Tune in today to watch Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Global Finals

It’s not too late to enjoy an epic pitch-off of global proportion. The Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Global Finals start today, July 22 at 9:00 am (PT). Register here for free,

Airtel Africa gets an extra $200M for its mobile money business from QIA

Three months ago, Mastercard invested $100 million in Airtel Mobile Commerce BV (AMC BV) — the mobile money business of telecom Airtel Africa. This was two weeks after it also received $200 million from TPG’s Rise Fund. Today,

Introducing the Open Cap Table Coalition

If this coalition gets all the relationships right, doesn’t get greedy and understands that there is a social good component here, this could be as impactful as the SAFE was.

Daily Crunch: Scarlett Johansson sues Disney, says streaming release of ‘Black Widow’ breaches contr

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Another banner quarter as Chromebook shipments grow 75% YOY

Last quarter, Chromebooks saw 275% year-over-year growth up to 12 million units. The figure isn’t quite as unwieldy for Q2, but a 75% year-over-year growth is still extremely respectable, with the category hitting 11.9 million shipments, per the latest figures from research firm, Canalys.

Varda Space Industries closes $42M Series A for off-planet manufacturing

Varda Space Industries has raised a $42 million Series A to bring to manufacturing a key capability that can only be found off-world: microgravity. The eight-month-old startup is looking to establish its first manufacturing facility in space as early as 2023, and by doing so,

4 key areas SaaS startups must address to scale infrastructure for the enterprise

As companies grow, their security and reliability needs evolve. When working with large customers, having empathy for these needs will go a long way.

Pinterest shares drop as company misses on user growth…again

Pinterest’s shares had popped last week when Snap posted its best quarter in four years, as investors were betting Pinterest’s image-based social app would also see a return in advertiser spending. Those expectations now appear to be correct,

Microsoft’s cyber startup spending spree continues with CloudKnox acquisition

Microsoft has acquired identity and access management (IAM) startup CloudKnox Security, the tech giant’s fourth cybersecurity acquisition this year. The deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, is the latest cybersecurity acquisition by Microsoft,

Uber Freight acquires Transpace for $2.25B

Uber Freight, the logistics business spun out of Uber in 2018, has acquired Transplace for about $2.25 billion from private equity group TPG Capital. The deal announced Thursday will involve $750 million in Uber stock with the remainder in cash.

Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs

Conventional wisdom holds that one ought let sleeping does lie. But no one says you’re barred from tracking them while they do. New York-based smart collar maker Fi announced today that it’s adding sleep to the list of the device’s tracking.



提前感受未来 奔驰F 015旧金山试驾体验

2030 年的汽车会是什么样子?有人说,应该像奔驰 F 015 这样充满未来感的无人驾驶汽车。


3 月 26 日,由广州市委、市政府主办的新常态新机遇 2015 中国广州国际投资年会在广州白云国际会议中心举行。腾讯公司董事会主席兼首席执行官马化腾应邀出席,并发言表示,腾讯在四年的开放基础上要打造全要素众 ... ...

This Livetweeting of "The Iliad" Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

Almeida Theater and the British Museum are presenting a 16-hour reading (and livestream) of Homer’s Iliad voiced by beloved actors today. Their insanely awesome Twitter account is providing a play-by-play of the epic with modern flourish. Read more...


据一名接近阿里巴巴投资部门的人士透露,阿里巴巴正在与新浪洽谈收购事宜,不过截止目前双方对此消息均不予置评。  此前,阿里已经持有从新浪剥离出来的微博公司32%股权。

重构的那些事儿 - Jun.M


HTC teases its next flagship smartphone

HTC's next flagship smartphone is coming.The struggling smartphone maker wisely waited until after Samsung announced its Galaxy S7 and LG unveiled its modular G5 at Mobile World Congress to send out a teaser for its next smartphone.See also:

百度报告:上一季度苹果在华收入下滑 20%

还有几天时间苹果就将举行 2016 年第二季度财报会议,届时 4-6 月份期间的 iPhone、iPad、Mac 出货量以及 iTunes、App Store 等软件服务的业绩就将出炉。在此之前,华尔街分析师纷纷对苹果的上一季度业绩发布了预测报告。如今,国内也有机构公布了针对苹果的预测报告,它就是我们很熟悉的百度。  与华尔街不同的是,百度并不是依靠分析师随便嘴巴一开就可以得到数据。实际上,百度方面表示他们是根据自家搜索引擎以及地图服务所产生的“大数据”而预测一家公司的营收状况。

最新版ssh hibernate spring struts2环境搭建 - 墨迹塔

最新版ssh hibernate spring struts2环境搭建 最新版spring Framework下载地址:spring4.0.0RELEASE环境搭建 http://repo.spring.io/release/org/springframework/spring/4.0.0.RELE

连线:硬件企业面临生死考验 只有英特尔选对了路


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