How to watch the October Apple event

Calling all Apple fans: Get ready for another virtual event. Apple announced its second streaming event of the fall, where it's expected to reveal the next MacBook Pro featuring a brand new "M1X" chip. The company could also possibly reveal new AirPods,

How to watch the iPad launch event live next week

Next Thursday is the day on which Cupertino will reveal a new iPad Air and iPad mini, alongside a fresh iMac, and you’ll be able to watch it all live online.Read more:

Apple’s Busy Year-End Could Include A Fitness Wearable, 12″ Retina MacBook And 4K Products

Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri both have claimed excitement about the fall, but we have yet to get a glimpse at the total product pipeline. New reports from 9to5Mac claim a whole host of new info around specific launch timelines, however,

New iPad images leaked confirming Touch ID sensor, and also showing A8X chip

We’ve only got a couple of days to wait now before Apple unveils its fresh tablets, but that’s plenty of time for another leak or three…Read more:

Tim Cook Says Apple Music Has 6.5M Paying Users

It’s been three and a half months since Apple Music launched and, with the first wave of users’ free three-month trial periods coming to a close at the end of October, Apple has said the service has 6.5 million paying users. On top of that, Cook shared that there are currently 8.

We finally know what the Apple Watch's battery life is

After months of rumors and speculation, we now know how long you'll be able to wear the Apple Watch for before it needs to be recharged at an outletAt the Apple Watch's debut event in September, Apple CEO Tim Cook remained coy about its battery life, only vaguely saying it could be "worn all day,

Tune in for our iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6) rumours roundup: LIVE

Apple has invited the press to an event on its Cupertino campus, and while the company has stayed characteristically quiet on the subject under discussion, the timing means iPads will feature.Read more:

What To Expect From Apple’s iPad And Mac Event

Apple has a second big event planned for this fall, and it’s happening this Thursday, Oct. 16 at its own Town Hall theater in Cupertino. The event promises to deliver a few different new product announcements, likely including new iPads, and new Macs,

5 Things to Watch for in Apple's Q4 Earnings

There are still two months left in the calendar, but Apple's fiscal 2014 is over. How did it go? We'll find out on Monday afternoon.Analysts are expecting a strong quarter, even though the period from June 28 to Sept.

How to Get Useful Buying Information From Tech Rumors

Next week, Samsung, Motorola, and Apple are all dropping new products. You might have seen a ton of contradictory rumors all around the internet, most of which are probably false. Here's how to actually use tech rumors to make better purchasing decisions.Read more...

Apple TV’s Share Of Over-The-Top, Authenticated TV Viewing Is Growing

Ahead of next week’s Apple event where the company is expected to debut new Apple TV hardware and software which may include support for an app store and a cable-replacing streaming TV service,

What to do if your AirPods get wet

It happens. You dump a load of laundry in the washer, and your AirPods are tucked into the pocket of your favorite pants. Or you’re sitting on the toilet, and you know what happens next.Electronics meet water, triggering a frantic search for a way to dry them off. Can they be saved? Maybe.

10 best thrillers on HBO Max

Sometimes you need a chill down your spine to shake off the doldrums and know you’re alive. Thrillers are a perfect pairing for this craving. Such suspense-rich movies give us a first-class ticket to journeys wild, winding, and exciting. They allow us to live vicariously through reckless thieves,

'The Batman' unleashes a villainous new trailer with 100% more Catwoman

It's been just over a year since we last saw The Batman, at Warner Bros. 2020 edition of DC FanDome. Now it's time for a new FanDome and a new trailer, and honestly, not a lot has changed.

HBO Max drops a 'Peacemaker' teaser with John Cena explaining... 'butt babies'?

If you haven't yet seen The Suicide Squad then you might not be familiar with John Cena's Peacemaker. Well he's got a spin-off series coming to HBO Max and this first teaser does a great job of selling the idea of a "douche-y, bro-y Captain America.

Where's walrus? Climate researchers ask the internet to help dig through satellite photos.

We love a good photo hunt, and we love it even more when such a hunt can actually be helpful for scientific research.That's the premise of the "Walrus from Space" project.

WhatsApp rolls out encryption for chats backed up in the cloud

WhatsApp is the mobile messaging backbone of much of the global population, and all of its users just got an added layer of privacy protection.On the WhatsApp blog,

The first 'Black Adam' clip is a brief, brutal glimpse at Dwayne Johnson's DC debut

It's short, it's definitely not sweet (but also pretty dang sweet), and it's got Dwayne Johnson flash-frying an armed aggressor down to the bone. This is your first real look at Black Adam.Fans got their first glimpse of the July 2022 movie in a DC FanDome appearance on Saturday.

Jonah Hill sets boundary with followers, asks them not to comment on his body

Your body is no one's business but your own. Sadly, the internet remains a wasteland of unsolicited comments, abuse, and harassment — often rooted in fatphobia — about people's weight and body shape. Setting a personal boundary amid this,

London's transport system launches its first ever Black History Tube map

London's underground transport system (TfL) is celebrating the history and legacy of Black people in the United Kingdom with a newly designed tube map. In celebration of Black History Month (which is observed in October in the UK), TfL collaborated with the Black Cultural Archives,

Learn how to get more followers with this social media marketing masterclass

TL;DR: Become internet savvy with the Social Media Marketing Growth Master Class Bundle, on sale for $39.99 as of Oct.14 — that's a 98% discount. If you've struggled with marketing yourself on social media,

US Virgin Islands government ditches Google for Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365

The US Virgin Islands has made the move to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite, ditching Google and even Yahoo along the way. The US Virgin Islands has made the move to Office 365 for it's government, who formerly utilized a Yahoo email account and various Google accounts.

Anonymous plans cyber attacks on alleged pro-ISIS nations

The hacking collective is planning a series of DDoS attacks on Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, over claims that they are providing arms and support to the jihadist group ISIS. Read more:

最远最近的旅途 好奇号跋涉两年抵达任务地

NASA 不久前宣布,好奇号火星探测车在经过了长达两年的跋涉之后,终于来到了它的任务目标:高达 5000 米的夏普峰。  好奇号在 2012 年 8 月抵达并成功降落火星,降落后就一直朝着夏普峰前进。

Fiksu:2014年10月App Store排名前200应用下载量增长39%

根据 Fiksu 的最新数据,iPhone 6 和 6 Plus 以及 iOS 8 的发布大幅增加了应用下载数量,创造了新纪录。确切的说,报告中指出,Fiksu 追踪的排名前200的 iOS 应用下载量比上个月提升42%。



Android QQ 轻聊版 3.2 体验版发布

感谢N软的投递Android QQ轻聊版v3.2 测试版已发布,具体详细版本号为v3.2.0.347,该版新增emoji表情,群支持@功能、收藏支持分类、锁屏现有弹窗提示;QQ轻聊V3.



使用node-forge保障Javascript应用的传输安全 - 莫耶



就在苹果全球开发者大会(WWDC)召开之际,微软搞了个大新闻!豪掷262亿美元收购全球最大职业社交网络LinkedIn(领英)。这是微软新CEO赛亚特·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)上任之后的首次重大决策,而收购价格在科技公司收购历史上名列第二,仅次于去年戴尔(Dell)以670亿美元收购EMC。微软都买了那些公司?首先我们先来看看微软的收购史,在微软已完成的200多起收购中,本次出价毫无疑问是最贵的,足足比2011年对Skype的收购案高出3倍!

调查:Office 365在企业云服务占据支配地位

在纳德拉的带领下,微软的盈利模式也逐渐从产品转移到订阅服务上。援引MSPU报道,云安全代理Skyhigh Networks对600多家企业超过2700万用户的云端使用数据分析(PDF),在2015年第3季度报告中百名以上职工使用Office 365的企业占比为87.3%,而在在2016年第2季度百名以上职工使用Office 365的企业占比达到了91.4%,而且伴随着软件之间的整合和协作功能增强,22.3%的员工同时使用多款Office 365订阅应用程序。

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