Best Buy is starting its Black Friday sale next week, because screw the calendar

Best Buy is throwing out the Black Friday playbook.The electronics retailer announced Thursday that it will have Black Friday deals available multiple times throughout the holiday season, starting with a four-day sale running Tuesday, Oct. 19 through Friday, Oct. 22.

What to do if your AirPods get wet

It happens. You dump a load of laundry in the washer, and your AirPods are tucked into the pocket of your favorite pants. Or you’re sitting on the toilet, and you know what happens next.Electronics meet water, triggering a frantic search for a way to dry them off. Can they be saved? Maybe.

10 best thrillers on HBO Max

Sometimes you need a chill down your spine to shake off the doldrums and know you’re alive. Thrillers are a perfect pairing for this craving. Such suspense-rich movies give us a first-class ticket to journeys wild, winding, and exciting. They allow us to live vicariously through reckless thieves,

'The Batman' unleashes a villainous new trailer with 100% more Catwoman

It's been just over a year since we last saw The Batman, at Warner Bros. 2020 edition of DC FanDome. Now it's time for a new FanDome and a new trailer, and honestly, not a lot has changed.

HBO Max drops a 'Peacemaker' teaser with John Cena explaining... 'butt babies'?

If you haven't yet seen The Suicide Squad then you might not be familiar with John Cena's Peacemaker. Well he's got a spin-off series coming to HBO Max and this first teaser does a great job of selling the idea of a "douche-y, bro-y Captain America.

Where's walrus? Climate researchers ask the internet to help dig through satellite photos.

We love a good photo hunt, and we love it even more when such a hunt can actually be helpful for scientific research.That's the premise of the "Walrus from Space" project.

WhatsApp rolls out encryption for chats backed up in the cloud

WhatsApp is the mobile messaging backbone of much of the global population, and all of its users just got an added layer of privacy protection.On the WhatsApp blog,

The first 'Black Adam' clip is a brief, brutal glimpse at Dwayne Johnson's DC debut

It's short, it's definitely not sweet (but also pretty dang sweet), and it's got Dwayne Johnson flash-frying an armed aggressor down to the bone. This is your first real look at Black Adam.Fans got their first glimpse of the July 2022 movie in a DC FanDome appearance on Saturday.

Ben Affleck plays a bartending father figure in touching trailer for 'The Tender Bar'

Directed by George Clooney and based on the memoir by J.R. Moehringer, The Tender Bar tells the story of J.R. (Tye Sheridan), who spends much of his childhood in his uncle Charlie's (Ben Affleck) bar. Charlie provides J.R. with the life advice and support J.R.'s absentee father never gave him,

'Don't be that guy' addresses male sexual entitlement in a powerful PSA for men

In order to tackle sexual violence, we need tangible societal change. That starts with dismantling misogyny and addressing male sexual entitlement. That Guy is a powerful new campaign from Police Scotland that aims to have frank conversations with men about the issue.

How to watch the October Apple event

Calling all Apple fans: Get ready for another virtual event. Apple announced its second streaming event of the fall, where it's expected to reveal the next MacBook Pro featuring a brand new "M1X" chip. The company could also possibly reveal new AirPods,

Gawker Southern California Beach Party Ended in a Giant Street Brawl | io9 Star Wars: Episode VII Ha

Gawker Southern California Beach Party Ended in a Giant Street Brawl | io9 Star Wars: Episode VII Has Already Begun Filming | Jalopnik This Is How Cops Stop The Real Life Fast and Furious | Jezebel SNL's International Nasty Girls Sight-See 'Dongs All Over The World'Read more...


吉尼斯认证的世界最庞大游戏收藏最终以750250美元拍出。但最终的竞拍价格尚未获得验证,所以这次拍卖还是有可能流拍。视频游戏收藏家Seller Michael Thomasson过去二十年购买了超过1.1万份游戏拷贝和100部游戏机。


在9月20日SQUARE ENIX总监田畑端举办的临时谈话会中,首次公布了同样由他担任总监制的开发中新作最终幻想15(Final Fantasy XV)的实际游戏视频。

诺奖花絮:妻险错失获奖来电 夫获“香槟接机”


Google Now+Gmail=Google新一代邮件系统Inbox

最开始,邮件只是办公室的同事们互相沟通、备注信息的工具,而如今邮件几乎允许你联系到世界上的任何人。在邮件使用频 […]

Cortana accurately predicts the outcome of the Seahawks vs Patriots game, before the Super Bowl even

The big news right now -- the New England Patriots have beaten the Seattle Seahawks during the 2015 Super Bowl. But in even bigger news, Cortana predicted the outcome of the game long before it even began.Microsoft's digital assistant known as Cortana,

Engineering Students at Purdue Can Take a Class In Hyperloop Design This Fall

The Hyperloop is not real. But that won’t prevent it from being taught in schools. Now Purdue University is offering a Hyperloop Design course through its three engineering schools. The first class was yesterday and apparently 54 students showed up.Read more...


我要介绍的微分拓扑主要是Transversality theorem。

We can't talk about the pay gap without talking about race

We're all aware of the statistic that American working women are paid 78 cents for every dollar that working men make. There's a reason this disparity is so well-known — it's a powerful indicator of the value, monetarily and socially, placed on men over women.

基于Gestalt 原则的一些设计思考

一、Gestalt是什么? 词意为“形式”,但与我们说的形式的意义不完全相同,它揭示了人的感知,特别是占主要地 ...

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