Onin is trying to fix event planning by combining calendar and chat

What would happened if your go-to calendar and messaging apps were in fact one and the same thing? That’s the thinking behind Onin — a UK startup that wants to simplify event planning by, well, making a more organized app for organizing stuff. If that sounds a little niche,

User’s Guide to TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 approaches in just three days. Here’s your how-to guide for everything you can expect at Disrupt. Although the main show kicks off on Tuesday the 21st, there’ll be some sneak peeks and extras going down on Monday.

Executive coaching for employees is complicated and emotional

BetterUp, a reskilling and coaching platform for employees before and beyond the C-suite, is getting in touch with its emotions. This week, the richly funded unicorn startup announced a pair of acquisitions in the emotional artificial intelligence and people management space: Motive and Impraise.

The GoPro-ification of the iPhone

Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review! Last week, we talked about some sunglasses from a company that many people do not like very much. This week, we’re talking about Apple and the company 1,600 times smaller than it that’s facing similar product problems.

This Week in Apps: Apple’s iPhone event, App Annie hit with securities fraud, OpenSea goes mobile

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020.

SEC Regional Director Erin Schneider is joining us at Disrupt

If ever there was a time when working at the Securities and Exchange Commission was a dull affair, that’s no longer true. The federal agency that’s responsible for protecting investors and maintaining fair and orderly functioning of our securities markets is busier than ever,

Divining the real value of my favorite fintech sub-niche 

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by what the weekday Exchange column digs into, but free, and made for your weekend reading.

SoftBank’s Marcelo Claure is coming to Disrupt next week

SoftBank has been on a tear in Latin America. The Japanese investment conglomerate just announced it has launched its second Latin America-focused fund with a $3 billion capital commitment from the company that may grow as the fund explores “options to raise additional capital,

Nigerian agritech startup Releaf secures $4.2M to scale its food processing technology

The distance between their farms and the nearest processor is key for smallholder farmers who need to process their crops. And though Nigeria’s food processing systems have a keen resemblance to the West with respect to big factories and huge economies of scale in high-demand cities,

Folk helps you share contacts with your team

Folk is a new productivity tool started by European startup studio eFounders. And the startup just raised a $3.3 million seed funding round led by Accel with a big group of business angels. When you think about managing contacts and relationships in a professional environment,

Swedish caller-identification service Truecaller seeks to raise over $100 million in IPO

Truecaller, which operates an eponymous caller-identification service, said on Wednesday it is looking to raise $116 million in an initial public offering on Nasdaq Stockholm. The 12-year-old Stockholm-headquartered firm, which counts India as its biggest market by users,





Atheer Labs Releases A First Enterprise Developer Kit For Its 3D, Wearable Glasses

There is a pretty wide spectrum between wearables like Google Glass, which you take around with you in your everyday life, and fully immersive virtual reality experiences like the Oculus Rift, which take you out of the real world and are experienced in a stationary environment. Atheer Labs,

This Gaming Laptop With a Mechanical Keyboard Is So Gleefully Insane

Convertibles? Whatever. Ultrabooks? idgaf. A damn huge laptop with a mechanical keyboard built right in? Now we're getting somewhere.Read more...

索尼SmartBand Talk上手:搭载电子墨水屏

跟彩色屏幕相比,电子墨水屏的优势在于省电以及阳光下的可视性。威锋网 1 月 9 日消息,日前,索尼在 CES 2015 展会上正式推出了搭载电子墨水屏幕的智能手环 SmartBand Talk。

分体式机械键盘 迷你机身配Cherry MX按键

现如今,市面上的机械键盘种类繁多,基本上都能满足消费者的需求,而如果你想要一款分体式机械键盘,那么这款“终极骇客键盘”(Ultimate Hacking Keyboard)会是一个不错的选择。  

03月21日 Cydia插件iOS 8兼容性更新汇总

PHEnhancer 当前版本 1.0-8 兼容 iOS 8.0 收费 0.99美元  《PHEnhancer》是一款拨号界面增强的插件,安装之后拥有以下功能:编辑输入错误的号码、移除打字声音、显示或者隐藏标签、显示或者隐藏FaceTime。

索尼发布Alpha7s II 支持4K视频具有超高ISO

索尼刚刚发布了其最新相机 – Alpha A7s II。作为Alpha A7s后续产品,这款全画幅无反光镜相机保持和原作相同的409600 ISO设置,但增加了内部4K视频录制支持。Alpha A7s只支持外部4K视频视,使其成为相机的最大弱点。

Worse Than A Cold Call? Polar Bear Pitching In The Arctic Circle

Strong in tech, but lacking in either sunlight or warmth, the third annual Polar Bear Pitching competition, which took place on February 10–11, has found a perfect home in the city of Oulu, which lies 600 km north of Helsinki (and is reminiscent of the fictional depiction of the real city of Fargo,



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