.NET 6 is almost ready for prime time

Many of us are barely getting acquainted with .NET 5 and all of its goodies yet here comes .NET 6 marching forward at the speed of light headed into its second to last preview release. There are many improvements and ... Read more

The importance of IT systems resiliency, and five ways SMBs can achieve it

As overused as it may be, the old mantra still holds definitively true – you're only as strong as your weakest link, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to your IT systems.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Meet the New Cold War, Same As the Old Cold War

Remember the Cold War? We basically spent half a century on the precipice of worldwide nuclear annihilation. Well, like it or not, the Cold War is back. In fact, it never really ended.Read more...

Australia's Secret History as a White Utopia

Today, the majority of Australians take pride in being part of a multicultural, multiethnic society. But much like the United States, Australia has a brutally racist history.Read more...

36 Tantalizing Photos Of Textures

Rough. Smooth. Sandy. Variegated. Machined. Organic. They're the textures all around us, and for this week's Shooting Challenge , you captured them with a keen eye.Read more...

Why The Nazis Believed They Could Win the Battle of Britain

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the first time in history that one nation tried to defeat another using airstrikes. Here’s how the Nazis thought they could do it—and how agonizingly close they actually came to achieving victory.Read more...

86 Viral Images From 2014 That Were Totally Fake

We debunked a lot of fake viral photos this year. Eighty-six, to be exact. And that doesn't even include all those fake toilet photos from the Sochi Olympics , those fake Ebola cures , and all the lies that UberFacts helped spread . It was a busy year for fakes.Read more...

Forza Motorsport 7 video game to be removed from digital stores soon

Forza Motorsport 7 will officially reach end of life status on September 15th. This means that, while the game and DLC will still be able to be downloaded from the Microsoft Store digital storefront on Windows PC and Xbox consoles ... Read more

Ariana Grande is coming to Fortnite next week in new Rift Tour concert event

The Fortnite video game’s next big major concert event has been announced and it’s set to happen next week from August 6th through to the 8th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows PC, and all other supported platforms. Officially, ... Read more

New optional patches are available for Windows 10 version 21H1 and older

Microsoft has released today new optional patches for Windows 10 version 21H1 and older versions of the OS. If you’re running the Windows 10 version 21H1, 20H2, or 2004, the same KB5004296 patch is available to download from Windows Update, ... Read more

Windows 11 Insider build 22000.100 moves to Beta Channel

The Windows 11 Insider build 22000.100 is making its way to the Beta channel today. This is the first Windows 11 preview build to land in that channel of the Windows Insider Program, and Microsoft now recommends Dev Channel Insiders ... Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Top 5 tips and tricks for new pilots playing on PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the most beautiful titles on PC. You can hop in a virtual airplane and fly anywhere in the world, and enjoy seeing famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate ... Read more

Microsoft acquires Spend Intelligence company Suplari

Microsoft announced yesterday that it had acquired Suplari, a Seattle-based company providing AI-automated analytics & insights, for an undisclosed amount. Suplari helps finance, procurement, and business leaders to optimize their spending by using AI and analytics to predict and manage .

Outlook on the web brings calendar and tasks right next to your inbox

Microsoft has announced that Outlook on the web is getting a new To Do integration that should help users efficiently organize their work. The latest update has introduced a My Day side-pane which brings a side-by-side view of emails, tasks, ... Read more

Microsoft acquires CIEM leader CloudKnox Security

Microsoft is set to beef up its cloud security and entitlement management platform with the acquisition of CloudKnox. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it acquired CloudKnox Security, which represents the company's move towards adding additional modern identity security by leveraging .

Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 (Intel) review: An upgrade that could use an upgrade

Starting at $915.85 Welcome to another "4-minute review", where the Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 is up on the review-chopping block. Thanks to its iterative nature, the ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 review might clock in at even shorter than 4 ... Read more

Microsoft's new broadcast development kit for Teams is tailored for cloud production workflows

Microsoft has released a new broadcast development kit for Teams that will make it easy for production studios to integrate Teams feeds right into their cloud production workflows. The open-source project will require an Azure virtual machine to pull the ... Read more



An Inside Peek at China's Ghost City

Built for a population in excess of a million—yet largely uninhabited to this day—it's little surprise that Ordos has earned itself the nickname of China's Ghost City.Read more...    

毛利率60% 三星Galaxy S5零件成本为$256

根据市场研究公司IHS对三星最新旗舰机型Galaxy S5进行拆解,并对各个零件进行统计之后表示该机的零件成本为$256,而目前S5裸机版本售价为$660,这就意味着这款旗舰的毛利率达到了60%左右。

This Is Where Your Electricity Comes From

Ever wondered where those electrons come from when you plug something into your wall? Well, the Wall Street Journal has a lovely map which shows the main sources of electricity in each of the U.S. states.Read more...

The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

HughPickens.com writes James Swearingen writes at The Atlantic that the Internet can be a mean, hateful, and frightening place — especially for young women but human behavior and the limits placed on it by both law and society can change. In a Pew Research Center survey of 2,849 Internet users,

索尼微软主机游戏竞争引入中国 门槛重重殊难跨越





前几天和一朋友聊互联网产品创业。从聊天过程中就可以看出,他非常关心“产品运营”这部分,不过有一个问题是,从整个 […]




创业失败理由千千万,本文将为你总结出最无法容忍的十大创业深坑。不过说实在话,列出前浪们死在沙滩上的原因是为了帮助后浪们可以吸取教训,但愿后来者可以心似明镜不再吃创业前辈们吞过的苦果。为什么说创业难?因为前路漫漫,栽倒在这十个坑里的创业者最多。 第一坑:不够聪明聪明在这里无关真正定义上的 IQ。创业 IQ 也叫 EIQ,是对整体宏观形势的揣度。很多创业者自己百分之一百地理解自己的项目,却不怎么懂得为何市场能够接受这个创意或者市场为何要否定自己想法。除此外,创业者同样不明白为什么那么多偶发不可控、毫无规章可言的创新却能生龙活虎地落地。

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