Marvel Never Asked Richard Madden To Go Blond (Or Change His Accent)

Marvel never asked actor Richard Madden to dye his hair blond or change his accent for his role in Eternals. Madden plays Ikaris, who has traditionally had blonde hair in his comic-book incarnation. Created by Jack Kirby in 1976, Ikaris is an Eternal,

Watch Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ event live right here

Apple is set to announce new hardware today. The company is holding a (virtual) keynote at 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, 7 PM in Paris). And you’ll be able to watch the event right here as the company is streaming it live.Rumor has it that the company is set to announce some new Macs.

China Could Be Exploiting Internet Security Process to Steal Data, Cyber Experts Warn

To access the data of unsuspecting users, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could take advantage of a universal authentication process that is believed to be secure but may not actually be, cybersecurity experts warned,

A Sinister Six Movie Should Copy Spider-Man: No Way Home & Bring In Miles

Sony’s upcoming Sinister Six movie should take some inspiration from Spider-Man: No Way Home and introduce a new version of Miles Morales. Sony has had plans for a Sinister Six film since The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise was in progress. The second film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2,

How Supergirl Revamped Superman IV's Story And Made It Work

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Supergirl season 6, episode 15, "Hope For Tomorrow."The Supergirl season 6 episode "Hope For Tomorrow" enhanced the story of the Superman movie Superman 4: The Quest For Peace in every respect.

The Flash Trailer Confirms Batman Will Have A Bigger Role Than We Thought

The latest The Flash trailer suggests that Michael Keaton's Batman has a bigger role in the film than many initially assumed. Ezra Miller makes his DCEU return as the Scarlet Speedster after starring in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

How Bulletproof Is Pattinson's Batsuit In The Batman?

Robert Pattinson’s Batman takes multiple bullets to the chest in the latest trailer for The Batman, indicating how bulletproof his version of the Batsuit is. Although he lacks superpowers, Batman fights crime in Gotham City with superlative fighting skills, a genius-level intellect,

What Katey Sagal Has Done Since Sons of Anarchy Ended

Katey Sagal played one of the most important characters in Sons of Anarchy, but what has she done since the show came to an end? In 2008, Kurt Sutter took the audience to a small town in California to meet a motorcycle club and all the drama in their daily lives in the TV series Sons of Anarchy.

Kurt Busiek To Write New Arrowsmith, Astro City Comics For Image

Kurt Busiek is returning to Image Comics and bringing along his fan-favorite series Astro City and Arrowsmith. Fans can expect a new Arrowsmith miniseries beginning in January 2022 and an Astro City one-shot in March 2022 that introduces the new status quo of the upcoming series. 

Eternals Ticket Sales Beating Black Widow & Shang-Chi

Within just a day of going on sale, the early tickets for Marvel's Eternals have already begun to outpace Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. After being forced to take 2020 off due to the coronavirus pandemic, the MCU has returned in full force this year. So far,

Life After Lockup: How Shawn Contradicts Himself With Poor Parenting

Shawn has introduced his second relationship on Life After Lockup, and both times he's seemingly pushed his parenting aside to pursue love. On Life After Lockup season 4, viewers followed Shawn's new relationship with Sara after a messy breakup with his ex Destinie.

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Microsoft Brings Outlook Web App to Some Android Devices

Microsoft made an Android version of its Outlook Web App (OWA) available to a handful of devices Thursday.The app, which has the same features as the iOS version, is a prerelease and is limited to users with Office 365 for business accounts.See also:

[视频]Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac推出:支持Yosemite 性能大幅提升

本周三,Parallels公司宣布推出Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac虚拟桌面应用,终于带来了万众期待的OS X 10.10 Yosemite系统的支持,并且提升了大部分Windows应用性能表现,对Office 2013更是提供了50%的性能优化,并且更节省电力。


成立合资公司共同开发及建设1.5GW太阳能发电站 香港2014年12月17日电 /美通社/ -- 联合光伏集团有限公司(“联合光伏” 或 “本公司”,股份代号:00686.


今天这篇文章,恰到好处地想表达作为一名设计师应该有的气质和姿态,这也是未来想要成为设计师的你应该提前去准备接受 […]

Google 重叠实验框架:更多,更好,更快地实验

辛苦优化的模型与策略线上效果到底如何? 这就需要一个能够支持线上A/B test 的一高效的线上实验平台。实验流量就是资源, 如果有一千个人同时在线上做对照实验, 资源如何分配呢?

Getting started with the Microsoft Outlook app

If any onlookers were puzzled by Microsoft's recent acquisition of email startup Acompli it's now clear the investment was well worth it.Microsoft's plans for the app came into full focus Thursday when the company rolled out a new version of the app, now rebranded as Outlook.See also:

Google Will Tell You When Its Driverless Cars Crash

Last month, a vehicle rear-ended one of Google’s self-driving cars at a Mountain View intersection. No one was hurt, but Google didn’t exactly broadcast the news to the public. Now, anyone will be able to download monthly reports about where the cars are and what they’re doing,

4 ways tech is making your headaches worse, according to a neurologist

If you ignore that pulsing, throbbing pain in your head long enough, it'll go away eventually — right?While it's hopefully just a small headache, a migraine is usually recurring and severe enough to make you feel nauseous or sensitive to light. If left untreated,

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Testing. Testing. Is This Thing On?

Not going to lie: I have no idea what this is. My attempted explanation is that we were told that we should do video podcasts, and instead of turning on a webcam like normal people, we decided to record ourselves within the world of Minecraft. Why did we choose to do it that way? I don’t know.

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