模的土地流转、工业活动及基础设施的发展是造成这种局面的罪魁祸首。

这款手机厉害了 相当于让iPhone 7和Note 7合体

关于微软 Windows 智能手机未来如何,现在谁也不清楚。尽管每个人都希望微软能够尽快发布 Surface Phone 智能手机,但迄今为止微软仍然对此守口如瓶。不过,目前可以确定的是,微软某些手机项目已经在闭门造车当中了 ... ...

LOL厂长退役换个ID重新开始 这波flag已立

LOL职业选手厂长在今天LPL2017年春季赛开幕式上获得了职业选手资格证书1号,粉丝们都很高兴,这对于厂长来说是一种鼓励,更是一种责任,这证书给厂长带来荣誉的同时也带来了巨大的压力,不过这证书更是一种肯定,对 ... ...

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