What are the key challenges facing employees when it comes to phishing attacks?

Security is so much more than just having a certain suite of products on a checklist provided by a regulatory body.

Businesses suffer major financial damage as a result of supply chain attacks

Supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common.

Many IT leaders feel they don't get the credit they deserve

IT teams played a key role in helping businesses remain operational during lockdown .

Prevent ransomware by stopping lateral movement: the case for active defense

The “hack for ransom” threat is spreading rapidly and, in many cases, paying handsomely.

How the progressive CFO validates plans and persuades peers

Progressive CFOs are using analytics and AI to create a finance narrative the business understands.

Frontpoint review

Our Frontpoint review will help you decide if the security system’s features, prices, and customer support are the right fit for your business.

Is chat really self-sufficient?

Does chat actually allow our users to self-solve? Or have we got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the self-sufficiency ability of chat?

Approaching digital transformation with a more holistic mindset

Three key criteria for evaluating initiatives.

Using technology to create trust

Trust offers brands a competitive advantage and today they can use technology to create trust.

Many UK CISOs don't feel like they have control of their organisation

Hybrid working, widening skills gap and shrinking budgets make CISOs struggle to keep track of what goes on.

Most workers want more AI in the workplace

Attitudes towards AI in the office are shifting, report finds.


不出所料,诺基亚在今天开幕的MWC世界移动通信大会上发布了传闻已久的五款新品。其中包含三部定制的Android […]

5 Rad Internships You Had No Idea Existed

The job market sure isn't what it used to be. Entry-level positions (read: internships) are usually grossly underpaid — if they're even paid at all — and likely involve menial, day-to-day tasks. Like it or not, it's the new career totem pole, and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Radical Dual Tilting Blade Helicopter Design Targets Speeds of Over 270mph

Zothecula writes: As one of the contenders in the race to win a $100 billion contract from the U.S. government for the next generation of attack helicopter in the Army's Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR-TD) program,

Tempo Smart Calendar Upgrade Means It Really 'Gets' You

One of the iPhone's smartest calendar apps just got a little smarter.Tempo AI, the company behind Tempo, rolled out a redesigned app that adds support for iOS' Reminders app and Waze. The update also includes natural language processing for easier event creation.See also:

Bing Offers gets a new discount program called Card-Linked, an easier way to save

Microsoft has launched a new discount program as part of Bing Offers. This new program is called Card-Linked, where you can turn your credit or debit card into your own member discount card.

9 celebrities you didn’t know hail from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things: High-end gambling, risqué nightclubs, poolside cocktails and the possibility of finding a tiger in your hotel suite.What Vegas isn’t known for, however,

看完了,Bootstrap学习是关键 - 小李子2926


The Techno-Islands That May Replace the Maldives

If the 350 thousand-odd Maldivians want to stay put, they may have to rebuild everything, starting with the ground they walk on.Read more...

Ceph vs Swift - 架构剖析

Spark常用函数讲解--键值RDD转换 - MOBIN-F

摘要: RDD:弹性分布式数据集,是一种特殊集合 ‚ 支持多种来源 ‚ 有容错机制 ‚ 可以被缓存 ‚ 支持并行操作,一个RDD代表一个分区里的数据集RDD有两种操作算子: Transformation(转换):Transformation属于延迟计算,当一个RDD转换成另一个RDD时并没有立即进行

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