UK lagging behind on implementing remote networks

India and Australia much further ahead when it comes to Zero Trust networks.

The importance of IT systems resiliency, and five ways SMBs can achieve it

As overused as it may be, the old mantra still holds definitively true – you're only as strong as your weakest link, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to your IT systems.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Businesses suffer major financial damage as a result of supply chain attacks

Supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common.

Many IT leaders feel they don't get the credit they deserve

IT teams played a key role in helping businesses remain operational during lockdown .

Prevent ransomware by stopping lateral movement: the case for active defense

The “hack for ransom” threat is spreading rapidly and, in many cases, paying handsomely.

How the progressive CFO validates plans and persuades peers

Progressive CFOs are using analytics and AI to create a finance narrative the business understands.

Frontpoint review

Our Frontpoint review will help you decide if the security system’s features, prices, and customer support are the right fit for your business.

Is chat really self-sufficient?

Does chat actually allow our users to self-solve? Or have we got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the self-sufficiency ability of chat?

Approaching digital transformation with a more holistic mindset

Three key criteria for evaluating initiatives.

Many executives aren't sure they made the right pandemic tech investments

Many are still waiting to see how things will play out.

Hybrid work: disruptive or dynamic?

The challenges businesses face following a transition to hybrid work.

Hybrid working has made way for a new dawn of data strategies. Here’s how…

Here's how businesses can take advantage of the remote working revolution to build a modern data strategy.

微软向购买Xbox One的Xbox 360用户赠送75美元礼品卡

4月初微软宣布Xbox One售出500万台的时候,索尼已经宣布PlayStation4销量突破700万台。次 […]

苹果 iPhone 的美国销量自 2012 年以来首次击败 Android 设备

苹果公司凭借着更新、更大的 iPhone 6 系列手机的火爆在过去几个月里售出了 创历史纪录数量 的新款、旧款智能手机,如今该公司又跨过了另一个重要的里程碑:苹果过去三年里第一次在关键的美国市场中销量击败 Android 设备。

Nikon adds Wi-Fi and NFC to popular DSLR camera

A camera without a way to connect to a smartphone or tablet might as well be a rock, right? Nikon's new D7200 is the successor to the D7100 and is the company's first DSLR to have both built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.See also: Nikon D810A is the ideal camera for taking stellar photos of the starsPreviously,


美司法部:苹果电子书反垄断表现好 不监督了


画面好美:任天堂N3DS掌机成功运行Win 95

随着性能、屏幕的增强,在手机上玩游戏已经成为大多数人的选择,不过仍有人喜欢掌机的手感。  最近,有美国网友在 Gbatemp 发文称,他已经成功在 New 3DS 上运行了 Win 95 系统。从该网友放出的图片来看,系统 ... ...



常用系统监控命令 - lidong0802

1、top命令 top命令是linux下最常用的性能分析工具,最简单的top命令输出如下(top): top命令的输出主要可以分为两部分:前半部分是系统统计信息,后半部分是进程信息。 在统计信息中第一行是任务队列信息,分别为:系统当前事件、系统运行时间、当前登录用户叔、1分钟5分钟15分钟内系统的平

思科裁员7% 业务重点转向软件业务

据路透社报道,今日美国思科公开宣布将裁员 5500 人,约占思科全球员工总人数的 7%。这家全球最大的网络设备制造商将会把重心转移到资安、物联网和云端运算等附加值更高的软件业务。之所以重心专业到软件业务,是因为面对来自华为和 Juniper Networks 等公司的激烈竞争,电信运营商和企业客户对思科传统的交换器和路由器产品需求低迷。在截至 7 月 30 日的第四财季,思科的路由器业务营收下降 6%,交换器业务营收则增长 2%;服务器供货商的订单减少 5%,新兴市场营收下降 6%。罗宾斯去年 7 月担任首席执行官后,便引领思科朝向更为侧重软件与注册服务的方向前进。

UK government must address the impact of robots and AI on workforce

A new report by the UK's Science and Technology Committee is urging the government to consider the impact of robotics and AI on the country's workforce.

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