Secretly stash your stuff and charge your phone with this double-duty power bank

TL;DR: Power up and keep your possessions secure on the go with the Battpak Power Bank and Travel Safe, on sale for $89.99 as of Oct. 14. That's a 9% savings. In 2021, our devices should be able to do more than one thing. Your air fryer should also grill and slow cook.

Improve your Microsoft Excel skills with the help of this certification training bundle

TL;DR: The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is on sale for £25.04 as of Oct. 18, saving you 98% on list price.Microsoft Excel is a platform many of us are familiar with but have never mastered. In fact,

We asked TikTok baristas about Riddler's question mark latte art in 'The Batman' trailer

In the new trailer for the upcoming move The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, there are explosions, balls of fire, gritty voiceovers about retribution, and...latte art?Yep, one of the most talked-about moments involves a cup of coffee. Specifically,

The result of Apple's new privacy policy? More money for Apple.

Apple wants to be the privacy Big Tech company. But it won't say no to some extra cash as a result.Earlier in 2021, Apple instituted a new App Store policy that limited apps' ability to track user behavior without getting express permission first, which has made targeted advertising more difficult.

'Y: The Last Man' won't get a Season 2 from FX. The search for a new home has already begun.

In a devastating turn of events, Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed on Sunday that FX decided against moving ahead with a Season 2.It's a surprising move for a series that is still three episodes away from finishing its first season,

Selena Gomez privately put Facebook execs on blast in 2020 for all the hateful content

In internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, a whole host of people have been pushing back against Facebook for hate speech for some time now — and that list includes pop star and Only Murders in the Building comedy breakout Selena Gomez.

Daniel Craig crashes Rami Malek and Kenan Thompson's audition to play Prince on 'SNL'

From Get Out to Us, Jordan Peele has taken on directing his share of horror films about racism. Up next? A biopic about Prince that turns into a horror film about racism.That is, if you're watching Saturday Night Live. During a sketch on the latest SNL, Kenan Thompson, Rami Malek,

Chris Redd returns to 'SNL' Weekend Update to pay for a 2020 COVID joke that aged so poorly

Saturday Night Live's latest Weekend Update segments were highlighted by some actually-strong one-liners about COVID-bearing bats and, unexpectedly, trickle-down economics. But Chris Redd's appearance cast a shadow over all of it.It's not just his rant wanting to know who the hell drive blimps,

Learn how to get more followers with this social media marketing masterclass

TL;DR: Become internet savvy with the Social Media Marketing Growth Master Class Bundle, on sale for $39.99 as of Oct.14 — that's a 98% discount. If you've struggled with marketing yourself on social media,

These teeny tiny earbuds will be your new favorite way to listen to music

TL;DR: Listen comfortably with the Earin A-3 Wireless Earbuds on sale for $189 — a 5% discount — as of Oct. 14.When it really comes down to it, your earbuds are meant to do one basic thing: play music. Why, then, are so many loaded with unnecessarily cumbersome features?

Get 6 wines you’ll actually like delivered to your door for less than $5 a bottle

TL;DR: Try some new wines with the Firstleaf Wine Club, and get your first six bottles of wine for just $29.95 as of Oct. 14 — that's a 66% savings.The folks at your local grocery store mean well, but let’s face it, they’re not sommeliers.

A Friendly Sword Cane Reminder From Your Friends at the TSA, Pls

#TSA #FAI discovered this cane sword belonging to a pax headed to #ANC on Thurs. Cane swords go in checked bags, pls. — TSAmedia_Lorie (@TSAmedia_Lorie) May 2, 2014 Read more...

这家中国团队的 3D 打印机,打得出彩色模型

3D 打印机已经从小众走向大众,众筹网站上随处可见民用、廉价的打印机。但是,能用单喷头打出多彩模型的 3D 打印机并没有出现,而 DFRobot 是第一个吃这只螃蟹的。

Snowden leaks reveal encryption programs that NSA couldn't break

A new report on documents leaked to the press by whistleblower Edward Snowden highlights some security tools the National Security Agency has cracked — and those it hasn't — in its widespread surveillance of digital communication.The NSA had trouble breaking some forms of encryption,


阿里UED10大核心部门,50+设计岗位,期待你的到来! 阿里巴巴集团UED 这是一个充满热情与创意的组织,它是由一群平常拥有不同的兴趣,像音乐、跳舞.

Google Glass gives Snapchat Spectacles the reality check it needs

Google Glass gives Snapchat Spectacles some much-needed life advice and tips on surviving in the real world. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Wearables, Snapchat Spectacles, Snapchat, and Technology

长辈换机不犯愁 这些大屏手机最相宜

马上就要到新年啦,大家在回家探亲访友的同时少不了要为家中长辈选购一些礼品,此时送手机想必是最好的选择,因为紧密的沟通联系是表达孝心最好的方式。今天小编就来为大家推荐六款大屏幕手机,长辈用起来一定合心意 ... ...

计算机专业女大学生结婚找不到闺蜜 请了五个男生当伴娘

【媒体报导】5月27日消息,据国外媒体报道,24岁的丽贝卡阿兰蒂斯(Rebeca Brantes)是巴西一名计算机工程专业的女大学生,作为班里仅有的4个女生之一,她意识到自己结婚之前也许不能像一般女生那样,享受和女闺蜜们 ... ...

为什么说明年iPad Pro也将拥有OLED屏

今年,苹果预计将在其最高端iPhone机型中使用OLED显示屏,这也就标志着苹果开始从LCD液晶显示技术向OLED转变。相比于LCD,OLED在图像质量,功耗(至少在某些情况下),像素响应时间和可变形方面具有更大的优势。  而在苹果最近发布的10英寸iPad Pro,以及升级后的12.9英寸iPad Pro上,苹果再次使用了LCD显示屏。与旧款相比,新款iPad Pro不仅增强了图像质量,而且屏幕刷新率提升到了120Hz ,是此前机型的两倍,这使得用户的浏览体验更加流畅。  

Leia will pass the torch to a 'surrogate son' in 'The Last Jedi'

Carrie Fisher's final Star Wars movie will see General Leia Organa passing on the torch to a new leader of the Resistance.Between The Force Awakens and the bits we've already seen of The Last Jedi,

中国成功发射遥感三十号03组卫星 用于电磁环境探测等

2017年12月26日03时44分,我国在西昌卫星发射中心用长征二号丙运载火箭,成功将遥感三十号03组卫星发射升空,卫星进入预定轨道,发射任务获得圆满成功。遥感三十号03组卫星采用多星组网模式,主要用于开展电磁环境探测及相关技术试验。 阅读全文

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