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Many businesses still refuse to shake legacy systems and processes

'If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it' mentality is holding businesses back

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Many CISOs are stretched to breaking point

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ASP.NET MVC学习之模型绑定(1) - y-z-f

一、前言下面我们将开始学习模型绑定,通过下面的知识我们将能够理解ASP.NET MVC模型的模型绑定器是如何将http请求中的数据转换成模型的,其中我们重点讲述的是表单数据。二、正文1.简单类型绑定学过一定ASP.



Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

It's finally the weekend, and your smartphone has been faithfully by your side all week. Time to reward its tireless service with a gift—in the form of some shiny new apps!Read more...

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Hacker threatens to expose bitcoin creator

A hacker known only as "Jeffrey" claims to have access to the email account of bitcoin's secretive creator and is willing to disclose information in exchange for 25 bitcoins.Read more:

HTC goes back to basics with its new flagship, the HTC One M9

As a smartphone maker, HTC made a name for itself in recent years by focusing on everyday phone features, especially the camera. It stopped playing the megapixel game, opting to offer high-quality "ultrapixels" instead of big numbers, and was the only major manufacturer to include a depth sensor,

Apple Watch 就要上市了,开发者们正在忙什么?

还有不到一个月的时间,Apple Watch 就要上市了。从目前的情况看,开发者们基本在做两类事:一是在 Apple Watch 上延伸、增强原有产品的某些功能;二是结合现有应用的某些功能和 Apple Watch 的特性进行新的定制化开发。

Expert in Supreme Court Lethal Injection Case Did Research on

Tomorrow, when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the highest-profile death penalty challenge in seven years, the justices will begin ruling on this question: Does Oklahoma’s use of the common surgical sedative midazolam fail to make prisoners unconscious during lethal injections,


乍一听“滴滴求歌”会以为刚更名的滴滴出行,在打车、专车、代驾之后还要做音乐呢,其实“滴滴求歌”是天天动听And ...

13 Halloween costumes that will delight fellow TV nerds

Spoiler alert, folks: There's going to be a lot of Star Wars costumes at that party you go to this weekend. And who can blame these poor stumped souls? It's topical, easy, iconic, etc. — an overall solid choiceBut if you're looking to really mix things up this year,

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