How to connect Fitbit to your phone

So you have a cool new Fitbit. Congrats! Here's a hint: The first thing you're going to want to do is connect it to your phone.A large portion of any Fitbit's functionality relies on pairing it with a phone. Connecting the two devices allows you to access more complete fitness data,

Fitbit Charge with Windows Phone: A fitness tracker with a decent price

I'll be honest -- I've never been into fitness/activity trackers. I've never had the need to keep track of calories burned or how many steps I've taken. But I was in a dire need of a watch, so when a Fitbit Charge landed on my doorstep for review,

Samsung Gear Fit review

Samsung’s Gear Fit is part fitness tracker and part smartwatch, and a thing of beauty – but it’s mainly just an accessory for recent Samsung devices.Read more:

Accounts Launches A New Address Book For iOS That Tracks Your Many Identities

An application called Accounts, live now on iOS to start, is a new attempt at developing a universal address book. While many competitors that have gone before it have focused on aggregating user accounts from the major social networks – like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter,

Garmin’s Vivofit Has Some Neat Features, But How Does It Compare To Other Wearables?

Garmin had the world by the tail. With their amazing in-car GPS devices and great sports watches, it looked like things could only go up. Until every phone on the market got a GPS chip and Google mapped the world. Now,

Shortcut Debuts A Siri-Like App For The “Internet Of Things”

Addicted to home automation and other web-connected gadgetry, such as Lockitron or Unikey door locks, Nest or EcoBee smart thermostats, Belkin wemo switches, Dropcam, Fitbit, Jawbone, Sonos and more? Then you're going to like this:

Jawbone UP3 Review: A Fitness Fiasco

The UP3 was supposed to be so much better. It was supposed to be fashion-forward. It was supposed to be waterproof. It was supposed to be more intelligent than any other fitness tracker. It isn’t. I spent the last couple weeks trying to like this band, and I just can’t do it.Read more...

IoT Startups Need To Consider Their Business Models Carefully

With forecasts projecting that billions of new devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, device makers are rushing to release new products they hope will corner the Internet of Things market.This much was evident at CES this year,

Forget Wristbands, FreeWavz Brings Fitness Monitoring To Your Earphones

Health and fitness monitoring is a popular function in many of today’s wristband wearables like the Fitbit or Jawbone UP, for example, but a new company called FreeWavz wants to bring those features and more to a different form factor: earphones.

How To Track Your Life With Apple Health

We've already taken a look at some of the features and capabilities of Google Fit , and Apple's own activity-tracking platform is now up and running too. Find out how you can use Apple's brand new app to monitor your daily exercise, improve your overall health,

Meet The HTC One ‘M8′, Available Today With Google Play Edition Shipping Soon

HTC has revealed its HTC One (M8) smartphone, the gorgeous, if somewhat inelegantly named Android flagship and successor to last year’s original HTC One, the best-selling phone in HTC’s history. The device is debuting in ‘Gunmetal Gray,’ a finish we got a look at in a video leak yesterday,

Improve your Microsoft Excel skills with the help of this certification training bundle

TL;DR: The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is on sale for £25.04 as of Oct. 18, saving you 98% on list price.Microsoft Excel is a platform many of us are familiar with but have never mastered. In fact,

We asked TikTok baristas about Riddler's question mark latte art in 'The Batman' trailer

In the new trailer for the upcoming move The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, there are explosions, balls of fire, gritty voiceovers about retribution, and...latte art?Yep, one of the most talked-about moments involves a cup of coffee. Specifically,

The result of Apple's new privacy policy? More money for Apple.

Apple wants to be the privacy Big Tech company. But it won't say no to some extra cash as a result.Earlier in 2021, Apple instituted a new App Store policy that limited apps' ability to track user behavior without getting express permission first, which has made targeted advertising more difficult.

'Y: The Last Man' won't get a Season 2 from FX. The search for a new home has already begun.

In a devastating turn of events, Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed on Sunday that FX decided against moving ahead with a Season 2.It's a surprising move for a series that is still three episodes away from finishing its first season,

Selena Gomez privately put Facebook execs on blast in 2020 for all the hateful content

In internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, a whole host of people have been pushing back against Facebook for hate speech for some time now — and that list includes pop star and Only Murders in the Building comedy breakout Selena Gomez.

Daniel Craig crashes Rami Malek and Kenan Thompson's audition to play Prince on 'SNL'

From Get Out to Us, Jordan Peele has taken on directing his share of horror films about racism. Up next? A biopic about Prince that turns into a horror film about racism.That is, if you're watching Saturday Night Live. During a sketch on the latest SNL, Kenan Thompson, Rami Malek,

Chris Redd returns to 'SNL' Weekend Update to pay for a 2020 COVID joke that aged so poorly

Saturday Night Live's latest Weekend Update segments were highlighted by some actually-strong one-liners about COVID-bearing bats and, unexpectedly, trickle-down economics. But Chris Redd's appearance cast a shadow over all of it.It's not just his rant wanting to know who the hell drive blimps,

All the best air fryers on sale ahead of Black Friday

Early Black Friday sales have begun. Here are the best deals on air fryers as of Oct. 13:OUR TOP PICK: Ninja Four-Quart Air Fryer — Save $50.99BEST OVEN-STYLE AIR FRYER: Instant Vortex Pro 9-in-1 Air Fryer Oven — Save $20.04BEST FOR BIG FAMILIES:

Substack failed to register a URL. It allowed me to receive their private emails.

The Wall Street Journal. TechCrunch. Vice.These are just a handful of the media outlets who reached out to me earlier this year for comment in their stories. However, they weren't actually looking for me. No. They were trying to contact the online newsletter platform Substack,

'Squid Game' fashion isn't just for Halloween. It's taking over your entire wardrobe.

The Squid Game effect is real. The South Korean dystopian drama has sprouted a certain dessert frenzy, spurred interest in learning Korean, and has been crowned Netflix's biggest launch yet. But the domination of the series doesn't end there,

Unnecessarily Censored 'Finding Nemo' Will Make You Blush

Leave it to the Internet to turn Finding Nemo into an R-rated comedy.Jake Vale is the YouTube comedian behind this needlessly censored version of the Pixar classicSee also: The Pixar Theory:



Ferguson Protester: 'You Don't Want to Be Here After Sundown'

FERGUSON, Missouri — “It’s time to go home,” Ruth Gordon said, looking up into the petal pink sky that was giving way to dark blue as nighttime started to fall here“You don’t want to be here after sundown,” she addedLike many people in Ferguson,

C# 接口基础 - 麻将我会

接口只包含方法、属性、事件或索引器的签名。 实现接口的类或结构必须实现接口定义中指定的接口成员接口中可以包含字段吗?

风太大,你说 Chromebook 很便宜?E Fun 推出不到 300 美元的二合一变形本

“Windows 有数不完的应用。”“Chromebook 很便宜”,“Windows 本有高配置”“Chromebook 很便宜”,“Windows 本有大容量本地存储”“Chromebook 很便宜”,“Windows 二合一变形本不到 300 美金啦”“……”。

[图]马来西亚航空官网被黑 疑似乘客数据被窃

援引路透社报道马来西亚航空公司官方网站今天被网络黑客团体Lizard Squad攻击,并将本次攻击活动称之为“OFFICIAL CYBER CALIPHATE”,在顶部标题中显示为“404-Plane Not Found”(404-飞机还未找到)字样,应该和去年三月份神秘消失的马航MH370航班和在去年7月份被击落的MH17有关,截至发稿为止该网站依然还未恢复。

市場飽和!中國智能手機出貨量 6 年來首度出現下滑

作為全球最大的市場之一,過去幾年中國智能手機的銷量每年都有不錯的增長。不 過隨著中國越來越多人使用智能手機,其市場已開始逐步飽和。

独角兽公司度过了并不愉快的 2015 年

对于 独角兽公司 来说,2015 年是相当不顺心的一年。 在今年上市的 Box 和 Square 的市值都大不如前,它们的市值与上市前相比分别缩水了 30%和 40%。 另一方面,位于纽约的名牌服装网购平台 Gilt Groupe 目前正在进行收购谈判,它的预计被收购价格为 2.5 亿美元,这个价格要低于它向投资者筹集的 2.68… Read More


如果你是行业峰会和线下沙龙的常客,那么在这些活动上,肯定听到过不少成功创业者的分享。虎嗅君随手摘几条创业者语录,你也一定觉得似曾相识。比如“ 我们公司是如何没有花一分钱推广,从0做到一百万用户 ”,又比如“ 某知名投资人,第一次见面只用了3分钟就追着要投我们 ”。以及你可能听到耳朵都要起茧的“ 现在是创业最好的时代,我们最不缺的就是钱 ”#我这么穷不然去创个业吧但这些看似是成功宝典的背后,究竟隐藏着我们总该用点什么,不然就错过了这个丰腴的时代,如果你正在想着应该用点什么来改变自己的生活,那你已经找对地方了,点击下载独物,或者在应用市场搜索“独物”下载,我们来聊一聊!更有免费众测待你参与

Kevin Hart, Lionsgate team up for 'Laugh Out Loud' streaming service

LOS ANGELES — Kevin Hart and Lionsgate want you to LOL.The Santa Monica-based studio announced Thursday that it has partnered up with the comedian and his company, Hartbeat Digital, to launch a new video-on-demand service, Laugh Out Loud, as well as a social adventure mobile tablet game.SEE ALSO:

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