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Practice Putting At 3,000 Feet With This Mountaintop Mini-Golf Course

If you make it to the top of La Rhune, a 3,000-foot-tall mountain in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, you can look up and out to the natural panorama: peaks and valleys stretching unobstructed into the distance. Or you could look down to the playful Panorama:

Alfred Club, Because Automatic Is Better Than On-Demand

As we grow increasingly lazy, the on-demand space will continue to grow. But that doesn’t mean that on-demand services are saving us entirely from the stresses of tedious chores. That’s where Alfred Club comes in. Read More

研究表明 Uber 司机比出租车司机的时薪更高,工作时长更短

根据 Uber 在今天公布的一份调查研究,人们愿意成为 Uber 司机的主要原因是这个平台可以让他们灵活选择驾驶的时间和频率,而且 Uber 司机的每小时收入要比同等的出租车司机更高。

Tom Brady clearly spent the day catching up on Super Bowl memes

If his Facebook page is any good measure, Patriots quarterback and MVP of Super Bowl XLIX Tom Brady seems to be having a great post-Super Bowl Monday.The four-time Super Bowl champion seems to have spent the day catching up on memes from the big game. Proof:

Google's Testing Web-Style Responsive Ads on Huge London Billboards

Google has long been using technology it calls DoubleClick to target ads on millions of websites. Now, it’s taking it to the city streets, installing a series of billboard in London that use real-time data to change what they display.Read more...

Nielsen:2015年美国黑莓系统仅占0.7% 已成手机界的AOL拨号上网

黑莓今年发布的最佳智能手机事实上是一款Android手机。2013年黑莓尝试通过Blackberry OS 10系统来挽回颓势,唤醒黑莓死忠心底的那丝执着追求,但最受事实证明这款系统和webOS和Firefox OS一样陷入了小众的尴尬境地。事实上,黑莓系统就像是AOL拨号上网服务,虽然实际用户使用量大幅减少,你会惊讶的发现依然有少部分人在使用这款系统。

Sunday's Best Deals: Amazon Tap, $50 Sony Bluetooth Headphones, Pyrex, and More

$30 off the Amazon Tap, $50 Sony Bluetooth headphones, and Pyrex measuring cups lead off Sunday’s best deals. Read more...

不开玩笑,马斯克真要开挖地下交通隧道 | 极客早知道 2017 年 1 月 26 日

金立M6S Plus发布:支持活体指纹 将推四摄新品

线上红利逐渐消失的今天,OPPO、vivo、金立等渠道厂商在去年迎来了快速增长期。同时,在渠道优势渐显之后,这些传统的线下品牌趁势推出了自己的细分产品,并签约相关领域的明星作为代言人。        其中,OPPO 邀请杨幂、李易峰等当红影星,并率先开启了多彩机身的销售模式;vivo 继续主打拍照和音响,并成为首批推出曲面屏的手机厂商;而作为成立十五年之久的金立手机,续航和安全依旧是其最大的卖点,并且开始向高端进阶。        

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