Many executives aren't sure they made the right pandemic tech investments

Many are still waiting to see how things will play out.

Businesses suffer major financial damage as a result of supply chain attacks

Supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common.

Many IT leaders feel they don't get the credit they deserve

IT teams played a key role in helping businesses remain operational during lockdown .

Prevent ransomware by stopping lateral movement: the case for active defense

The “hack for ransom” threat is spreading rapidly and, in many cases, paying handsomely.

How the progressive CFO validates plans and persuades peers

Progressive CFOs are using analytics and AI to create a finance narrative the business understands.

Frontpoint review

Our Frontpoint review will help you decide if the security system’s features, prices, and customer support are the right fit for your business.

Is chat really self-sufficient?

Does chat actually allow our users to self-solve? Or have we got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the self-sufficiency ability of chat?

Approaching digital transformation with a more holistic mindset

Three key criteria for evaluating initiatives.

Hybrid work: disruptive or dynamic?

The challenges businesses face following a transition to hybrid work.

Hybrid working has made way for a new dawn of data strategies. Here’s how…

Here's how businesses can take advantage of the remote working revolution to build a modern data strategy.

What are the key challenges facing employees when it comes to phishing attacks?

Security is so much more than just having a certain suite of products on a checklist provided by a regulatory body.



Mobile: Software development for electronics

Innovation in the electronics industry today is increasingly driven by the software embedded within devices and systemsRead more:

手把手教你做关键词匹配项目(搜索引擎)---- 第十四天 - oShine.Q

第十四天起点:1.手把手教你做关键词匹配项目(搜索引擎)---- 第一天回顾:13.手把手教你做关键词匹配项目(搜索引擎)---- 第十三天小帅帅收到于老大的代码后,觉得看起来有点吃力,也不知道用了什么设计模式。


很久没有心情澎湃到提笔写一篇技术评论,直到看了微软的全息眼镜 HoloLens 原型发布。这两天科技相关的微博、朋友圈已经讨论疯了,如果还没有了解这个新发明的请先看这个视频宣传片:  本文不涉及讨论任何技术 ... ...


关于史玉柱“引入新狼,赶走兔子”的争论在朋友圈刷屏,有的站在公司管理的角度点赞,有的站在员工利益的角度反驳,各 ...

互联网遇上大健康 壹康复成不二之选

杭州2016年5月13日电 /美通社/ -- 5月13日,壹康复在杭州的首家健康馆历经11个月的打磨之后,载望开业。颐高集团董事长翁南道,马云特别助理、太极禅苑院长陈伟等重量级嘉宾亲临助阵。火爆的场面,足以佐证“壹康复”这块招牌在大健康领域的分量。咬紧质量不放松,宁慢三分不抢一秒的它,在历经一整年的沉淀之后,终于从互联网+健康(医疗)服务的市场里杀了出来,准备迎接厚积薄发的精彩。

Guy brings cat to prom and gets the best Photoshop battle

It was inevitable, really. The Internet was equally delighted and confused on Monday after Imgur user caroline12006 posted a photo of her brother Sam Steingard and his cat Ruby, dressed to impress in full prom attire. "My brother took our cat to prom," the post headline read. SEE ALSO:


7月18日消息,在华为起诉三星、美国运营商T-Mobile之后,华为迎来了诺基亚在美国向其发起的专利诉讼。此诉讼被认为是援助被华为起诉的T-Mobile。对于诺基亚的诉讼,华为方面向网易科技表示,华为将采取必要措施就诺基亚网络提出的指控进行自我辩护。今年7月初,华为在美国德克萨斯州东区法庭发起了对T-Mobile的专利诉讼。华为认为T-Mobile侵犯了自身4G LTE相关通信专利,而T-Mobile拒绝与华为达成专利许可协议。

: Sony Xperia 即將改變設計語言,下半年新機 F8831 外觀曝光

圖片來源: GSMArena閱讀全文

小米神秘新机曝光!会是红米Note 4吗?

除了红米Pro之外,小米似乎还准备了其它新机。今天,我们在国家3C质量认证中心和国家无线电核准中心均发现了一款型号为2016090的小米新机。小米神秘新机曝光!会是红米Note 4吗?从资料来看,该机配备的是5V/2A ... ...

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