Only a handful of GDPR fines dished out in the UK since it came into effect

Spain has issued hundreds

Best small business website builders in 2021

We evaluate the best small business website builders, helping you choose the right option for your company's new site.

Ring for Business review

Ring for Business supports a variety of sensors and cameras, with useful features like user management and individual staff codes.

Hybrid working is creating fresh headaches for security leaders

Many leaders struggle to balance employee experience and security

Workers unwilling to shoulder responsibility for cybersecurity

Employees that don't work in IT think cybersecurity is someone else's responsibility

Many businesses are taking too long to respond to attacks

The average company takes more than two full days to respond

Digital transformation progress made clear by the Digital Maturity Matrix

How companies can gauge their own digital transformation development

How teams can embrace Agile collaboration in the hybrid work era

How remote and hybrid teams can collaborate consistently and effectively

Your workplace security policies could be shutting down innovation

Most developers agree, corporate security policies are getting in the way of innovation

Scale shows fail. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t for you.

Scaling is exciting, right? But what is seldom discussed is how scale can show fail.

The pandemic has driven a boom in industrial IoT

Early IoT adopters haven't been quite so disrupted by Covid-19

Jawbone UP Data Shows How Many Woke Up During the Napa Earthquake

The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that struck the Napa region of Northern California on Sunday was the strongest the area has seen in 25 yearsThe quake was so strong, in fact, that it woke many in the region — as we learned from a sudden change in the sleeping patterns of people nearby,

Nvidia Promises Android 5.0 Update For Shield Tablet This Month

Android rollouts always have fans vying to see who gets a taste first; generally speaking, the Nexus faithful are rewarded for sticking to devices Google has committed to updating swiftly. Nvidia, which has begun making a fair number of Android devices beyond the scope of the smartphone category,

Sony 研發新款智能手錶!錶面及錶帶皆由電子紙製成

不經不過 Sony 已經推出過三款 SmartWatch 智能手錶,但比較可惜的是它們都不太受消費者歡迎,因此銷量並不理想。

css知多少(6)——选择器的优先级 - 王福朋

1. 引言 上一节《css知多少(5)——选择器》最后提到,选择器类型过多将导致一些问题,是什么问题呢?咱们直接举例子说明。


如果你是音乐发烧友,同时又爱好收藏,那么一定会喜欢黑胶唱片机。美国父子档工作室Silvan Audio Wor […]





He's not on the stage, but Donald Trump's still in control of the debate

DES MOINES, IOWA — Donald Trump seems to be getting exactly what he wants, with his absence leaving a sleepy debate in his wake.Trump's move to take his circus across town has sucked much of the oxygen out of Fox News's debate,



Optus finally reveals how you can watch the EPL in Australia

After Optus stole the broadcast and digital rights to three seasons of the English Premier League from right under Fox Sports' nose last year, Australian fans were left bewildered as to how they would watch their favourite game in 2016.On Thursday,

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