Spotify partners with GIPHY to connect users with artists’ music via GIFs

Spotify announced this morning a new partnership with online GIF database GIPHY to enable discovery of new music through GIFs. No, the GIFs themselves won’t play song clips, if that’s what you’re thinking. Instead, through a series of new Spotify-linked GIFs,

Chilean fintech Xepelin secures $230M in debt and equity from Kaszek, high-profile angels

Xepelin is built on a SaaS model designed to give SMEs a way to organize their financial information in real time.

Cheltenham’s GCHQ to get a massive, cyber-oriented tech startup campus right next door

Since the UK’s spying headquarters of GCHQ was established in the city in the 1950’s, Cheltenham has attracted large firms like IBM, Raytheon, Microsoft, BAE Systems to the region. However, startups like Truststamp, Bamboo Technologies, Ripjar, Hub8, CYNAM, have emerged out of the city,

Growth is not enough

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. We were a smaller team this week, with Natasha and Alex together with Grace and Chris to sort through a week that brought together both this quarter’s earnings cycle,

Platform as a service startup Porter aims to become go-to for deploying, managing cloud-based apps

Any DevOps team can use Porter to manage applications in the cloud, delivering the full flexibility of Kubernetes through a Heroku-like experience.

Gopuff confirms new $1B cash injection at a $15B valuation to expand its instant grocery delivery se

Gopuff said it plans to use the funding to continue expanding in North America, the U.K. and Europe, among other things.

Catch takes hold of $12M to provide benefits that aren’t tied to employers

Catch is working to make sure that every gig worker has the health and retirement benefits they need.

Airtel Africa gets an extra $200M for its mobile money business from QIA

Three months ago, Mastercard invested $100 million in Airtel Mobile Commerce BV (AMC BV) — the mobile money business of telecom Airtel Africa. This was two weeks after it also received $200 million from TPG’s Rise Fund. Today,

All Raise launches virtual bootcamp for women and nonbinary founders

More doesn’t necessarily mean better — and that’s a lesson for life and for tech. To focus on the latter, the startup ecosystem is experiencing a boggling influx of capital right now. However, the increase in dollars isn’t being evenly distributed to all founders. For the vast majority of people,

Tune in today to watch Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Global Finals

It’s not too late to enjoy an epic pitch-off of global proportion. The Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Global Finals start today, July 22 at 9:00 am (PT). Register here for free,

Microsoft’s cyber startup spending spree continues with CloudKnox acquisition

Microsoft has acquired identity and access management (IAM) startup CloudKnox Security, the tech giant’s fourth cybersecurity acquisition this year. The deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, is the latest cybersecurity acquisition by Microsoft,


魅族 MX4 的发布对我而言是一种刺痛,因为其划算的价格和周全的手机险。   半个月之前,我的 MX3 刚刚因为进水被送往珠海返厂检修,在客服淡定的电话回访中,我得知了需要 1650 元的维修费。

11 film sequels that don't exist but probably should

Hollywood is sequel obsessedDumb and Dumber To marks the third film in that universe, there will be roughly 1,000 super hero movies released in the next 10 years and almost every studio has a major franchised reboot in the works. They can't stop, they won't stopSee also:

防藍光 iPhone 6 / Plus 名牌玻璃貼 - Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite for iPhone 6 / 6P 測試

Armorz 最近就推出濾藍光的 Stealth Extreme Lite 的 iPhone 6 / 6 Plus 玻璃貼,如果想保護 iPhone 熒幕及雙眼,不妨考慮。The post 防藍光 iPhone 6 / Plus 名牌玻璃貼 - Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite for iPhone 6 / 6P 測試 appeared first on UNWIRE.

Indian Streaming Service Saavn Adds Social Features To Get You Talking About Music

Saavn, the India-focused music streaming service, has launched a big update for its mobile apps today which adds a raft of new social and sharing features. Read More

走进spring之springmvc实战篇(一) - Htgy

本篇运用springmvc来试着写一个登录注册页面在动手之前,我们需要了解下springnvc.这里先献上一张springmvc的流程图及讲解。 Spring的MVC框架是一个基于DispatcherServlet的MVC框架,主要由DispatcherServlet、处理器映射、处理器、视图解析.

Klout Perks Is No More

Sad news for those who like free stuff – Klout Perks, the swag offered by social media scoring platform Klout, has quietly shut down. Lithium Technologies, the company that bought Klout more than a year ago confirmed it ended the Perks program in a statement to TechCrunch today.

LinkedIn Probably Owes You Money for Being Annoying

People join LinkedIn to help advance their careers (or at least feel like they’re trying). People do not join LinkedIn to receive an endless torrent of emails with this infamous line: “Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” A judge agrees, and now LinkedIn must pay.


火星商业性的殖民计划却意外引起了阶级斗争的争论: Elon Musk曾说过要在火星退休,他最近接受采访时表示担心世界大战或其它灾难性事件会毁掉火星殖民计划。结果,《新闻周刊》的 Kevin Maney联想到了阶级斗争和1%的富人,指责Elon Musk和其他梦想进入太空的亿万富翁要抛弃遭到全球气候变暖破坏的地球,去火星继续过美好时光。问题是火星环境恶劣,即使遭到最严重破坏的地球其生存环境也比未经过地球化改造的火星好一万倍。

Cyanogen OS向用户展示微软广告

Cyanogen公司的商业操作系统Cyanogen OS最近释出了新版12.11,深度整合了微软的数字助手Cortana。但除了Cortana,用户现在还发现该公司开始向用户推荐微软的应用:选择一个没有默认应用的文件,系统向用户建议了微软的应用和服务。此举被用户批评走的太远。Cyanogen OS与社区发行版CyanogenMod不同,后者由社区开发,前者则由Cyanogen公司负责,该公司前不久与微软达成了合作协议,微软的应用和服务目前没有进入CyanogenMod,但不知道是否永远不会进入。

雅虎与股东Starboard达成协议 新增四名独立董事

雅虎已经与大股东Starboard Value达成新协议,将新增四位由后者提名的独立董事成员,以顺利促成雅虎旗下核心资产的出售计划。四位独立董事将包括:Starboard CEO杰夫·史密斯(Jeff Smith)、前德银证券科技产业负责人托尔·布雷厄姆(Tor Braham)、前DirecTV CEO艾迪·哈滕斯坦(Eddy Hartenstein),及前Tessera Technologies董事会主席理查德·希尔(Richard Hill)。该项人事变动即刻起生效。

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