Microsoft news recap: Xbox Series X mini fridge pre-order date announced, LinkedIn to exit China, an

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Xbox Series X mini fridge will go up for pre-order on October 19 for ... Read more

Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 and 7c+ Gen3 for Windows on ARM PCs

Qualcomm has officially unveiled its new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 and 7c+ Gen 3 SoCs today, which will bring 5G connectivity and advanced camera, audio, and AI capabilities to Windows on ARM PCs and Chromebooks. Both chips should contribute to ... Read more

Microsoft's Surface Adaptive Kit can now make Surface PCs and accessories more accessible

During the unveiling of Microsoft's latest Surface devices back in September of this year, the company also took up an accessibility challenge by offering its new Surface Adaptive Kit. With all the air in the room taken up by a ... Read more

OnMSFT holiday gift guide for creators

Now that we're nearing the end of the year and we've seen what most manufacturers are offering this holiday season, we thought we'd put together an early list of products to either save up for or gift that techy-creative person ... Read more

Windows 11 Insider build 22509 brings welcome changes to Start Menu, Taskbars, and Settings

Microsoft released today the Windows 11 Insider build 22509 for testers in the Dev channel, and the new bits bring some welcome changes to the Start Menu, Taskbars, Notifications, and the Settings app. Starting with this build, Insider can now ... Read more

Microsoft announces new Teams Essentials plan for small businesses

Microsoft has introduced today Microsoft Teams Essentials, a new standalone Teams offering designed for small businesses and organizations including retailers, restaurants, nonprofits, and more. Teams Essentials require no IT expertise, and it includes more features than the free version of .

PowerToys 0.51 brings new mouse highlighter tool for presentations

Microsoft has released a new update for PowerToys that adds a presentation mode helper to highlight the mouse clicks for everyone looking at the screen. PowerToys version 0.51 also comes with a bunch of improvements for FancyZones, Color Picker, Image ... Read more

Halo Infinite, Stardew Valley, and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass this month

December should be a very exciting month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Microsoft has just revealed the new games that will join the Game Pass catalog between tomorrow, December 2 and December 14, and we already knew that Aliens: Fireteam ... Read more

OnPodcast Special: A chat with artist/ YouTuber Brad Colbow about drawing on Surface devices & more

OnMSFT · OnPodcast Special: A chat with artist/ YouTuber Brad Colbow about drawing on Surface devices & more Hey there, OnPodcast viewers and listeners and welcome back to another new episode. Since our co-host Kareem is busy, we didn't do ... Read more

Windows 11 Insider build 22000.282 is out with fix for L3 caching issue on AMD Ryzen processors

Microsoft has just released the Windows 11 build 22000.282 for Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels, which includes a long list of fixes. This build is quite a big deal as it addresses the L3 caching issue that ... Read more

Microsoft acknowledges new printing issues on Windows 11

If you’ve been having issues with your print server clients after installing Windows 11 on your PC, you’re not alone. Microsoft has acknowledged various bugs that prevent Windows 11 machines from installing printers in enterprise networks. (via Bleeping Computer). The ... Read more

诺基亚第一款安卓手机Nokia X正式发布

威智网 2 月 24 日消息 今天 MWC 2014 世界移动大会正式在西班牙巴塞罗那拉开序幕,诺基亚约我们树下见,在此次盛会上诺基亚发布了旗下三款安卓手机Nokia X、X+以及XL。  

Paul Rudd Reigns as Lip Sync King

All hail Paul Rudd, king of the lip sync.The Anchorman star put Jimmy Fallon to shame in a mind-blowing lip sync battle on The Tonight Show Tuesday night. Lip syncing has been a popular bit for Fallon since his Late Night days, but Rudd's performance dialed the competition all the way up.See also:



文思海辉任命Curtis E. Dalton为首席信息安全官

北京2014年5月15日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,全球顶级 IT 咨询、解决方案提供商 Pactera(以下简称:文思海辉或公司)对外宣布,任命信息安全专家 Curtis E. Dalton 先生担任集团首席信息安全官(Chief Information Risk Security Officer,




“与丢失手机相比,你打碎手机的概率要高出 10 倍。


今日,谷歌地图推出安卓版更新,主要增加了“附近推荐餐馆”的功能。在指定城市,你确定目标地点后, 可以查看谷歌地图推荐的附近餐馆,以早、中、晚餐、下午茶作为分类。

'Made in America': The scintillating trailer for ESPN's O.J. Simpson doc

The People vs. O. J. Simpson miniseries on FX has been lauded by audiences and critics alike. Deservedly so. The show offers a detailed, dramatized look at the America's trial of the century, which doubled as arguably our country's first reality TV spectacle. In the process, The People vs. O.J. 


据外媒报道,日前,《纽约时报》将向其“最忠实”的读者发放30万套谷歌Cardboard虚拟现实(VR)头套。这里的读者仅针对数字订阅户,《纽约时报》将根据读者的订阅时间长短来定夺。去年11月,这两家公司就曾推出过类似的推广活动,当时面向的读者则是实体订阅户。谷歌Cardboard VR头套为消费者提供了一种廉价、简便的VR体验途径,他们另外还需搭配的设备只是一部智能手机。

除了计步 这个手环想做的更多

智能手环很棒,不过除了简单的记录运动量,它能实现的功能还有很多。例如,它可以用来认真帮助需要的人——自闭症儿童。  Reveal 就是一个专门针对自闭症儿童开发的手环。它的开发商 Awake Labs 公司在 Indigogo 上为这个产品发起了众筹活动。  Reveal 是怎样帮助自闭症儿童的呢?  基本上,Reveal 会测量使用者对于焦虑的反应,帮助了解“行为崩溃”前的行为模式。这意味着这个手环可以发现佩戴者行为崩溃的前兆,让照看佩戴者的人或佩戴者自己在事情变糟前舒缓情绪。这样的功能不仅可以避免佩戴者发生行为崩溃,还能增强佩戴者的独立性。  

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