4 key areas SaaS startups must address to scale infrastructure for the enterprise

As companies grow, their security and reliability needs evolve. When working with large customers, having empathy for these needs will go a long way.

How a plant virus could help stop cancers from reaching the lungs

Using a virus that grows in black-eyed pea plants, nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego developed a new treatment that could keep metastatic cancers at bay from the lungs.

New tech to prevent Li-ion battery fires

Materials scientists from Nanyang Technological University Singapore have found a way to prevent internal short-circuits, the main cause of fires in Li-ion batteries.Billions of Li-ion batteries are produced annually for use in mobile phones, laptops, personal mobile devices,

Here’s how you can upgrade to Windows 11 early

Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 11 on October 5.  However, the company has finalised the new version and released it to its Release Preview channel.You can switch to the Release Preview in Windows 10 and get the free Windows 11 upgrade early.

Upcoming PUBG game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5: report

The developers of the PUBG mobile survival gaming franchise are reportedly availing Unreal Engine 5 for its upcoming instalment.It is no secret that the sequel of the acclaimed is in development. The project rumoured to be titled PUBG 2,

How do you help someone with their leg bitten off by a shark?

How do you help someone with their leg bitten off by a shark? Groundbreaking research by an Australian medic-surfer has uncovered a simple way to stop bleeding and save lives.Find the middle point between the hip and the genitals, make a fist and push as hard as you can.

PM Imran Khan launches Digital Media Development Program

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Digital Media Development Program and said that information technology (IT) is a big opportunity for the youth, ARY News reported on Friday.PM Imran Khan,

Twitter will allow people to tip their favorite content creators with bitcoin

Twitter will now allow people to tip their favorite content creators with bitcoin and will also launch a fund to pay some users who host audio chat rooms on its Spaces feature, the company said on Thursday.The company also said it will test new ways to help users have a safer experience on Twitter,

Pinterest shares drop as company misses on user growth…again

Pinterest’s shares had popped last week when Snap posted its best quarter in four years, as investors were betting Pinterest’s image-based social app would also see a return in advertiser spending. Those expectations now appear to be correct,

Robinhood’s stock drops 8% in its first day’s trading

Once the U.S. consumer investing and trading app began to allow investors to trade its shares, they went down sharply, off more than 10% in the first hours of its life as a floating stock.

Horizon Blockchain Games raises $4.5M for its NFT trading card game and wallet

Horizon Blockchain Games is — as the name implies — a company building games on the blockchain, along with tools to help others do the same. The company announced today that it has raised another $4.5M, bringing its total raised to a little over $13M. Horizon’s first game is Skyweaver,

Windows Phone 的这几年 - 淡如水wp

Windows Phone 从2010年10月发布,到如今已经有3年多了。从那时坚持到现在的用户和开发者一定感慨很多吧。

iPad 的毒药,Surface 的蜜糖

到底能不能用 iPad 来真正的工作?一部分人说可以,一部分人说不行,刚好两方的意见都十分强烈,谁也无法说服谁。

三星屏幕欲出售AMOLED技术 但竞争对手并不感兴趣

作为三星电子(Samsung Electronics)集团下属重要的子公司之一三星屏幕(Samsung Display)显然遇到了一些困难,本周三在首尔召开的业内会议上三星屏幕现任首席执行官Park Dong-geun表示目前正尝试把包括AMOLED技术在内的移动屏幕技术出售给其他公司,但是令人遗憾的是三星的竞争对手对此技术出售并不感兴趣。

Tablet on the Tube with Three's free Wi-Fi

Three has announced that it will follow EE, Vodafone and O2 by making free Wi-Fi available to customers in London Underground stations.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/17/use-your-tablet-tube-threes-free-wi-fi/


小编按:基础扫盲,大侠请略过。 每天,网络上都在更新各种数据,2013年中国互联网企业营收数据、2014年6月 […]

"Mr. Organic" died during a TV interview after saying he'd live to 100

The organic food movement owes a lot to Jerome Rodale. As the publisher of Prevention and Organic Farming and Gardening magazines in the 1940s and 50s, Rodale was promoting "organic food" before most people had even heard the term. But today he's probably best remembered for his death.

新型恶意软件可通过 USB 感染 iPhone、iPad 及 Mac 电脑

Mac 电脑不会染上病毒,许多年来坊间一直都流传着这样的说法。但实际的情况显然不会如此美好,而且在最近,情况还变得更糟了一些。网络安全公司 Palo Alto Networks 近期发现,一款名为...





【報價】首部 4K 芒手機 Z5 Premium Z5P 香港售價$6,398

Xperia Z5 家族一口氣提供三款機種,包括 4.6 吋 HD 解像度,機身較細的 Xperia Z5 Compact、標準 5.2 吋 Full HD 解像度的 Xperia Z5、以及首款 4K 解像度熒幕的 5.5 吋智能手機 Xperia Z5 Premium。

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