The result of Apple's new privacy policy? More money for Apple.

Apple wants to be the privacy Big Tech company. But it won't say no to some extra cash as a result.Earlier in 2021, Apple instituted a new App Store policy that limited apps' ability to track user behavior without getting express permission first, which has made targeted advertising more difficult.

The absolute best Black Friday deals for 2021, all in one place

UPDATE: Nov. 19, 2021, 12:10 p.m. EST This post has been updated with new information about Bed Bath & Beyond's holiday ad scan, along with the latest deals.We've rounded up all of the best early Black Friday deals as of Nov. 19 — here are our top picks:BEST TV DEAL: 

5 best free photo layout apps

Photo layout apps, which can help you quickly and easily create attractive photo collages and montages, are an absolute godsend for those of us who aren't conveniently blessed with mad Photoshop skills. After testing dozens of them, we can now bring you, in alphabetical order,

40 gifts for the cottagecore-obsessed — including the whimsical Selkie Puff Dress

Girls don't want boyfriends, girls (and boys, and nonbinary folks) want cottagecore presents.If you've scrolled TikTok or Instagram at all over the past two years, you've probably seen creators (especially young people) baking from scratch, gardening, picking up screen-free hobbies like knitting,

Black Friday deal: Snag an Apple Watch Series 3 at Best Buy for just $169

SMARTWATCH, SMART PURCHASE: As of Nov. 19 (Best Buy's Black Friday), the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) is on sale for just $169. That's about 20% off its suggested retail price of $199.The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) was first announced in September of 2017 (a lifetime ago,

Save $100 on the latest iPad Pro during Best Buy's Black Friday sale

SAVE $100: Starting Nov. 19, Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro is on sale for $999.99 at Best Buy — that's $100 off its usual price. This iPad Pro is the latest model, and features the powerful Apple M1 chip, has 128GB of storage, and delivers impressive all-day battery life and performance.

Best Buy's Black Friday sale includes $500 off a MacBook Pro

SAVE $500: MacBooks are always at the top of the list when it comes to the best laptops, and as of Nov. 19, the Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) is on sale for $1,299.99 (original price: $1,799.99) as part of Best Buy's Black Friday event.As you probably know by now,

It was tough, but we found the 20 best movies on HBO Max

When HBO Max launched in May of 2020 boasting thousands of hours of content, they weren't lying. The streaming service that came into our lives by way of yanking Friends from Netflix has proved to be an endless source of movie magic,

'Y: The Last Man' won't get a Season 2 from FX. The search for a new home has already begun.

In a devastating turn of events, Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed on Sunday that FX decided against moving ahead with a Season 2.It's a surprising move for a series that is still three episodes away from finishing its first season,

Selena Gomez privately put Facebook execs on blast in 2020 for all the hateful content

In internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, a whole host of people have been pushing back against Facebook for hate speech for some time now — and that list includes pop star and Only Murders in the Building comedy breakout Selena Gomez.

Daniel Craig crashes Rami Malek and Kenan Thompson's audition to play Prince on 'SNL'

From Get Out to Us, Jordan Peele has taken on directing his share of horror films about racism. Up next? A biopic about Prince that turns into a horror film about racism.That is, if you're watching Saturday Night Live. During a sketch on the latest SNL, Kenan Thompson, Rami Malek,



视频演讲: 针对失效做设计——Uber的系统伸缩之道



“人工造林”是砍掉森林后再次获取木材的最快手段,但这样做的最大的问题就是树种太单一,无法形成有效的生态系统。  据台媒报道,在台湾就出现了一片被称为最恐怖的森林,当地护树联盟理事长日前调查这片森林时用“毛骨悚然”来形容。  据他描述,在玉山箭竹调查时,意外走进一处已荒废的旧铁道中,“这里听不到动物声音、听不到任何声音,寂静带来的压迫感排山倒海而来,我像被关在一个房间里面,想喊救命,可是没有人听得见,那是一种很恐怖的感觉,让人毛骨悚然。”  原来,这里过去推动过“造林”活动,砍掉原来的森林,种上人工林,由于树种单一,动物无法找到良好的栖息地,也没有充足的食物,整个生态圈完全消失。 阅读全文

代理模式 vs 装饰模式 - luoxn28

代理模式和装饰模式有很大的相似性,二者的类图(几乎)是一样的。下面分别讲解代理模式和装饰模式。 1、代理模式 一般著名的跑步运动员都会有自己的代理人,如果想联系该运动员的比赛事宜,可以直接联系他的代理人就可以了。类图如下所示: IRunner接口如下: Runner类如下所示: RunnerAgen

Facebook takes down footage from child 'torture' report

Facebook wants to be in the news business, but it's finding that being a media platform is harder than it looks.On Monday evening, ABC news program Four Corners delivered a report that detailed the shocking abuse of child detainees in the Northern Territory.


8月2日,微博网友@梁小豪同学 曝出自己的百度云盘突然就成了“别人家”的,“昨晚一夜之间,我的百度云被塞满了黄片,之前存的大量文件全没了。”在不少看热闹的网友眼中,这更像是一个不痛不痒的玩笑,很多人甚至调侃,自己为何没能遇到这样的“好事”;但如果告诉你,这次恶作剧很有可能出自某条黑色地下产业链之手,而你我账号都可能出现在“黑色名单”上,你是否还能把这当作一个简单的玩笑?

Abandoned theme park is Westworld IRL and it's just as disturbing

If you spent a good part of the last months of 2016 diving into the twisted plot of HBO's sci-fi epic Westworld, these wild yet disturbing photographs will take you right back.But instead of being from the creepy theme park featured in the hit show,


爱“开房”也爱逛乐园 85、90后热衷“浪漫在路上” 上海2017年2月9日电 /美通社/ -- 热闹的春节刚结束,浪漫的情人节又来抢风头。今年情人节,传统保留节目鲜花、巧克力、一顿大餐似乎已司空见惯,“年年这样过节很老套”。2月9日,驴妈妈旅游网发布《2017情人节出游趋势盘点》(以下简称《盘点》),总结了今年浪漫情侣们的三大过节趋势,高星酒店预订火爆、周边特色民宿走俏、请假去乐园约会已成为2017年情人节的过节“新姿势”。 《盘点》显示,随着情人节的临近,国内酒店及相关旅游产品目前已进入预订高峰期。



侯捷STL学习(二) - ranjiewen

第六节:容器之分类和各种测试(四) 不提供 操作,破坏了容器的独特性,先进先出。 使用容器multiset(允许元素重复) 内部是红黑树, 操作就保证了排好了序。 标准库有个 函数,大家都可以用。容器本身也有一个 ,通过键值对查找非常快! 测试 使用容器multimap(允许元素重复) 内部是红黑树

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